Basketball - USA vs Spain - Men's Gold Final | London 2012 Olympic Games

BK42 - Men - Gold Final - Basketball - 12 August 2012 - London 2012 Olympic Games.
Complete coverage of the Men's Basketball final between USA and Spain from London 2012.
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  1. 06racecar60

    06racecar60Hace un hora

    Who is Deron Williams? I have never heard of him.

  2. pl imtiaz

    pl imtiazHace 5 horas

    NBA better than Olympic

  3. Subaru WRX

    Subaru WRXHace 13 horas


  4. Moreena siggers

    Moreena siggersHace un día

    rip kobe

  5. John Fredrickson

    John FredricksonHace un día

    These commentators sound like they are watching their first basketball game.

  6. มุนิล อาทติด

    มุนิล อาทติดHace un día


  7. Angielyn Delos santos

    Angielyn Delos santosHace un día

    Rest in peace 🙏😇 Idol KOBE BEAN BRYANT

  8. Tana

    TanaHace un día

    International Commentators bias af

  9. Rolex Rodney

    Rolex RodneyHace un día

    RIP Kobe

  10. Leonardo Fassa

    Leonardo FassaHace 2 días

    Rip Kobe Bryant

  11. M.C. Siar

    M.C. SiarHace 2 días

    The game was pretty close though. The Spanish team was no joke.

  12. Hooping Guard

    Hooping GuardHace 2 días

    Imagine your whole country literally specialising in basketball and only winning by 7 points

  13. Grace Santos

    Grace SantosHace 2 días

    Anthony davis got stagnant

  14. Hoony K.

    Hoony K.Hace 2 días

    Basketball in the Olympics should be non professional players only.

  15. Alfredo Romalde

    Alfredo RomaldeHace 3 días

    Confundir tanto a Llull con Navarro..... joder macho

  16. John J.

    John J.Hace 3 días

    The commentators are a couple of haters!!!

  17. Leonard Brillo

    Leonard BrilloHace 3 días

    westbrook buwaya

  18. sam valderrama

    sam valderramaHace 3 días

    I am watching this very late: But Rip Kobe, All Love

  19. Dan The man

    Dan The manHace 3 días

    Imaging looking off Jordan as many times as they looked off Kobe .. ridiculous

  20. Angeles Benitez

    Angeles BenitezHace 3 días

    dalle like si eres tim bryant

  21. Angeles Benitez

    Angeles BenitezHace 3 días

    la bamba nos enseño lo que haurita soy

  22. Jecar Laan

    Jecar LaanHace 4 días

    I love how both the announcers were convinced that Kobe made the shot even if it was way off. Lol. RIP Mamba.

  23. 習不平

    習不平Hace 4 días

    Kobe: sorry guys, I’m going to 1 ON 1 with JESUS! God Bless Kobe !

  24. watcher3544

    watcher3544Hace 4 días

    Son 37,6 saniye kala <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a>:45 James Harden ve Anthony Davis'i oyuna sokuyor koç. Resmen bu iki isme küfretmiş. Siz oturun 39 dk. 23 saniye süre bhanc' te son 37 saniye size yeter de artar demiş.. Çok ayıp etmiş bence..

  25. GustavoGustavo

    GustavoGustavoHace 4 días

    mamba for life

  26. dmonarre dmonarre

    dmonarre dmonarreHace 4 días

    Why is Henry Kissinger there?

