10 Greatest Signature Moves In NBA History!

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A lot of players over the years have their own signature moves. In this video, I talk about 10 of the most iconic signature moves in NBA history. Enjoy!
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  1. Andy Hoops

    Andy HoopsHace un año

    For those who keep commenting about Ginobili - yes I do know he's from Argentina. But it's still called the Eurostep when he does it. It ain't called the South American step lmao

  2. Watergrovey

    WatergroveyHace 11 días

    Tango step

  3. mike Paleologou

    mike PaleologouHace 18 días

    u mean Paul PIerce step back right?

  4. Tashrik Joyce

    Tashrik JoyceHace 23 días

    Manu Ginobli is from Argentina not Europe

  5. Mattheus577 7

    Mattheus577 7Hace 24 días

    Você falou que tiveram outros jogadores europeus antes dele, ou seja, vc falou que ele era europeu!

  6. RollinsJr Gaurano

    RollinsJr GauranoHace 27 días

    When people forgot what popularizing it means

  7. Angelo Brown

    Angelo BrownHace 2 horas

    JKJJAkjoalaolwoqkkqako Bbu&$””IhLAi

  8. Leevi Lipponen

    Leevi LipponenHace 3 horas

    I'd say bird had just as good a no look pass in his prime, but he was an overall player so it is not so known.

  9. Greg 45

    Greg 45Hace 6 horas

    Kobe's was not being able to defy gravity or the urge to rape.

  10. Dan Sgroi

    Dan SgroiHace 13 horas

    Larry Birds trade mark was fade away. Jordan learned to use it from Bird and passed that knowledge to Kobe.

  11. Justin Caesar Anthony Batocabe

    Justin Caesar Anthony BatocabeHace 17 horas

    Sikma 1-2?

  12. metalslug1985

    metalslug1985Hace 17 horas

    Chase down block is not a signature move lol

  13. Meeean Azz

    Meeean AzzHace un día

    I stopped at Curry. Next video 👎🏾

  14. Matt Bybee

    Matt BybeeHace un día

    Magic is NOT the greatest point guard of all time but he is the most famous.

  15. Stefan Djurachkovitch

    Stefan DjurachkovitchHace un día

    That was fun to watch :)

  16. Edgar P

    Edgar PHace un día

    A.I don't own the killer crossover, but it's Tim Hardaway.

  17. Fabrice Vigano-Géry

    Fabrice Vigano-GéryHace un día

    jamal crawford shake and bake

  18. ninjo lina

    ninjo linaHace 2 días

    eee arvidas sabonis was doing kareem shot all teh time lol

  19. Luke Coupland

    Luke CouplandHace 2 días

    Imagine not having Kareem Abdul jabarr’s skyhook in this list

  20. Maurício Aurvalle

    Maurício AurvalleHace 2 días

    And Jordan´s Reverse? Doc Jay? Shaq Attack? Clyde the Glide? ....so many others...

  21. Flavio Cossa

    Flavio CossaHace 2 días

    Kobe fadeaway? Why not Jordan fadeaway because MJ taught Kobe to fadeaway.

  22. Jaime Benavente Almecija

    Jaime Benavente AlmecijaHace 2 días

    Take a look of Pau Gasol hooks, that for me are the most similar to Kareem´s, differences asides

  23. CORONA VIRUS covid 19

    CORONA VIRUS covid 19Hace 2 días

    You missed lebron's flopping

  24. Le Kroll

    Le KrollHace 2 días

    Tony Parker

  25. Rallye Charger USA

    Rallye Charger USAHace 3 días

    Pistol Pete was the behind the back fake pass, not Rondo.

  26. roland metcalf

    roland metcalfHace un día

    Pistol Pete did most of these first

  27. E BS

    E BSHace 3 días

    What about Shaq's penalties???

  28. David Ibe

    David IbeHace 3 días

    I am learning and mastering the skyhook

  29. thehomiealan

    thehomiealanHace 4 días

    Ryan Anderson? Lol

  30. maxwell smart

    maxwell smartHace 4 días

    Good video, 2'nd of all MAGIC made that pass famous, not Rondo, and Stormin' Norman Nixon made THEM want to PERFECT the Fallaway..LOOK him up if the NMB machine let his video's out.

