5 Crazy Things Red Bull Racing Has Done With An F1 Car

Watch the 5 Best Off Track Red Bull Racing Moments, from driving on a hotel helipad in Dubai's Burj Al Arab to driving the empty roads of the United States of America and... a Zero G F1 Pit Stop? But... how?
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Full videos:
00:16 Seven Star Spin in Dubai w/ David Coulthard: esgo.info/video/l9xpnbSMq9fTlm8.html
00:51 F1 Car vs Skier w/ Max Verstappen and Aksel Lund Svindal: esgo.info/video/dtd6n69od8WYlog.html
2:21 F1 Car vs Scrum w/ Daniel Ricciardo: esgo.info/video/f8Z3otiCp7Czc3w.html
3:26 F1 US Road Trip w/ Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen: esgo.info/video/ochtm5yMgZbTYng.html
7:35 Zero Gravity F1 Pit Stop: esgo.info/video/frqDgamZmNyuc6o.html
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  1. Red Bull

    Red BullHace un mes

    Which one of the videos is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.👇

  2. Robert Hilden

    Robert HildenHace 2 días

    The snow one was insane to see that skill and control. Imagine using a vehicle like that and those tires on snow, with only a few chains to help.

  3. Heil the Lux mains

    Heil the Lux mainsHace 8 días

    Send a car to the moon

  4. Todd Schmidt

    Todd SchmidtHace 12 días

    Red Bull driving down the strip in Vegas

  5. David Calderon

    David CalderonHace 13 días

    Gravity baby

  6. M J Pes player

    M J Pes playerHace 19 días


  7. iaintdonknow

    iaintdonknowHace 32 minutos

    Makes me wonder what would be the longest distance an F1 car can drive without having to full it up.

  8. Someone Help

    Someone HelpHace un día

    3:25 love ricciardo looking shocked when the ball is about to hit the camera lmao

  9. midnightblack

    midnightblackHace 2 días

    Pretty cool

  10. Luke Oliphant

    Luke OliphantHace 2 días

    How did they get the car up on the building?

  11. Red Bull

    Red BullHace un día

    Red Bull gives you wiiings! 👐

  12. Robert Hilden

    Robert HildenHace 2 días

    The rugby bit was phenomenal💛 Zero gravity was amazing as well, I’m truly thankful for the extraordinary accomplishments humans have made. The sponsorship is okay at best, but still hopeful for good business that helps the world entirely instead of partly in their actions.

  13. ngemeal tv

    ngemeal tvHace 4 días

    WoW.. Amazing..

  14. Teh angry bird 345

    Teh angry bird 345Hace 4 días

    F1 Teams: i Must take good care of this Race car Red Bull: lets do crazy stuff with this new toy

  15. Luiz Filipe Couto

    Luiz Filipe CoutoHace 5 días

    3:25 Ricciardo Face ahahahahhahja

  16. MonkeyMechanic01

    MonkeyMechanic01Hace 5 días

    I wanna get on the crew 2 and drive a red bull f1 car across the country.

  17. Ratcoon

    RatcoonHace 5 días

    These F1 cars computers are prolly like “wtf is happening, where the hell are we”

  18. Scandium Gaming

    Scandium GamingHace 6 días

    Red Bull F1 car in space... Red Bull:- Red Bull gives u wings

  19. Scandium Gaming

    Scandium GamingHace 6 días

    Son:- hey dad last night I saw an F1 in space... Dad:- thats a great idea son..


    MCGREGORY13Hace 7 días

    Tyres at 220% degradation!! Max: Are new ones!!!

  21. Grayson Francis

    Grayson FrancisHace 7 días

    Anyone else want a red bull after this

  22. PauL1e

    PauL1eHace 7 días

    2:58 Daniel was spinning his tires so ofc there isnt traction/power but otherwise he would have won this but idk :D

  23. Chris Coulthard

    Chris CoulthardHace 4 días

    Till he hits the grass with slicks

  24. CTA K

    CTA KHace 8 días

    It's awesome.

  25. Babbit Babbarelli

    Babbit BabbarelliHace 8 días

    Instead of having a bunch of toys like sand rails, snow mobiles, and rocket ships I can just have one RedBull F1 car and do all that stuff. I'll save tons of money for more RedBull drinks. Awesome!

  26. Red Bull

    Red BullHace 8 días

    Sounds like a plan! 🤙

  27. Aaron Anderson

    Aaron AndersonHace 9 días

    Love the KALEO

  28. MarcoLee

    MarcoLeeHace 10 días

    Is that a new kind of compound tyre?

  29. Andy C

    Andy CHace 10 días

    Red Bull the playboys of F1. Zero G pit stop unbeatable. But driving upside down would give it a run for top spot.

