Dives That Deserve Oscar In Football

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  1. Descart1889

    Descart1889Hace 41 un minuto

    I totally disagree with this video ,how in the hell could u put "The Almighty Neymar" with those amateurs . "I cried when i saw him diving in WC 2018 ,remembering his diving's first attempts in the house'e backyard grass " -Neymar's mother

  2. Romi Arkan

    Romi ArkanHace un hora

    Remember when the Fallon d'Floor award was a thing in football internet?

  3. Oscar A. Rodriguez

    Oscar A. RodriguezHace 2 horas

    And not a single Barcelona dive.. where is the Luis Suarez compilation? Probably longer than this video.

  4. Jo茫o Santos

    Jo茫o SantosHace 2 horas

    I dont understand why this video was created or when edited the person couldnt see that atleast 30%-40% of the 鈥渄ives鈥 are with contact or a sligthiest contact and goes with the interpretation of the referee to judge if is a fault or not, my point of view in general I can understand the difficulty of being a referee. I saw this video all of it and yes there are dives that deserve an oscar but the rest shouldnt appeard on this video.

  5. Drasko Nenezic

    Drasko NenezicHace 3 horas

    You will never see Messi in video like this

  6. Galelio Einstein

    Galelio EinsteinHace 3 horas

    Mbapee and neymar are floor gang

  7. Catur Ca

    Catur CaHace 7 horas

    Neymar is a clown with a talent

  8. Fajar Khoiruddin

    Fajar KhoiruddinHace 9 horas

    U cant only see the one who get tackled, see the one who did, especially their knees, if u still think that a diving, u dont know how it feels get a hit by knee to your thigh , or have a try

  9. Nathaniel Girma

    Nathaniel GirmaHace 9 horas

    Real talk some of these were actually fouls and penalties

  10. lovethatbaseball Harris

    lovethatbaseball HarrisHace 10 horas

    Some (definitely not all) were dives and honestly, I would hate to be a defender if I had to go up against world class actors like Neymar. Also a good portion of these were actual tackles and the player did get tripped up, however they act like they are in excruciating pain for 2-3 minutes and then walk absolutely fine after someone gets a red card or they get a free kick. Nah they deserve to get a yellow or a red card to for being overdramatic.

  11. Johnny

    JohnnyHace 14 horas

    I鈥檓 sorry but hazard鈥檚 one wasn鈥檛 a dive

  12. Brian McLean

    Brian McLeanHace 14 horas

    Neymar is a disgrace to football

  13. Immortal

    ImmortalHace 15 horas

    The 3 Ronaldo one's in a row actually pissed me off馃槫

  14. Pipe Mota

    Pipe MotaHace 16 horas

    Por eso Neymar nunca va a ganar un bal贸n de oro pero si un Oscar

  15. Edy Eschbach

    Edy EschbachHace 19 horas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> Cavani sure learn a LOT from Neymar about how to dive safely without injury 馃槞

  16. Adam BDPST

    Adam BDPSTHace 22 horas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> is real penalty

  17. Maria Gonzalez

    Maria GonzalezHace 23 horas

    The Jesus one was a foul

  18. AM脡RICA4L1F3

    AM脡RICA4L1F3Hace un d铆a

    Where is Ramos dive vs. Juventus

  19. Adam Jr

    Adam JrHace un d铆a


  20. Utsav Basu

    Utsav BasuHace un d铆a

    This video can be only made with neymar being alone the diver

  21. Quel Bello

    Quel BelloHace un d铆a

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> Mbappe : *dives* Neymar : That's my son! Well done!

  22. Haythams Goated

    Haythams GoatedHace 23 horas

    Heung-Min Son: I am your son.

  23. Darth Plagueisthewise

    Darth PlagueisthewiseHace un d铆a

    Some of there's actually make me so annoyed

  24. Ryan Armbruster

    Ryan ArmbrusterHace un d铆a

    Mane was not diving he got a knee shoved in is his leg

  25. john chidiebube

    john chidiebubeHace un d铆a

    Has anyone noticed that most of this are neymar Diving

  26. Antonio Ceballos

    Antonio CeballosHace un d铆a

    q asco de gente una mierda de video y encima para llegar a los 10 minutos nos pone un anucio del coronavirus