  31. Fenrir Villas

    Fenrir VillasHace 4 días

    Jordan? Average wingspan?

  32. Nicholas Moreno

    Nicholas MorenoHace 4 días

    Rodman poderia ser lembrado pela seus rebotes.

  33. HYDRO Fann

    HYDRO FannHace 4 días

    Steph Curry can pass magic in best point guard you have to remember magic didn’t have a long career because you know what

  34. Kimble81

    Kimble81Hace 5 días

    How about Barkley's quick footwork at the local donut shop? Pretty iconic, if you ask me...

  35. Γεώργιος Παλουμπης

    Γεώργιος ΠαλουμπηςHace 5 días

    Ffs bro . Come on, Rondo on best signature moves?

  36. julien

    julienHace 5 días

    The tear drop of Tony Parker

  37. Chingz P.J.

    Chingz P.J.Hace 5 días

    Pease don't say soccer , say FOOTBALL . Anyway I give you a Like .

  38. Dr Beyonder

    Dr BeyonderHace 5 días

    Steph Curry from 3 should be 1

  39. Real Madrid Until I die

    Real Madrid Until I dieHace 5 días

    11.) the LeBron flop

  40. roy browne

    roy browneHace 5 días

    for god sake people he said 10 signature moves not 25

  41. Rubén Rey Carnés

    Rubén Rey CarnésHace 5 días

    I think the fake back pass is a signature move of Jason Williams

  42. SlobodanLx

    SlobodanLxHace 6 días

    I guess you omitted MJ because you consider it aviation stunt, rather than basketball one?

  43. Mad Martian

    Mad MartianHace 6 días

    Bill Russell's patented maneuver, winning all the damn championships.

  44. Raul Figueroa

    Raul FigueroaHace 6 días

    Kobe’s double/triple pump fake after picking up his dribble is definitely unique to Kobe

  45. michAIR Jordan

    michAIR JordanHace 6 días

    Jason williams kuroko pass?

  46. btwentwo

    btwentwoHace 6 días

    Iverson had a cruelly effective fake pass behind the back

  47. Nikos D

    Nikos DHace 6 días

    What about those John Stockton passes?

  48. Urban Strnad

    Urban StrnadHace 6 días

    ginobili isn’t european tho

  49. them16s

    them16sHace 6 días

    How did Shaq’s free throw not make this list?

  50. Luis Avilez

    Luis AvilezHace 6 días

    Hakeem had the BEST Move and the BEST NAME TOO!! THE DREAM SHAKE!!!

  51. Levi Sunio

    Levi SunioHace 7 días

    What about jamal crawford’s shake and bake

  52. Piers Burgoyne

    Piers BurgoyneHace 7 días

    47 seconds in and your voice broke my head, I'm out

  53. luka lovosevic

    luka lovosevicHace 7 días

    you put curry in video but not petrovic

  54. Gm Rivera

    Gm RiveraHace 7 días

    Kobe is the remix to MJ. Kobe was just as exciting to watch as MJ and at times more exciting. I watched both. Jordan was in a class of his own and was must watch TV.. Kobe is the only one to fill the void after Jordan retired. Steph Curry is the most exciting player to watch after Kobe. Only players now to have that level of potential after them is Giannis and Ben Simmons as far as excitment goes

  55. cody bon

    cody bonHace 7 días

    Hakeem Olajuwon always seemed to have a different style when it came to throwing a body feint, and it does remind me of most high level footballers body feints.

  56. cody bon

    cody bonHace 6 días

    @Luis Avilez I know all this about Hakeem. I just think the way Olajuwon throws a body feint, and really dips his shoulder before exploding in the opposite direction can be credited to his football days.

  57. Luis Avilez

    Luis AvilezHace 6 días

    Hakeem was a prominent forward at 15 years old, on the way to being a soccer player for Nigeria, but his growth spurt at 16 changed his direction to basketball. He credits his soccer background for his swift and savvy foot work..

