41+ Minutes of the BEST ASMR CRACKS | Chiropractic Adjustment Compilation

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  1. Chiro Core

    Chiro CoreHace 6 meses

    We hope you like the video! It's been a while since we've made something like this. Now you can try and fall asleep to this rather than having to find a different video every 10 minutes or so 😉. If you guys have any suggestions for future videos, let us know here!

  2. Jessica F.

    Jessica F.Hace 3 meses

    I fell asleep to this the other night. Thank you! 🙏❤️

  3. Mithun Shaikh

    Mithun ShaikhHace 5 meses

    @Chiro Core xxx

  4. رنا الملا

    رنا الملاHace 5 meses

    صباح الخير ات شلونج اخباركم شلونج اخباركم رنا البصره اليوم

  5. Oreste Huguens

    Oreste HuguensHace 5 meses

    Amour oceyan

  6. Channing Fisher

    Channing FisherHace 10 horas

    am i the only one who HATES toe cracks?

  7. Mamberroi

    MamberroiHace 3 días

    Just came for the booty but now I’m a crack addict

  8. Dr.Kneule

    Dr.KneuleHace 4 días

    21:00 Anyone who clicks on the video for this?

  9. BoscoeDashOO7

    BoscoeDashOO7Hace 4 días

    That ass in the thumbnail why?

  10. SamDesigns

    SamDesignsHace 5 días

    39:19 did dude just snort

  11. Minepods.v2

    Minepods.v2Hace 6 días

    Here because of the thumbnail


    LAUREN ORIANA Guti GUTIHace 6 días

    una gran idiotes todo ese buyicion q asen

  13. jj rat

    jj ratHace 8 días

    did this to my grandma, i still miss her

  14. Carrie Conley

    Carrie ConleyHace 9 días

    19:30 my man adjusting james harden

  15. Aaron Gaston

    Aaron GastonHace 13 días

    4:07 😂 RIP

  16. bug4u2

    bug4u2Hace 13 días

    7:13 I-

  17. Vergolia Elcompa

    Vergolia ElcompaHace 20 días

    No farts?


    DIEJF EIFJSKHace 21 un día

    1:49 really?? just slap her ass while your at it, perv,

  19. Жасулан Исекеев

    Жасулан ИсекеевHace 21 un día


  20. Ashlee’s second account

    Ashlee’s second accountHace 23 días

    You know ur gonna die when the chiropractor bout to do ur neck and he says it’s his first time

  21. Viral Virus

    Viral VirusHace 23 días

    17:27 she jizzed in her pants

  22. TJ G

    TJ GHace 23 días

    What does he tell these women? Wear spandex and I will give you a free back cracking?

  23. Bobby Alan

    Bobby AlanHace 23 días

    1 like for them cheeks 39:10

  24. paul boh

    paul bohHace 23 días

    how do u not feel fear with some1 twisting ur neck...ouch

  25. ItzMio on YT ツ

    ItzMio on YT ツHace 24 días

    So no ones going to talk about the 🎂 in the thumbnail

  26. Gambino

    GambinoHace 25 días

    Extra love 21:00

  27. Haiko

    HaikoHace 28 días

    These dudes are straight up killing people

  28. Robyn Wilson

    Robyn WilsonHace 29 días

    3:41 damn

  29. Shiyoken

    ShiyokenHace 29 días

    Chiropractor chicks have the best asses!

  30. Dummbirdd

    DummbirddHace un mes

    8:10 Why he slap her ass tho

  31. Kai Llewellyn

    Kai LlewellynHace un mes

    Man really hit us up with a bakery🎂

  32. Brady Hardee

    Brady HardeeHace un mes

    8:36 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  33. Mr.AJWorks

    Mr.AJWorksHace un mes


  34. Can oL Beans

    Can oL BeansHace un mes

    When your little brother falls asleep in your seat on the couch 26:46

  35. Skeet

    SkeetHace un mes

    "Let me make a small adjustment" -changes your gender Happend to meeee🥱💞

  36. my oven smells of jew

    my oven smells of jewHace 29 días

    I'm searching for who asked

  37. All About PC

    All About PCHace un mes

    I just cracked my brothers neck because of his pain. He was so relaxed that he slept with his eyes open. I’m gonna go check on him now.

  38. Ryan the Dragon Fly Joseph

    Ryan the Dragon Fly JosephHace un mes

    Getting man handled by a muscled up dude in a cowboy hat na where are the female chiros

  39. Brandon Stufflebean

    Brandon StufflebeanHace un mes

    at 19:10 watch the girls facial reaction. hahaha

  40. Angelic Noose

    Angelic NooseHace un mes

    If you were a chiropractor, I wonder if this would turn your girl on if you were dating 🤔

  41. David Nieto

    David NietoHace un mes

    How much ?

  42. Jacob Barela

    Jacob BarelaHace un mes

    Jonny Sins is a daytime chiropractor

  43. no homo

    no homoHace un mes

    Hate how the sounds of the beds and paper on the beds get mixed with the popping.

  44. SoyROXET

    SoyROXETHace un mes


  45. Keith Etsu Akihiko

    Keith Etsu AkihikoHace un mes


  46. Mr Ruhe

    Mr RuheHace un mes

    2.7 million people came here to see that amazing ass in the thumbnail.

  47. Sophy's Channel

    Sophy's ChannelHace un mes

    A little mistake and u are dead 😅

  48. Joao ferreira

    Joao ferreiraHace un mes

    8:39 when i finished my job with the bae

  49. Sl¡me

    Sl¡meHace 14 horas

    Joao ferreira Whatever you say champ

  50. Red the lost

    Red the lostHace un mes

    Ah man I tried this on my brother, And he felt so peaceful and great he fell asleep with his eye open !

  51. Ray C

    Ray CHace un mes

    Is this some kind of fetish or something?

  52. Adu GWZ

    Adu GWZHace un mes


  53. Memer Kid

    Memer KidHace un mes


  54. Sebastian Leon

    Sebastian LeonHace un mes

    They specialize in cracking female model's backs or what? They're all beautiful!!!

  55. Hugh Jinvaney

    Hugh JinvaneyHace un mes

    Epic thumbnail

  56. Bimal Sikder

    Bimal SikderHace un mes


  57. Swagger McJagger

    Swagger McJaggerHace un mes

    Thumbnail: girl in tight pants Me , an idiot : what type of cracks in this video ? 😂

  58. Textra

    TextraHace un mes

    And I’m going to sleep;) Goodnight everyone

  59. Textra

    TextraHace un mes

    First guy didn’t really seem like he had good form

  60. cracked black pepper and rock salt

    cracked black pepper and rock saltHace un mes

    There are alot of dr brent binder chiropractic medicine clips in this, but theyre not on his channel? Where do you watch the full videos?

  61. houari bouterbiat

    houari bouterbiatHace un mes

    I tried this on my friend but it didn't end well 😁😁😁😁

  62. Zech Wilson

    Zech WilsonHace un mes

    I just came to the comments for the best ones 😂

  63. Julia McMahon

    Julia McMahonHace un mes

    I love. The one guy cracking people wearing a cowboy hat

  64. Andrew Pearl

    Andrew PearlHace un mes

    The guy at 4:32 can violate my rights.

  65. conner hernandez

    conner hernandezHace un mes


  66. RedSkittles

    RedSkittlesHace un mes

    These neck ones are scary


    ANIMEXFISHESX OkHace un mes

    1:21 Why did he Crack her Toes ? , that doesn't help