  27. Vinicios Marcos

    Vinicios MarcosHace 4 días

    Dreaw Team 🏀

  28. Kavalan

    KavalanHace 5 días


  29. Benny Pasaribu

    Benny PasaribuHace 5 días

    Fiba rules are too boring. Too much fouls and freethrows

  30. had3ss #1

    had3ss #1Hace 5 días

    That arabic comentetor voice lol

  31. Three Bennetts

    Three BennettsHace 6 días

    RIP Kobe

  32. James Melon

    James MelonHace 7 días

    watching because of covid

  33. AirRenz23

    AirRenz23Hace 7 días

    "No-look for Kobe.......Kobe will look for Kobe" Almost made me tear up Miss u Mamba

  34. CJ Smiles

    CJ SmilesHace 7 días

    very tough Spain Coach..showing brilliancy until last salute to both team

  35. CJ Smiles

    CJ SmilesHace 7 días

    same shoes gasol brothers

  36. CJ Smiles

    CJ SmilesHace 7 días

    kobe we will never forget you...heaven with God now

  37. Zach

    ZachHace 7 días

    Kobe’s game

  38. African Pastor

    African PastorHace 8 días

    Daron Williams dribbles so much

  39. marcia roa

    marcia roaHace 8 días

    Buenísimo el juego

  40. Ben Vopni

    Ben VopniHace 9 días

    Who else has nothing to do in quarantine so they are watching this

  41. Robert san diego

    Robert san diegoHace 4 horas

    Only reason this hasn’t shown up on ESPN is they don’t on the rights. Yup I’m watching it. This Spain team was tough. I would be curious to see what would happen in a seven game series.

  42. ING Lazer

    ING LazerHace 13 horas


  43. Thai Nguyen

    Thai NguyenHace un día


  44. Fredrick Johnson

    Fredrick JohnsonHace un día

    @James Tupper like what?

  45. Fredrick Johnson

    Fredrick JohnsonHace un día

    @K 👏👏👏

  46. Popcorn Animations

    Popcorn AnimationsHace 9 días

    baby Gianna at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>:09

  47. Andrey Lumanog

    Andrey LumanogHace 9 días

    No one:..... Me: KOBE FOR THREEEE Rest in peace kobe


    CNCTEMATICHace 9 días

    Those Arabic translators are distracting. You think they could sort sound out for the Olympics.

  49. Christopher Burns

    Christopher BurnsHace 9 días

    Game starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="788">13:08</a>

  50. Magyk

    MagykHace 9 días

    So weird seeing these all stars playing against randoms from spain outside of the nba

  51. Cool Libra

    Cool LibraHace un día

    @J Dilla he is a casual

  52. J Dilla

    J DillaHace 9 días

    Magyk alot’ve those Spain players are nba players and top talent in the euro league which is the 2nd best basketball league in the world

  53. GZ - 05HA - Sherwood Mills PS (1334)

    GZ - 05HA - Sherwood Mills PS (1334)Hace 9 días

    Rest In Peace Black Mamba

  54. Freestyle Latino

    Freestyle LatinoHace 9 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a>:21 F🥺

  55. zhii zhii

    zhii zhiiHace 10 días

    I dol my favorate playear in nba we love u black mamba

  56. seth Mcswan

    seth McswanHace 10 días

    if u wish Kobe was still alive Like

  57. Lucas Josh Chin

    Lucas Josh ChinHace 5 días

    seth Mcswan imagine using the death of Kobe for likes

  58. Albin Bakii

    Albin BakiiHace 10 días

    I hate spain

  59. Keenan Baldwin

    Keenan BaldwinHace 10 días

    Shouldn't the USA win every year? Like come on.

  60. MJ 23-GOAT

    MJ 23-GOATHace 10 días

    Dream Team 1 would have blown this game out. Too big, too strong. Not to forget...MJ in his prime.

  61. Mark Oliver Badelles

    Mark Oliver BadellesHace 11 días

    Kobe really is a good person, the way he comfort the losing team to lift back the morale. that is respect....

  62. Rafael Huaman

    Rafael HuamanHace 11 días

    Rip Mamba uu

  63. Патрик Казамина

    Патрик КазаминаHace 12 días

    cooking show

  64. Connor Wilcox

    Connor WilcoxHace 12 días

    A good metaphor for this comment section would be not using hand sanitizer. 99.9% are the same repetitive germ, making you "Sick" from hearing them. Such as R.I.P Kobe. 00.1% are connected to the Olympics - god bless you. And then there is me, the pump to the sanitizer. I will make it accessible for all who are interested. Clean your filthy hands.