  58. sebasguzman23

    sebasguzman23Hace 7 días

    "Euro step" is a soccer move , and make sense because soccer is the number 1 sport in europe And south america, and all NBA players from europe and south america play soccer when they was kids

  59. sebasguzman23

    sebasguzman23Hace 5 días

    Yes , football is the number 1 sport in the world by far

  60. Real Madrid Until I die

    Real Madrid Until I dieHace 5 días

    sebasguzman23 world*

  61. S P

    S PHace 7 días

    Kevin Garnett blocking shots after the whistle 🤣

  62. Scott Meech

    Scott MeechHace 7 días

    Every one of those LeBron blocks were goaltending. Seriously.

  63. Revive Gaming

    Revive GamingHace 8 días

    You should’ve done James Harden’s step back 3

  64. TheRealJoey44

    TheRealJoey44Hace 8 días

    Manu is not European. He’s from Argentina.

  65. J Soros

    J SorosHace 8 días

    The NBA is dead. Sick of watching 3s being shot from downtown.

  66. Rafael Horta

    Rafael HortaHace 8 días

    Magic is the greatest point guard of all time he says. Proceeds to talk about how steps curry shot 67 per cent from 28 feet to the half-court line. Can anyone else see the problem with his logic?

  67. Praying Mantis Foreman

    Praying Mantis ForemanHace 8 días

    Scottie Pippen also had a nice bank shot besides Tim Duncan.

  68. Piti Israpanitpong

    Piti IsrapanitpongHace 8 días

    Vlade’s flop??

  69. Paul Teodosio

    Paul TeodosioHace 8 días

    Mchale's up and under and the Shamgod

  70. Vincentas Malžinskas

    Vincentas MalžinskasHace 8 días

    Hey there's Marciulionis

  71. Vincentas Malžinskas

    Vincentas MalžinskasHace 8 días

    Arvydas Sabonis was the fastest center and the best passer in the world.

  72. Vincentas Malžinskas

    Vincentas MalžinskasHace 6 días

    @Luis Avilez Sabonis WAS the fastest, but later and now - no.

  73. Vincentas Malžinskas

    Vincentas MalžinskasHace 6 días

    @Luis Avilez maybe, but you don't know much about Sabonis. He was the fastest, but after injuries, he decided to play heavier. There are not much highlights when Arvydas Sabonis is before injuries, so you don't really know. But yeah - Hakeem is a beast. Everybody knows that.

  74. Luis Avilez

    Luis AvilezHace 6 días

    You out your damn mind! Hakeem THE DREAM Olajuwon was! Stats, Championships and video are the proof Homie

  75. Vincentas Malžinskas

    Vincentas MalžinskasHace 8 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> Ilgauskas

  76. Foul Breeze

    Foul BreezeHace 8 días

    Lebron has no signature move.. All he had to do was perfect something. One thing.. He's too concerned about doing all things decently..

  77. tkim326

    tkim326Hace 8 días

    Isn’t ginobili from South America? Why is his move called the euro step?

  78. chris jones

    chris jonesHace 8 días

    Dream Shake BABY! Show and GO!

  79. Scahyleyy

    ScahyleyyHace 8 días

    Bruh where is dikembe mutombos Finger Wag 😂

  80. Zero Two

    Zero TwoHace 9 días

    Wtf the ads mate !

  81. Jamie Harris

    Jamie HarrisHace 9 días

    I will give Curry all the props in the world. He's very talented. But I haven't watched basketball since the 90s. Is there a reason nearly every single defender just stands and watches him take a shot? I'm legitimately asking. Is that a new rule? "If Curry has the ball on the return, don't engage at all and let him shoot the ball from wherever he wants. All players are required to move out of the way when Curry has the ball." Is it written like that? What's the point in even having the defenders? Are they afraid to jump? I don't get it. One of those shots he went up for, there was a guy CLEARLY on his way to being able to jump up but he instead stays on the ground and gets OUT OF THE WAY ENTIRELY before Curry is even off the ground. Seriously. Where's the fucking D?

