Patient has a history of hard physical labor his whole life and is finally getting his back worked on!
Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC Orlando, FL
Instagram: @chiro_dragon
FB: MondragonChiropractic
Camera Girl Linnea’s channel :
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  1. ashwee 73

    ashwee 73Hace un día

    Tell chiropractors thanks for breaking your back so that if your heart, liver, or knees go out you're so out of luck. & also say thanks to physical therapy & fibromyalgia.👍 go get a massage for pain.

  2. لیلا حاتمی

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    I LOVE YOU 👏👏👏👏👏👏😘😘😘😘

  3. JacubToo

    JacubTooHace 6 días

    This guy has great skin he tans well.. he must be ethnic maby Greek or Persian... and he has really good healthy hair

  4. Md Jalal

    Md JalalHace 7 días

    Very super good job very good working

  5. ضياء الكرادي

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  6. Guillermo Alvarez

    Guillermo AlvarezHace 12 días

    Dr muy bonita y hermosa... 🌹🌹💐💐😘😘❤️❤️😍😍👏👏💕💕💋💋😱😱

  7. alex parvino

    alex parvinoHace 13 días

    mondragon you kick my balls please

  8. Muhammad Asif

    Muhammad AsifHace 19 días

    I love your beautiful smile doctor

  9. robert mancini

    robert manciniHace 20 días

    why does their skin turn red like that and does it go away

  10. El Lobo

    El LoboHace 20 días

    lucky client

  11. S.W.LEE

    S.W.LEEHace 22 días

    14:20. OO

  12. mindofalunitc

    mindofalunitcHace 24 días

    I need this to happen, although there may be an tent half way through though!

  13. Cleison Marques

    Cleison MarquesHace 24 días

    sou seu fã de carteirinha

  14. Cleison Marques

    Cleison MarquesHace 24 días

    Como eu queria receber uma massagem dessa beldade 😍😍😍

  15. Martin Gonzalez

    Martin GonzalezHace 26 días

    Where is it located

  16. Farm Life

    Farm LifeHace 27 días

    did she had breast transplant?

  17. BEE Michael

    BEE MichaelHace 28 días

    The man sounds a bit like George Clooney.

  18. Big Macho

    Big MachoHace 28 días

    Beautiful chiropractic lady

  19. sticksman1979

    sticksman1979Hace un mes

    Rack Therapy.

  20. bouchaib jerouane

    bouchaib jerouaneHace un mes

    I'm in love with as person not doctor I love your laugh and your looks ❤️😍😍

  21. waqas ali

    waqas aliHace un mes

    hi doctore,.i am waaqas and i play cricket since one year when i through ball with my right hand then i feel pain in joint.please tell me solution of this

  22. souhail raghib

    souhail raghibHace un mes

    that dude is lucky

  23. Starburst

    StarburstHace un mes

    it can be so awkward having a leggings fetish:P

  24. Deki Dekinovic

    Deki DekinovicHace un mes

    You are doing Gua Sha at 20:00 ?

  25. Noradin Jum3a

    Noradin Jum3aHace un mes

    I love you so much please you geve me name Instagram??

  26. Scuba Steve

    Scuba SteveHace un mes

    Sweet sweet Brenda ❤🤤

  27. Samuel

    SamuelHace un mes

    These videos are so satisfying to watch, lol..

  28. TheAmazeer

    TheAmazeerHace un mes

    All those tight clothes to manipulates bones are necessary? Take them off please 😁😁😎

  29. Kris Waters

    Kris WatersHace un mes

    She’s a beaut! Brains, personality, dorky- I think I’m in love??

  30. FR FR

    FR FRHace un mes

    La dra está medio desproporcionada o es mi celular.🤔

  31. Erick Alvarez

    Erick AlvarezHace un mes

    Damn you are so fine

  32. Hamed Alidoust

    Hamed AlidoustHace un mes

    is she blind ?!

  33. Hamed Alidoust

    Hamed AlidoustHace un mes

    thats dr is the truely ButHerFace :)))

  34. UnrealDeal

    UnrealDealHace un mes

    Nothing better than watching this after a long day of work to release my stress lol 👀

  35. S L

    S LHace un mes

    So juicy

  36. Borko Borkovic

    Borko BorkovicHace un mes

    He reminds me of Jeff Goldblum a little bit

  37. GUERRERO Tuareg

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  38. Kuma in Kana

    Kuma in KanaHace un mes

    she burned that man back..lols

  39. Chris Junki

    Chris JunkiHace un mes

    How is it even possible for him to look into her eyes...

  40. T Asep Asep

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  41. ishmael Al-mirah

    ishmael Al-mirahHace un mes

    Usually it is the other way around!!! we stare at the patient hahaha

  42. Steven THE ARTIST

    Steven THE ARTISTHace un mes

    The Chinese 2 of them have a spot in the Mall and it's just 2 of them. The Florida Mall. It's not a chiropractor, it's a massage spa.

  43. Steven THE ARTIST

    Steven THE ARTISTHace un mes

    My mid back is killing me.

  44. Steven THE ARTIST

    Steven THE ARTISTHace un mes

    I wish she would open an office in Orlando, Florida, like a Mall ?? Where she deals with all types of people, like the Florida Mall.

  45. Angel Monterrozo

    Angel MonterrozoHace un mes

    Question- his back was so bruised after you were done. Is that normal? I’ve been searching for someone to visit but I’m concerned about the bruises he got

  46. John Chaser

    John ChaserHace un mes

    don't know if I should get turned on by her or be scared.. or both?

  47. Azazil satan

    Azazil satanHace un mes

    hacım kadının elinde kalmadan sen ufaktan araziye uyum sağla bence yoksa bu hatun senin derini yüzmeden bırakmıcak kanımca :)

  48. balaji koc

    balaji kocHace un mes

    what is the cost of message?

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    بساع اطيب من سويلي

  50. Muhammad Farooq

    Muhammad FarooqHace un mes

    Wow very nice

  51. TheZSEP

    TheZSEPHace un mes

    She's had a kid every 3 years for 12 years. She's right - she got no breaks

  52. TheZSEP

    TheZSEPHace un mes

    @S L Well, she's 436 so...

  53. S L

    S LHace un mes

    How many kids does she hv?

  54. TomGreek1980

    TomGreek1980Hace un mes

    I was expecting this to happen at 14:22

  55. TomGreek1980

    TomGreek1980Hace un mes

    I'm not a doctor but did things get bigger?

  56. vatlytrilieu xoabop bamhuyet

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  57. James Lee

    James LeeHace un mes

    14:26 - didn't realize??? LOL

  58. Mahmoud Ali

    Mahmoud AliHace un mes

    Egypt ❤❤💪💪

  59. Chong Sir Cong Kaizen

    Chong Sir Cong KaizenHace un mes

    What a beautiful, gorgeous and hot chiropractic doctor like the weather of Florida 😍👍

  60. piricote93

    piricote93Hace un mes

    Her voice is stressing I feel contracted by her already jezzz Her treatment seems good

  61. Minh Tran

    Minh TranHace un mes

    None of the guy came for the PAIN

  62. christopher dunn

    christopher dunnHace un mes

    0:47 can it be helped ? his eyes her eyes lol. use the slowest motion ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm