500K Chiropractic MEGA CRACK compilation!

Giant FALL Chiropractic crack adjustment compilation. Who is your favorite patient? #chiro #ufc #chiropractic thanks for getting us to 500K!


  1. sansational artist

    sansational artistHace 2 meses

    I'm from clumsys recent video r/cursedcomments funny posts v6

  2. Sebastian Webb

    Sebastian WebbHace 2 días


  3. Daniel Zendejas

    Daniel ZendejasHace 5 días

    Oh my god I came here right after I finished that video

  4. Fizzy Animator

    Fizzy AnimatorHace 6 días


  5. Kostas Galinos

    Kostas GalinosHace 8 días


  6. Wellifailed YT

    Wellifailed YTHace 9 días

    I'm from EmKay

  7. a p

    a pHace un día

    This is how I see bad guys snap necks in films....

  8. Zain Sells

    Zain SellsHace 5 días

    Eat your cereal

  9. Black Mesa Idiot

    Black Mesa IdiotHace 6 días

    *when you crack and the patient unresponsive*

  10. Plazma333

    Plazma333Hace 6 días

    Thanks for the tip! Now I can put my dog to sleep! Edit:My dogs not waking up

  11. Robtz

    RobtzHace 7 días

    He got the pewdiepie chair

  12. AndreLink91

    AndreLink91Hace 7 días

    Yo, this dude a bro! Looking quite old to be 19 year old...


    HERPY-TEMPLAR-DERPY 01Hace 7 días

    PewDiePie Chair


    I LIKE THE NINTENDO LPER Abonniert LPMHace 7 días

    It's terrefying yet so cool

  15. Moa Kikuchi

    Moa KikuchiHace 7 días

    0:20 anyone know the song?

  16. Fisikal

    FisikalHace 7 días


  17. Данила

    ДанилаHace 8 días

    scarecrows walking with their tattoos

  18. FLRS

    FLRSHace 8 días

    Scp 173 has breached containment.

  19. Swiss YT

    Swiss YTHace 8 días

    This make me want to chiropractic



    The thumbnail looks like a questionable porno

  21. GermanGoodGuy

    GermanGoodGuyHace 8 días

    1:34 That was another kind of crack xD

  22. hentai hero

    hentai heroHace 8 días

    Dem cheeks tho

  23. Spray Made

    Spray MadeHace 9 días

    2:08 pewdiepie chair!?

  24. pukiepie 21

    pukiepie 21Hace 9 días

    Im almost die to crack my neck😂

  25. Hydra Sosa

    Hydra SosaHace 10 días

    It works! I tried this on my friend and they fell asleep instantly!

  26. lonely with_you

    lonely with_youHace 15 días

    Pewdiepie chair bruh

  27. Noah Carter

    Noah CarterHace 15 días

    2:08 mega respect for pewdiepie chair 👊🏼

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    Danu Ilham145Hace 17 días

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  29. prawira udayana

    prawira udayanaHace 18 días

    3:42 when your friend make a joke but not funny and you try to laugh

  30. Stilá S

    Stilá SHace 18 días

    0:07 could you pill any more makeup on your face?

  31. Antonio Vega

    Antonio VegaHace 19 días

    La segunda parte está en xvideo

  32. 변준흠

    변준흠Hace 20 días

    알 수 없는 유튜브 알고리즘이 여기로 날 “인도”했다

  33. James stott

    James stottHace 21 un día

    I don't get it is he a barber or a doctor?

  34. TV kabel official

    TV kabel officialHace 22 días


  35. Shino2600

    Shino2600Hace 24 días

    Where does Dr Beau make more money , profession or ESgo?

  36. Shino2600

    Shino2600Hace 24 días

    Dr. Beau Hightower what a time to be alive!

  37. Dr. Beau Hightower DN

    Dr. Beau Hightower DNHace 24 días


  38. ipank #H4

    ipank #H4Hace 24 días

    Chromatic massage porn

  39. Oakship166

    Oakship166Hace 25 días

    Ima try this on myself ill tell you the results

  40. Flexsquared

    FlexsquaredHace 25 días

    2:41 the full Nelson crack!!😉🍆🍑

  41. jj love

    jj loveHace 25 días

    that camera man... i see you my guy keep it up!

  42. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeahHace 26 días

    Pewdiepie chair ads


    MILES GAMINGHace 26 días

    This is AWSOME!! I’ve tried this on my little brothers neck. He hasn’t woken up yet but it sounded like it worked 👍

  44. Byron Ruano

    Byron RuanoHace 26 días

    He get to touch booty😏😏😏😏

  45. Trenton Harvey

    Trenton HarveyHace 27 días

    I need your help with my back

  46. Jack 23

    Jack 23Hace 27 días

    I love It where can I find this guy

  47. Andri Handoyo

    Andri HandoyoHace 27 días


  48. teman sehoby

    teman sehobyHace 27 días

    Made in Indonesia

  49. Mystic

    MysticHace 28 días

    *Many people were harmed in the making of this video*

  50. Sai Bea5t

    Sai Bea5tHace 29 días

    all i can say is these chiropractors has nice beard🧔 (most i've watched here in yt)

  51. Matej Ivaskovic

    Matej IvaskovicHace un mes

    Why he have a pewdiepie chair lol

  52. Dek Oma

    Dek OmaHace un mes

    I don't care about u miss ur sister/friend/brother Just let them die dude

  53. Ratshy

    RatshyHace un mes

    0:03 dat pussy

  54. Kaue Albuquerque

    Kaue AlbuquerqueHace un mes

    to com sono e de pau duro ‘-‘

  55. Yasmeen Riggs

    Yasmeen RiggsHace un mes

    Me trying to crack my body : “Oh shit, I think I broke something”

  56. Ers Soj

    Ers SojHace un mes

    This is how you activate hamon

  57. Budi Hartoyo

    Budi HartoyoHace un mes

    Than you fuck her,dont you

  58. galle valores, lealtad , honor y patria

    galle valores, lealtad , honor y patriaHace un mes

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  60. Alex Bautista

    Alex BautistaHace un mes

    her t*ts are hard the entire time

  61. Danson Angelo

    Danson AngeloHace un mes

    but, the thumbnail though..

  62. nikhil rewar

    nikhil rewarHace un mes

    2:10 pew pew

  63. Jerex Rexje

    Jerex RexjeHace un mes

    i tried it to my friend but he collapse and until now he is still in deep sleep.. what happened.

  64. Bobby Meduri

    Bobby MeduriHace un mes

    Am only watching boobs

  65. Brillian Silaen

    Brillian SilaenHace un mes

    Baker mayfield?

  66. Metalcore

    MetalcoreHace un mes

    just came here to see girls wearing yoga pants 8========D

  67. semua chenel

    semua chenelHace un mes

    Apa cuma gua yang orang INDONESIA?