  82. Angel Dimchev

    Angel DimchevHace 9 días

    No Larry Bird - Over the back pass.... Sure

  83. John Cena

    John CenaHace 9 días

    Draymond Green’s T’s

  84. Alex Nagy

    Alex NagyHace 9 días

    'The Fadeaway' is absolutely typical Jordan signature move. Hands down! #23

  85. Thurein Tun

    Thurein TunHace 9 días

    Why basketball peoples love coolness so much? The fact that the sport itself is prominent especially among coolness obsessed folks is so cringy as fuck! No one call David Beckham "DB" or Cristiano Ronaldo "CR". And no one name giving all the unique moves you see in the field. I mean just look at how the fuck that Beckham dude lean his freaking body to extreme angle! Just show me whoever act like that in history of FIFA. And we..., We didn't care. We just like playing football, and want watching other play. No time name giving all the things we have to see. And the players themselves doesn't care as they have been there not becuz they love seeking more coolness, but becuz they happened to be.. The Man. Not fucking girl talking arsehole. We call it "corner" because it has to kick from the corner of the goal. We called it "freekick" becuz your team get free kick to shoot from there. We called it penalty becuz..., yeah there was a penalty by the opposite site. We even called the kinda backflip kick "Pele kick" becuz...., yeah you guess it, it was mostly kicked by Pele back in the day. You can't get more simpler than that? As we're sportman, not freaking womanizer or pornstar! We don't have females around to listen for what we've to say. And that makes the organisation more straightforward. (Keep in mind it is not only soccer/football. Many sports act that way. Basketball thing happen to be make up of cool addicts) I know i know, I've been near basketball players back in highschool, and most if not all happens to be coolness addicts. You know those kinda people huh, those who love talking with females so much, always being loud mouth over there. Just look at them, spending most of their time showiing off moves near opposite sexes rather than playing real game. While those soccer players right there just didn't care of surrounding. Most, if not all basketballers started dive into basketball becuz they think it's *cool*. While most football players (of cuz the soccer, which btw is the most popular sport in the solar system if not the whole milky way) got into it because most of them just happen to be there. No females come watch dudes playing soccer, and of cuz no one in the field care about females to begin with. So to simply put, basketball as asport is make up of so much coolness addicted fucks, judging by how they love designation all the move each and every player have to make, and indeed always used coolness focused names. What??!, "fadeaway"???? Ahahaha whata dick! "banking...." Lmao! "AI iiii..... " Ohhhhh SO COOL!...... And there's also what, "hack"? I can't count of how many designations one can give in single basketball game. Lucky for us they play with much less people compare to other sports. If ever they have like ~22 folks in that space, think about how many of classifications you would get in a decade. And there also this, what, "time hung"???! Wtf ahahaha And what "the great fundamental"?? Still have to call messi "Argentine hobbit" or something lmao Damn I'm about to die from cringe! Note: i only talk with soccer/football perceptive because that's the most popular sport in existence. You can't have better example than that. But the fact is, basketball still will be much much more *coolness focused" if you compare with any other sports you can imagine Just couldn't resist commenting..😆😂 Hearing enough of nicknames and quotes in a single day, so no thanks

  86. Thurein Tun

    Thurein TunHace 3 días

    Wingspan!!????? Wtf???!! LMAO These ain't aircraft!!! They're human beings

  87. António Morais

    António MoraisHace 9 días

    It lacks also the rainbow shot of Robert Parish

  88. Chester Thornton

    Chester ThorntonHace 9 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a> Yo what the fuck? This some exercist shit

  89. afceastfan

    afceastfanHace 9 días

    What about Tom Chambers’ signature dunk from behind the 3 point arc?

  90. AS Roma

    AS RomaHace 9 días

    when you mentioned move, I come up with the dream shake

  91. drewsg22

    drewsg22Hace 9 días

    Shamgod, J Williams long bounce pass, MJ 1 handed pump fake

  92. drewsg22

    drewsg22Hace 9 días

    Jason Williams was doing that way before Rondo. Go look at a video of his highlights and you'll see him do it numerous times. Sad that Rondo gets the credit for that one

  93. 29 choosenbytheppl!

    29 choosenbytheppl!Hace 10 días

    All soccer player in a high lvl does the dream shake all the time saying it cant be taught is kinda stupid all players can learn that if they really wanted to and spent time on it.

  94. kaustubh Padala

    kaustubh PadalaHace 10 días

    Magic was never 6'9 he was a strong 6'7 he was 6'7.5 at his peak.