Here's Why LIonel Messi Won His 6th Ballon d'Or ● Unreal 2019

Why Leo Messi is a sixth Ballon d'Or winner.
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  1. Messi TheBoss

    Messi TheBossHace 2 meses

    Messi in 18/19: European Golden Boot ✅ European top scorer ✅ UCL top scorer ✅ La Liga top scorer ✅ La Liga most assists ✅ Most MOTM awards ✅ Most chances created ✅ Most goals from outside the box in La Liga ✅ Most free-kick goals ✅ Most braces ✅ Most hat-tricks ✅


    FABIO GRECOHace 5 días


  3. George Gordon

    George GordonHace un mes

    @parametallica tu comentario no puede ser mas idiota ?

  4. George Gordon

    George GordonHace un mes

    @JOhan Syaputro who's the Idiot, just saying haha

  5. Tochukwu Nwankwo

    Tochukwu NwankwoHace un mes

    @Raiyn Aydin go hug transformer


    NEPHILIMHace un mes

    Penaldo 1 free kick goal 😂😁😀

  7. Jose Luis

    Jose LuisHace un día

    10:32 that ball control is incredible. I never seen any other player with such level of ball control. It's like the ball is glued to his feet.

  8. Michael Deakin

    Michael DeakinHace 3 días

    The name is just iconic MESSI

  9. Thiru Kumar

    Thiru KumarHace 5 días

    Pass the ball to Messi is equivalent of scoring a goal

  10. DON MAF030

    DON MAF030Hace 5 días

    Who say ronaldo was the best ?

  11. RandomPerson

    RandomPersonHace 6 días

    Great vid man. Nice highlights.

  12. beotho

    beothoHace 6 días

    Of course, it's Lionel Messi!

  13. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonHace 7 días

    What’s crazy is that there’s even a discussion who the best player of all time is. Leo without a doubt

  14. Ibrahim Zerfa

    Ibrahim ZerfaHace 7 días

    Interviewer: How many goals will you score today? Messi: All of them

  15. Rayan Ben Attya أبو ذر التونسي

    Rayan Ben Attya أبو ذر التونسيHace 8 días

    Messi is the type of alien that even Zlatan Thor Ibrahimovic praised him

  16. Rayan Ben Attya أبو ذر التونسي

    Rayan Ben Attya أبو ذر التونسيHace 8 días

    2:44 PRICELESS !!!

  17. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiHace 9 días

    Lionel Messi The King

  18. Q. E. D.

    Q. E. D.Hace 10 días

    Let's face it: His center of mass is quite low which helps a lot to perform these solo-runs.

  19. Q. E. D.

    Q. E. D.Hace 10 días

    Did he step on that leg at 3:50 ?

  20. Vasco joseph luis Da gama

    Vasco joseph luis Da gamaHace 10 días

    The reason why Messi won the Balon D'or was that he is a nice guy. Sepp Blatter said it best " Messi is a nice boy and bad boys will never win the Balon dor" Now both are criminals ( Sepp Blatter with cheating and stealing. Messi with Tax evasion). It's so sad to see that people have to cheat to win such a prize. :(

  21. Yuanyuan Zhai

    Yuanyuan ZhaiHace 10 días

    messi almost single handedly beat Liverpool. I remember the first leg was a very hard game. It was messi who carried Barca to the second leg.


    EZLEFT GTHace 10 días

    MESSI = LEGEND🔥🔥👏🏻🤣

  23. SuperClasherWar

    SuperClasherWarHace 11 días

    0:46 I Thought that 22 number was Dani alves lol,Still remember the 2014 year

  24. detik update

    detik updateHace 12 días

    3:09 How can Suarez know that Messi was behind him ?

  25. Bernardo Diaz Solis

    Bernardo Diaz SolisHace 4 días

    detik update chemistry

  26. Hilda Rodriguez

    Hilda RodriguezHace 12 días

    En el minuto 6:56 ..faltaba que el negro pida la mamadera...lo hizo gatear ...que hijo de puta que es MESSI..UNICO..INCOMPARABLE.. MARCIANO TOTAL...

  27. Lyon fc Jérémie

    Lyon fc JérémieHace 12 días cour espagnol clike sur le lien pour apprendre

  28. vilsom silva

    vilsom silvaHace 13 días

    Fala a verdade, não tem melhor.