  27. Antonio Ceballos

    Antonio CeballosHace un d铆a

    what a shit of video there are all fauls

  28. Azim Halim

    Azim HalimHace un d铆a

    most of these arent even dives tf

  29. Andy Santamaria

    Andy SantamariaHace un d铆a

    Sometimes Neymar does get hit but he just overreacts

  30. Saurav K

    Saurav KHace un d铆a

    Penaldo. King of Fake Dives 馃ぃ馃ぃ. Neymar his student

  31. elie bassil

    elie bassilHace un d铆a

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a> wtf

  32. Daniel Son

    Daniel SonHace un d铆a

    Some of these "dives" just seem like players losing balance then falling rather than intentionally diving

  33. Hazify

    HazifyHace un d铆a

    I think juventus , real madrid , psg , man utd , man city , liverpool all these teams should have an diving competition

  34. M2S

    M2SHace un d铆a

    Honestly neymar used to be my favourite player but because how unprofessional he is now i hate him,i think mbappe is better and he is my new favourite player

  35. UnicornWizard28

    UnicornWizard28Hace un d铆a

    Rugby players: get RKO鈥檇 and act like nothing happened Footballers: get farted on and end up in hospital

  36. BANANAS Peels

    BANANAS PeelsHace un d铆a

    Brandom Willian second Neymar

  37. UnicornWizard28

    UnicornWizard28Hace un d铆a

    I love how the majority of the clips are just Neymar

  38. 3rd Shade

    3rd ShadeHace un d铆a

    This fuck is killing the beauty of the game. And Neymar deserves a stamp on his face everytime he throws himself to the ground.

  39. Daniel Navas

    Daniel NavasHace un d铆a

    Lost count of how many times i saw Neymar

  40. Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy FloresHace un d铆a

    Bro when i saw madrid vs city and carvahal commited the pen i thought it was a actual pen but now the i can see it close MOTHER FUCKING STERLING DIVED HE HAS DIVED IN MANY MATCHES FUCK THAT LITTLE MAN

  41. Juan Felipe M谩rquez Zapata

    Juan Felipe M谩rquez ZapataHace un d铆a

    Funny how is all Real Madrid, Juventus and PSG mostly. Even with some of the best players in the world they cheat. Disgraceful teams.

  42. Sim贸n Quincham谩n

    Sim贸n Quincham谩nHace un d铆a

    N掳1: Neymar N掳2: CR7 N掳3: Mbapp茅

  43. Zero Wong

    Zero WongHace un d铆a

    Seriously? What is dive mean in your dictionary?

  44. Dimas Bayu Ajie

    Dimas Bayu AjieHace un d铆a

    To much divemar

  45. Adrian S

    Adrian SHace 2 d铆as

    Brandon Williams got pushed by Cancelo in that game.

  46. Small Potatoes

    Small PotatoesHace 2 d铆as

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a> that鈥檚 foul

  47. RTR Gaming

    RTR GamingHace 2 d铆as

    This is probably just a neymar montage馃槀

  48. Bruno GuTes

    Bruno GuTesHace 2 d铆as

    El 煤nico piscinazo es uno de los primeros que salen de neymar y viene de un contacto previo

  49. Duy Linh Vu

    Duy Linh VuHace 2 d铆as

    Neymar over acting too much and is it just me or R7 turning into a piece of paper????

  50. Sahil Singh

    Sahil SinghHace 2 d铆as

    Neymar is the most underrated player in terms of fair play

  51. Augusto Tejerina

    Augusto TejerinaHace 2 d铆as

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> Have you seen The Grinch? Ronaldo would make a great impression of Jim Carrey

  52. Wade Ragsdale

    Wade RagsdaleHace 2 d铆as

    Athletico Madrid vs Liverpool was the scummiest match ever by the Spanish side.

  53. Waldo P

    Waldo PHace 2 d铆as


  54. Naimil Gandhi

    Naimil GandhiHace 2 d铆as

    Neymar and Ronaldo have been the top 2 divers in world football since several years now, and there are no two ways about that. 馃槀馃槀

  55. A V

    A VHace 2 d铆as

    Video is good. Creator is an idiot

  56. Rudy Rubio

    Rudy RubioHace 2 d铆as

    I'm kind of surprised there wasn't more Barcelona highlights since they pretty much mastered the art of diving

  57. bartosz sosnowski

    bartosz sosnowskiHace 2 d铆as

    This is nonsense fix your brain

  58. Manic Xbox Gamer

    Manic Xbox GamerHace 2 d铆as

    Neymar is a little diving pussy princess

  59. Hiugg Hannibal

    Hiugg HannibalHace 2 d铆as

    Neymar jajaajjaaj n煤mero 1

  60. Talin Dutta

    Talin DuttaHace 2 d铆as

    Not all of them look like a dive to me.

