Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!

Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!
Edited by DJAXS
Beat by BEAT DEMONS: esgo.info/video/pt6ekKt5hLSddG8.html
BACKGROUNDS by CooliSushi:
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  1. SSJ9K

    SSJ9KHace 5 meses

    FINALLY IT'S HERE! I'm sorry it took so long. Almost 2 weeks longer than I wanted but things happen. Good news is, only about a week until the next parody is out! Still 3 more videos to come before 2020! Thanks so much for your support and STAY POWERFUL! Who had the best BARS!?

  2. Gaming with Arrington

    Gaming with ArringtonHace 3 días

    Goku duh boooooooi

  3. Talyn Ned

    Talyn NedHace un mes

    the black one lol

  4. Symon YSY

    Symon YSYHace un mes


  5. Anon The risen Phoenix

    Anon The risen PhoenixHace 3 meses

    SSJ9K naruto

  6. Hoang An Nguyen

    Hoang An NguyenHace 5 meses

    Make one with killer bee

  7. Alec Payne

    Alec PayneHace 4 horas

    That beat live af

  8. Tristan Bailey

    Tristan BaileyHace 6 horas

    After this naruto and everyone in the lead died

  9. MyPianoRoom

    MyPianoRoomHace 7 horas

    SSJ9K, we need Killer Bee rapjutsu XD

  10. Cheese Man

    Cheese ManHace 8 horas

    Yoooo Naruto and Guy dead won that lol

  11. CoinJuggler 1269

    CoinJuggler 1269Hace 8 horas


  12. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto UzumakiHace 13 horas

    Is the joy con his o god

  13. Goku Uzimaki

    Goku UzimakiHace 16 horas

    Bro you already no shit bout to go down when goku hit super sayian

  14. Khadijah Brown

    Khadijah BrownHace 17 horas

    Fire 🔥

  15. Dante The Chad

    Dante The ChadHace 17 horas

    Part 2?

  16. Alexis Nicholson

    Alexis NicholsonHace 18 horas

    Lol dis funny bro😂😂😂😂,👍👇 up if ya think did funny lol xd

  17. Tristan Urquiza

    Tristan UrquizaHace 19 horas


  18. Anthony Miramontes

    Anthony MiramontesHace 21 un hora


  19. Tray Moon

    Tray MoonHace 23 horas

    “You tryna jump” 😭😭

  20. Breezy

    BreezyHace un día

    It's your boy Black guy,

  21. Dark Assassin Studios

    Dark Assassin StudiosHace un día


  22. קליקבייט ערוץ חיקויים

    קליקבייט ערוץ חיקוייםHace un día

    Im guko

  23. -Løveley Døvey-

    -Løveley Døvey-Hace un día

    Why am i searching this like this

  24. ⟨Ace†Fury⟩ Playz

    ⟨Ace†Fury⟩ PlayzHace un día


  25. Granny's Boy

    Granny's BoyHace un día

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> my fav part

  26. gohan

    gohanHace un día

    Im just so confussed how people get so many likes? Press the dislike please

  27. Ali Abdullah vlogs

    Ali Abdullah vlogsHace un día

    “The black one “ naaaaaa

  28. Ali Abdullah vlogs

    Ali Abdullah vlogsHace un día

    Naruto won and is way better

  29. DeluxStart

    DeluxStartHace un día

    This makes me wanna see fanmade Might Guy's fullpower vs a Cell saga Goku after seeing how Mighty Black Guy just standing there chilling when Goku Powers up at the end lol

  30. Donte Grant

    Donte GrantHace un día

    What’s the song at the end of the vid?


    GOKU THE MANHace un día

    Goku sounds drunk

  32. Mohamed Samake

    Mohamed SamakeHace un día


  33. Santa Playz

    Santa PlayzHace un día

    I know u watch this brain

  34. Derek Washington

    Derek WashingtonHace un día

    Bro no bull shit this is fire. And also I was rapping gokus last part ne black guy came in and when goku said I put the power pole in your chick I said put the power pole in your biiitch still sound fire tho

  35. THE HAREM KING 3022

    THE HAREM KING 3022Hace un día

    Ayeee This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂 "wait y'all I don't play that shit" 😂😂😂😂😂🔥💯 Goku mad bruh 😂 Funny shit homie New Subscriber!

  36. Ryrysuprise

    RyrysupriseHace un día

    I need a part 2 Goku said the black one that's kinda racist

  37. Cody Coley

    Cody ColeyHace 2 días

    Can you make a part 2 to this plz

  38. Devin 98 god

    Devin 98 godHace 2 días

    Goku:wait y’all tryna jump CUZ I DONT PLAY THAT SHIT Naruto and black guy: ------------ Goku RAPSAIYAN (Video idea) Also naruto go’s Kirans sage mode and rap no jutsu that niggas ass (talk no jutsu but instead rap)

  39. Riley Carr

    Riley CarrHace 2 días

    2050 anyone

  40. Perseus Bolt

    Perseus BoltHace 2 días

    Bruh, whoever voiced black guy is a goat, he sounds exactly like the dub actor

  41. Reggie Smith

    Reggie SmithHace 2 días

    All this over ramen...