  65. Jason Bawitlung

    Jason BawitlungHace 12 días

    Olympic Basketball commentator is dumb, he has no idea whats going on sometimes

  66. rize

    rizeHace 12 días

    young anthony davis

  67. Jay Harris

    Jay HarrisHace 12 días

    "Carmelo Anthony with a rare assist"

  68. Aileen Nepomuceno

    Aileen NepomucenoHace 10 días

    Rest in peace kobe

  69. Rakshith Guzar

    Rakshith GuzarHace 13 días

    noone: Commentator : " Marc G-asshole"

  70. Brima Dasa pratama

    Brima Dasa pratamaHace 13 días

    R.I.P kobe bryant

  71. Saravuth Phasukyued

    Saravuth PhasukyuedHace 13 días

    คิดถึง Kobe Bryant

  72. adria mañas

    adria mañasHace 13 días

    As a Spaniard I feel very proud of this team and the 2008 team. They gave us two exciting and competitive matches against the enormous USA in two consecutive Olympics finals. I do remember watching those matches and enjoying them as I never did before (despite we lost both finals). Thank you USA and thanks SPAIN for these 2 incredible finals!!!

  73. Jenkin高

    Jenkin高Hace 13 días

    Westbrook Nicknamed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  74. Zayne simard moore

    Zayne simard mooreHace 13 días

    Curry should do the Olympics. He keeps turning it down.

  75. Braulio Bryant8

    Braulio Bryant8Hace 13 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1179">19:39</a> bad boys???

  76. Jas Aujla

    Jas AujlaHace 13 días

    Anyone else fell in love with the Spanish chick at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a>:24 :) :)

  77. محمد، الحويطي

    محمد، الحويطيHace 14 días

    من سمع صوت حسني زغدودي

  78. Chwen Jing

    Chwen JingHace 14 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2956">49:16</a> im curious how can you get a goaltending on your team's offense ( correct me if im wrong)

  79. Alberto Sánchez Caballero

    Alberto Sánchez CaballeroHace 14 días

    Soy Español y me alegra haber visto a Kobe aunque fuera en la tele resto informe peace Black Mamba, you will never be forgotten. gracias a las dos mejores selecciónes del mundo.



    🔥🔥🔥🔥 *just amazing* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> ❤ 👇 👇 👇 👇💟

  81. Cove Whisper

    Cove WhisperHace 14 días

    carmelo with his hands in pocket during national anthem while wearing a USA jersey. Ten years later you can see why he never won anything ( i think only one or two playoff series if Im not mistaken) in his career with his selfish arrogant disrespectful attitude.

  82. Cove Whisper

    Cove WhisperHace 14 días

    carmelo with his hands in pocket during national anthem while wearing a USA jersey. Ten years later you can see why he never won anything ( i think only one or two playoff series if Im not mistaken) in his career with his selfish arrogant disrespectful attitude.

  83. R.Çağlar TOKER

    R.Çağlar TOKERHace 15 días


  84. Mitevam 09

    Mitevam 09Hace 15 días

    19 year old kid Anthony Davis 😂

  85. JandursGaming YT105

    JandursGaming YT105Hace 15 días

    I feel sad for kobe that lebron didnt see kobe open <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="937">15:37</a>

  86. Daire Barefoot

    Daire BarefootHace 15 días

    Spain wouldn’t have even be in it if it wasn’t for their moving screen strategy.

  87. Lilius

    LiliusHace 15 días

    is there a game with a higher cumulated basket IQ on the floor??

  88. JaKobe Bryant

    JaKobe BryantHace 15 días

    Who is here when kobe died R.I.P. kobe

  89. Gerzon Adiel

    Gerzon AdielHace 16 días

    Thank you Germany for NASA. Thank you Africa for NBA.