  61. 1 minute

    1 minuteHace 2 d铆as

    Ronaldo the king

  62. Brandon S谩nchez

    Brandon S谩nchezHace 2 d铆as

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar: We both want to become professional actors. Everyone: YOU ALREADY ARE!!!

  63. Arshad Alvi

    Arshad AlviHace 2 d铆as

    At list ronaldo dives properly. He atlist got some touch bt neymar dont even get touch馃槕

  64. Meadoh

    MeadohHace 2 d铆as

    Getafe are the biggest cunts in football

  65. Ryan Tong

    Ryan TongHace 2 d铆as

    Some of these clips are not dives, just late contact from the keepers

  66. San 丕賱賲丨賳賰

    San 丕賱賲丨賳賰Hace 2 d铆as

    Whoever made this is an absolute moron that doesn't know the difference between a tectical foul, falling due to the lack of balance and the literal fucking diving. Not every fall is a fucking dive

  67. AguanteLaUC

    AguanteLaUCHace 2 d铆as

    para la proxima disimula mas que te gusta el barca crack

  68. LW

    LWHace 2 d铆as

    A esas actitudes de los futbolistas. Deber铆a de haber una sanci贸n y suspensi贸n al analizar esas jugadas. despu茅s del partido jugado.

  69. Rushil Kaul

    Rushil KaulHace 2 d铆as

    Mane Vs Leicester is not a dive. There was proper contact. Visible from another angle.

  70. Rushil Kaul

    Rushil KaulHace 2 d铆as

    Was Jesus'vs Ramos really a dive? I mean, Ramos did pull his shoulder back as a last man so Jesus tried to bring attention to it by merely "diving". It was definitely still a foul.

  71. Jahid Hasan

    Jahid HasanHace 2 d铆as

    I wish there was a diver-d'or.... None could beat Neymar xD

  72. NizeBeats

    NizeBeatsHace 2 d铆as

    Some were not dives

  73. benjamin moraleda

    benjamin moraledaHace 2 d铆as

    La de ramos contra gabriel no fue simulacion porque le hace un tropiese ramos a gabriel y fue expulcion pirque habia peligro de gol

  74. benjamin moraleda

    benjamin moraledaHace 2 d铆as

    @Nomar De Jes煤s bro te contradices solo primero dices q fue falta y q no pero piola ya paso el partido y una q no se la den a favor del madrid

  75. Nomar De Jes煤s

    Nomar De Jes煤sHace 2 d铆as

    @benjamin moraleda entiendo que toda falta cuendo es peligro de gol, es roja. El problema es que no es falta. Sergio lo toca y Gabriel se desploma

  76. benjamin moraleda

    benjamin moraledaHace 2 d铆as

    @Nomar De Jes煤s pero era peligro de gol pue y ahora si es oportunidad clara de gol es expulcion no depende de lo grave de la falta

  77. Nomar De Jes煤s

    Nomar De Jes煤sHace 2 d铆as

    Sergio solo lo toca y Gabriel se tira. Puede ser considerado falta, pero no era roja, porque Gabriel Jes煤s se tir贸

  78. Richkad N

    Richkad NHace 2 d铆as

    Almost all of them got call, show u how idiots the refs are

  79. MrYellingdingo

    MrYellingdingoHace 2 d铆as

    nothing but a bunch of pussies playing this game anymore.

  80. Kevin Anaafi

    Kevin AnaafiHace 2 d铆as

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> how is kane diving its clearly a foul馃う馃徔鈥嶁檪锔

  81. Ajmal Vp2003

    Ajmal Vp2003Hace 2 d铆as

    馃槀 Do anyone agree ? son From Tottenham Looks so cute馃槄

  82. Freddie Prado

    Freddie PradoHace 2 d铆as

    Neymar barely dives and he gets hate for it there are times where he is going fast and gets hit in the leg and trips and immediately is called a dive which is kind of annoying in my opinion.

  83. Faynan

    FaynanHace 2 d铆as

    Paris is famous for its actors :)

  84. Pablo Borja Riera

    Pablo Borja RieraHace 2 d铆as

    P茅simo video

  85. Cig Swag

    Cig SwagHace 2 d铆as

    Some of these weren't even dives