  42. Emani Johnson

    Emani JohnsonHace 2 días

    The ending is funny

  43. Bilal Akano

    Bilal AkanoHace 2 días

    what an insult to guko

  44. Ali Abdullah

    Ali AbdullahHace 2 días

    can you please have the instrumental because all my friends wants to sing to it

  45. Omar Uzumak

    Omar UzumakHace 2 días

    Rap jutsu 😂😂😂😂

  46. Matthew Hernandez

    Matthew HernandezHace 2 días


  47. Anime Boi

    Anime BoiHace 2 días

    Yo im dieing

  48. Badapkyrmen Tiewsoh

    Badapkyrmen TiewsohHace 2 días

    Goku won that one though

  49. ItsAllenPlayRBX

    ItsAllenPlayRBXHace 2 días

    i think gokus and sasuke is better

  50. Min Khant

    Min KhantHace 2 días

    Naruto want killerbee

  51. RGN_ dire

    RGN_ direHace 2 días

    This rap battle is fire

  52. Geraldine Iranzo

    Geraldine IranzoHace 2 días


  53. sllim q

    sllim qHace 2 días

    How you be having 11m views but 1. M subs

  54. Eromanga Fan

    Eromanga FanHace 2 días

    speak white next time -_-

  55. Erick Justiniano

    Erick JustinianoHace 2 días

    This is lit I can't stop watching this

  56. UnitHelix

    UnitHelixHace 2 días


  57. Gaming with Arrington

    Gaming with ArringtonHace 3 días

    Who won? Like:goku Commit:naruto

  58. kagura uchiha

    kagura uchihaHace 3 días

    that back ground music tho

  59. Sprite Guy

    Sprite GuyHace 3 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a> Nigga you have spiky hair pfft

  60. Flash_savage King

    Flash_savage KingHace 3 días

    We need a part 2

  61. Terrell Davis

    Terrell DavisHace 3 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> lol

  62. Nick TTC The Titanium Clasher

    Nick TTC The Titanium ClasherHace 3 días

    When are we getting part 2?🤣

  63. Omar Uzumak

    Omar UzumakHace 3 días


  64. KARTIK Thakur BOSS lite

    KARTIK Thakur BOSS liteHace 3 días

    Nature it is a bosss and goku is a nooòb

  65. Marko Stojanovic

    Marko StojanovicHace 3 días

    It's said that he once rap battled all three sages at the same time and CLAPPED THEIR CHEEKS

  66. 1spitfyre

    1spitfyreHace 3 días

    I see people reacting to this vid seeing Goku's eyes red and don't know what's going on....damn

  67. TristeFN

    TristeFNHace 3 días

    bro how the fuck is this a thing even today..

  68. RedNova

    RedNovaHace 3 días

    Why does goku have sharingan

  69. Kaio Igor

    Kaio IgorHace 3 días


  70. Shahmeer Farhan

    Shahmeer FarhanHace 3 días


  71. Mugi Asih

    Mugi AsihHace 3 días

    Cuma saya orang indonesia?

  72. Patrick Fuller

    Patrick FullerHace 3 días

    Kinda wish killer bee was in this

  73. WrldxVerxy38 No

    WrldxVerxy38 NoHace 3 días

    Chi chi told me I’m be hokaga 💯🔥🔥🔥

  74. Bizzkiee 4k

    Bizzkiee 4kHace 3 días

    I get it now why Nintendo switch because hinata had been loving Naruto since they were young and Nintendo switch is old

  75. Dr. Jingles7

    Dr. Jingles7Hace 3 días

    lesson of the day don't roll up on Goku

  76. Roblox 101

    Roblox 101Hace 3 días

    Skee skee skee skeeeee

  77. Adam 77

    Adam 77Hace 3 días

    He went a whole super sayain at the end

  78. Skyler Jones

    Skyler JonesHace 3 días

    But is basically might guy

  79. Skyler Jones

    Skyler JonesHace 3 días

    Sasuke should be in naruto’s team and why is mighty black guy black

  80. jin woo

    jin wooHace 3 días

    I didn't get the last sence can someone tell me ??

  81. Naruto Universe

    Naruto UniverseHace 3 días

    I make Naruto content new channel come fuck with me

  82. Tyrese Bell

    Tyrese BellHace 3 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> his reaction tho bwahhaha

  83. Gavin Gamer

    Gavin GamerHace 3 días

    realize they both suck at rapping

  84. XliMzY

    XliMzYHace 3 días

    lowkey this shit was racist ngl >:(

  85. Disappointment TV

    Disappointment TVHace 3 días

    just uploaded a dragonballz lost episode if anyone is interested ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) esgo.info/video/mrunn9WHe6y6lJA.html