14 Minutes of Quality Cracks | Chiropractic Adjustment Compilation

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The Chiropractors featured in this video:
Jtrain: bit.ly/2lMkfU2
So Cal Chiropractic: bit.ly/2lXSAQA
Advanced Chiropractic Relief: bit.ly/2l4b96i
Carolina ChiroCare and Rehab: bit.ly/2lXTTyP
Adolph & Kalkstein Chiropractic: bit.ly/2xua3XM
Dr Roger Powell: bit.ly/2lXXEEz
Fábio Medeiros Quiropraxia: bit.ly/2lqQt4G
Dr. Rahim: bit.ly/2m2tGje
OC Doctors: bit.ly/OCDOCTORS
MJ Gordon: bit.ly/2xX5S6e
Adler: bit.ly/2xvQfyc
Dr. Ray: bit.ly/2kCbnlv
Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic: bit.ly/2i019u8
CHIRO: bit.ly/2g6rbeD
USA Chiropractic Neck & Back Pain Relief: bit.ly/2y6Y2XW
Dr. Brett Jones: bit.ly/2HE0C9i
Dr. Jason: bit.ly/2I8wh5Y
Dr Joseph Cipriano DC: bit.ly/2I5AlnF
Dr. Beau Hightower: bit.ly/2HISvrQ
Dr. Kamilla Holst: bit.ly/2r9YAHA
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    I did this on my annoying little brother who was complaining about neck pains, he hasn't complained since I did this to him, in fact, hes been sleeping for a whole 2 days now!

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    I been adjusted close to 80 to hundred times and ive never had a chiropractor grab my bunz dude knew what he was doing.

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