  29. Saiyajin Yamaha

    Saiyajin YamahaHace 13 días

    buena cancion moby

  30. Facu Altamirano

    Facu AltamiranoHace 14 días

    No existe comparación

  31. mokuijin

    mokuijinHace 16 días

    I wonder how the “career highlights” video about this guy will look like

  32. Erlend bognøy

    Erlend bognøyHace 16 días

    These videos shows how INCREDIBLY good Messi is and how insanly good barca is for ed around messi

  33. Roman Alberto

    Roman AlbertoHace 16 días

    Messi. Grande lio

  34. Kgosiemang Selemela

    Kgosiemang SelemelaHace 17 días

    The Best ever

  35. bet10

    bet10Hace 17 días

    Ballon d'OR Messi vs Ronaldo

  36. Roni R.K Pradhan

    Roni R.K PradhanHace 17 días

    No one: Ray Hudson: ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

  37. Dzhihan Seval

    Dzhihan SevalHace 19 días

    How can anyone look at this vid and still think he's "overrated"? This man is the greatest football player in the world and arguably there never will be a better player. He's in his 30s and he's still rampaging in almost every single match. I'm sorry, but whoever denies this is just biased. Van Dijk golden ball my ass.

  38. Gambu

    GambuHace 19 días

    Wow wonderful. But this is War Messi must make sure to win this year's best player and top scorer so that we lay down the debate.

  39. Enri Kumara

    Enri KumaraHace 19 días

    Van dijk was badly robbed

  40. Albetypmm Bsnkd

    Albetypmm BsnkdHace 20 días

    Se me salen las lágrimas estoy llorando

  41. Sorry4u 007

    Sorry4u 007Hace 25 días


  42. guy s

    guy sHace 26 días

    Messi is the greatest player in history

  43. Sam super saiyan

    Sam super saiyanHace 26 días

    Messi mérite 7 ballons d'or

  44. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiHace 27 días

    Leo Messi -the King

  45. Batziiz matichai

    Batziiz matichaiHace 28 días

    The best in the world 🐐

  46. Trevardo James

    Trevardo JamesHace 28 días


  47. Orlando Fernandes

    Orlando FernandesHace 29 días

    Melhor jogador de futebol do planeta Terra de todos os tempos 🇧🇷

  48. [Captainfaz] ]

    [Captainfaz] ]Hace un mes

    It’s really the beard

  49. Ahmed Dlshad

    Ahmed DlshadHace un mes

    The only way you could read me is because you are human if not you cant read me so you watching your self then read me 💫

  50. marco antonio garcía valencia

    marco antonio garcía valenciaHace un mes

    Messi GOAT. we are lucky to match him.

  51. alan duncan

    alan duncanHace un mes

    It should be called The Messi Award and it should be given to him outright each year. It shouldn't even be put to the vote.

  52. Nikhil Deshmukh

    Nikhil DeshmukhHace un mes

    Me to God - Pls, give him another treble. Messi - I heard your request, already workin on it.

  53. Ryan Wang

    Ryan WangHace un mes

    greatest player in history I thought

  54. czechdory6

    czechdory6Hace un mes

    This video is beautiful

  55. sub zero

    sub zeroHace un mes

    King 👑❤❤

  56. Amageddon

    AmageddonHace un mes

    the god of football

  57. Leandro Orcajada

    Leandro OrcajadaHace un mes

    We are all lucky to have liked this sport and lived while this man played the game. Messi is the Gift for the ones like me that loved and played this sport. Thank you Lionel Messi. For me you are The Best.

  58. Leandro Orcajada

    Leandro OrcajadaHace un mes

    So, who is the best player that ever existed, to ever touched a ball inside a soccer field? You decide!! Like = Messi Comment = Messi

  59. Leandro Orcajada

    Leandro OrcajadaHace un mes


  60. David Black

    David BlackHace un mes

    Magnificent, skill and talent that Ronaldo can only dream off, he could never be as skillful as Lionel Messi

  61. yaneth rocio cruz

    yaneth rocio cruzHace un mes

    Puto Messi solo la en puja

  62. ola k ase hugo

    ola k ase hugoHace un mes

    Vamos Messi!!! Amor y Pasión desde Argentina!!

  63. Mikołaj

    MikołajHace un mes

    The best in history

  64. Susank Darshndhari

    Susank DarshndhariHace un mes

    Best Of Luck For The Next World Cup #Messi.. Wishing You A Good Luck From The Top Of The World, The Country Of Mount Everest #Nepal🇳🇵... 😊🙏

  65. Amanda Clark

    Amanda ClarkHace un mes

    Lionel Messi Such poise and balance. He looks like a football is magically linked to his feet via an invisible link. Whatever his opposition try to do, he never gives up. Give credit where credit is due. He is a true mentor to all footballers, wherever and whoever. Whatever sex or gender or age.

  66. Chris Khalifa

    Chris KhalifaHace un mes

    Messi deserve this award every year or even every Match he plays

  67. Chris Khalifa

    Chris KhalifaHace un mes

    I love Liverpool a lot but this guy Messi is the best footballer of all time.. it's gonna be difficult for the whole world to replace Messi