  30. Mario Driessen

    Mario DriessenHace 10 días

    It seems like Red Bull always find ways to achieve the unachievable. So why not let Max and Alex race each other on the bottom of the ocean? That must be a beautiful and surreal sight. 😍

  31. Matt Ball

    Matt BallHace 10 días

    Anybody: "thats impossible" Redbull: "hold my taurine"

  32. WordToMomsYo

    WordToMomsYoHace 11 días

    Zero gravity pit stop? Absolutely absurd, in the best way possible. 💪🤙

  33. Mickie Gould

    Mickie GouldHace 11 días

    His watching in 2020

  34. Quin Novashinski

    Quin NovashinskiHace 11 días

    6:31 PAUSE poor guy :(

  35. David Calderon

    David CalderonHace 12 días

    Red Bull should make a pro scooter channel love Red Bull is the best

  36. Todd Schmidt

    Todd SchmidtHace 12 días

    Would love to see Red Bull show up at pikes peek for the hill climb with their F1 car

  37. Phillip Gonzales

    Phillip GonzalesHace 12 días

    Still waiting for Redbull to drive on the roof of a tunnel

  38. Martin7UPP

    Martin7UPPHace 12 días

    Red bull givs you wings

  39. Vivek Kumar

    Vivek KumarHace 13 días


  40. Negret

    NegretHace 13 días

    This is why Max was on fire last year, he trained like Lighting McQueen

  41. Bashkim Hoxha

    Bashkim HoxhaHace 13 días

    Seeing an F1 car on the streets is already epic

  42. Simon Hallgren

    Simon HallgrenHace 13 días

    The plane, that was sick!!!

  43. aspie19

    aspie19Hace 13 días

    Zero gravity was was nuts

  44. Nope. AVI

    Nope. AVIHace 13 días

    Okay now put wings on the car.

  45. Gab Sccp

    Gab SccpHace 13 días

    Everyone that works with Reb Bull must be a kid, its not possible look the ideas they come up with. Oh yes lets put a 15M dollar car in the snow because LOLZ

  46. Alexander Pötzelsberger

    Alexander PötzelsbergerHace 13 días

    Rally dakar

  47. dre Harris

    dre HarrisHace 14 días

    Red Bull officially define all Physics for a race car

  48. Bdub

    BdubHace 14 días

    And I'll never buy Red Bull......that stuff tastes like crap!!!

  49. Transilvania Tsv

    Transilvania TsvHace 14 días

    If it wasn't Red Bull, F1 drop audience 50% 😎

  50. Nisheet Verma

    Nisheet VermaHace 14 días

    Redbull F1 cars run on Redbull!

  51. Desperado Lighfoot

    Desperado LighfootHace 14 días

    They beleive in circular economy: they reuse and repurpose their fine automobiles!!!!! Real cool stuff!!!!!

  52. vashpinuno vash

    vashpinuno vashHace 15 días

    Wtf redbull is crazy.

  53. Barsuk Evgenuy

    Barsuk EvgenuyHace 15 días

    8:25 How i see Red Bull pit stop))) P.S i like it and you

  54. jackand100 others

    jackand100 othersHace 12 días

    5:49 the way the pit stop crew came out made me laugh honestly

  55. Pseudo Mortality

    Pseudo MortalityHace 15 días

    5 reasons your RedBull cost $3 a can

  56. james pisano

    james pisanoHace 15 días

    That was fun.

  57. Marcus Henderson

    Marcus HendersonHace 15 días

    Snow tire ⛓ on a 🏎

  58. Logan Thomason

    Logan ThomasonHace 15 días

    What a fun video.

  59. mastersjeng

    mastersjengHace 15 días

    I think they miss danny at RB

  60. Pᴇɴɴʏᴡɪsᴇ Tʜᴇ Cʟᴏᴡɴ

    Pᴇɴɴʏᴡɪsᴇ Tʜᴇ CʟᴏᴡɴHace 15 días

    *Red Bull never get old* 💛

  61. budiman1990

    budiman1990Hace 16 días

    Only with open drs a red bull has a Chance to overtake a van

  62. budiman1990

    budiman1990Hace 16 días

    This is why u should drink 12 cans of red bull in the morning

  63. BigCooter.com

    BigCooter.comHace 17 días

    Still waiting for an F1 car to drive upside down on the roof of a tunnel.

  64. alvaretel

    alvaretelHace 18 días

    This is not about overcoming. This is all about advertising. Stop believing some kind of truth on these videos.

  65. Ommandante OmOn

    Ommandante OmOnHace 19 días

    Ich und mein reichhaltiger Freundeskreis werden in Zukunft all ihre Red Bull Produkte boykottieren auf Grund Ihrer Belästigungspolitik gegenüber den Blue Bulls. Ehrenwort.

  66. M J Pes player

    M J Pes playerHace 19 días

    Hey redbull can i use some of this scenes to make a musical video

  67. Esmam Mahi Eron

    Esmam Mahi EronHace 20 días

    I think red bull sells energy drinks to do this kinds of stunts And this is a win win situation

  68. Thomas Pratten

    Thomas PrattenHace 20 días

    A 5hp tractor would push that scrum across the paddock any day of the week lol

  69. Vandré The Horseman Nascimento

    Vandré The Horseman NascimentoHace 21 un día

    Woooooooooow! Fantastic! Props !