Last Call for Mr. Paul

Ever been late for a flight? Jason Paul uses his jaw-dropping freerunning skills to get through security at the Munich Airport to catch his flight in record time.
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  1. Red Bull

    Red BullHace 3 años

    Make sure you check out Jason Paul's epic channel for more Freerunning madness!

  2. ur local Garry the snail

    ur local Garry the snailHace 20 días

    Red Bull cool

  3. Usman Faisal

    Usman FaisalHace un mes

    Write it in ze description. Red Bull is awesome! 😄

  4. Usman Faisal

    Usman FaisalHace un mes

    Yeah, by the way, it’s AKA: “Late for a flight parkour”

  5. Helen Silva

    Helen SilvaHace 2 meses

    Red Bull cool

  6. مند٦ محمد

    مند٦ محمدHace 5 meses

    Red Bullقظق

  7. Utpal Mahanta

    Utpal MahantaHace 8 minutos


  8. S.hunt42

    S.hunt42Hace 2 horas

    Its so bad that the guy needs to salto every fking jump. Jump normal please

  9. oliman2016

    oliman2016Hace 13 horas

    Ayyy this is en munich

  10. MD aiman Md

    MD aiman MdHace un día

    Awesome bro

  11. lucas Gamer 853

    lucas Gamer 853Hace un día

    Todos hablan ingles?

  12. trasasss-gamin g

    trasasss-gamin gHace un día

    It's München and not Munich

  13. Mr Wright Sr

    Mr Wright SrHace un día

    Jackie Chan has most definitely inspired this guy lol

  14. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.Hace 2 días

    I feel so bad to his bag.


    LENDARY SCAR909Hace 2 días

    I guess if he went normally he would be faster but nice vid

  16. Maja Wiener

    Maja WienerHace 2 días


  17. Ron Schneider

    Ron SchneiderHace 3 días

    Alter, der Koffer kommt eh nicht mehr mit

  18. Ximena Benitez

    Ximena BenitezHace 3 días

    No entenderás mi idioma pero ala hora de subir al avión enseñaste unos tubos en las ruedas y saltaste y no estaban y la llanta trasera estaba ponchada si traduces estos y quieres responderme porfavor escríbeme en español

  19. Betul ece Yuksel

    Betul ece YukselHace 3 días


  20. minecraft gaming

    minecraft gamingHace 3 días

    Who what Minecraft open my channel but working for android

  21. Shifty azazaza

    Shifty azazazaHace 4 días

    10$ if someone actually tries this

  22. suganya ruhina

    suganya ruhinaHace 4 días


  23. مشاعر فتاة

    مشاعر فتاةHace 4 días


  24. BG WAIL 2

    BG WAIL 2Hace 4 días

    Who loves the messenger

  25. Paul Jacob Virueda

    Paul Jacob ViruedaHace 5 días


  26. NICK Dooper

    NICK DooperHace 5 días

    This Is Me When I Have To Pee So Badly

  27. Anh Nga

    Anh NgaHace 6 días

    anh phương híu tài giỏi

  28. Anik Furianti

    Anik FuriantiHace 6 días

    ayo yang bisa kayak gitu

  29. Vegeta

    VegetaHace 6 días

    2:07 I could do that probably.

  30. Joseph Marino

    Joseph MarinoHace 7 días


  31. Simo-Pekka Sunila

    Simo-Pekka SunilaHace 7 días


  32. Shazil Erfan

    Shazil ErfanHace 7 días

    The jet bridge is back, but the door is open and theres no pushback tug 😂😂

  33. юу л хүсэв байна

    юу л хүсэв байнаHace 8 días


  34. lautaro sanmartin

    lautaro sanmartinHace 9 días

    No transpira nada

  35. Edgar Gadri

    Edgar GadriHace 9 días

    Hello today my birthday

  36. cool kidz toys and fun at home

    cool kidz toys and fun at homeHace 9 días

    dont think its real,its just an ad do not take anything seriously please god forgive me... i watched this i wont do anything like this cause im only 11

  37. Blue Critical

    Blue CriticalHace 10 días

    What is he going to do about his bag

  38. Muckers

    MuckersHace 10 días

    How the hell did his jacket not get caught in something?

  39. Nora Denial Live

    Nora Denial LiveHace 11 días


  40. Mats Dekker

    Mats DekkerHace 12 días

    Ik praat Nederlands en ik zit ook op Freeruning!

  41. Erick Agustin Darman

    Erick Agustin DarmanHace 12 días

    Gggskskek Kskskskskkskek

  42. Raf Co

    Raf CoHace 13 días

    He is a real ninja

  43. Denisa Rautu

    Denisa RautuHace 13 días


  44. Roof Culture Parkour

    Roof Culture ParkourHace 13 días

    That's why they close the doors before moving the plane 😂

  45. Michael Mc Elroy

    Michael Mc ElroyHace 13 días

    Hi , i'm an Air Traffic Controller and aspiring musician from Ireland. I've just completed an instrumental electronic music album themed on all things aviation. One of the tracks is " Making the Gate" and is about rushing to make your flight. Would it be possible to use some footage from your awesome video on an accompanying video that i would be using as background during live performances and maybe as part of a compilation on a youtube video? Naturally, full credit would be given to your work and if there are any sections you wouldn't want used, i'd fully understand. Thanks for your time , Michael.

  46. Екатерина Эмчинова

    Екатерина ЭмчиноваHace 14 días

    Лайк кто тут есть русский

  47. Endgamefond

    EndgamefondHace 14 días

    To be honest, Storror is way better than this. I mean come on. Just be fair, it's just basic moves. It's not like mind-blown jumps.


    BUBU SARKARHace 14 días

    Is anybody watching this 2020 then click 👍

  49. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken NuggetHace 15 días

    Boxing moves

  50. Marcus Henderson

    Marcus HendersonHace 15 días

    Or just dont be late!

  51. ÖmerEfe Simsek

    ÖmerEfe SimsekHace 15 días

    Thank you

  52. Pablo Bokinha

    Pablo BokinhaHace 16 días

    Ata .... aeroporto virou casa da mãe Joana Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  53. Sahaf Salim

    Sahaf SalimHace 16 días

    Yo wrong plane

  54. Ryo Shoji

    Ryo ShojiHace 16 días

    Awesome parkour dude

  55. Vorname Nachname

    Vorname NachnameHace 17 días


  56. Biman

    BimanHace 17 días

    I missed a flight once. I wish I watched this video earlier. 🤣🤣🤣. Btw this guy took wrong flight at end.

  57. Syed Zahid Shah

    Syed Zahid ShahHace 17 días


  58. The Dictator Investigator

    The Dictator InvestigatorHace 18 días

    Please jump into a tree mulcher. While it's running. Make sure someone is recording. You'll get a lot of views.

  59. Aji Nurzaman

    Aji NurzamanHace 19 días


  60. Livvy Maher

    Livvy MaherHace 19 días

    AND he's cute?!!! Wth!

  61. Mr4Skinz

    Mr4SkinzHace 19 días

    Shoe change mid run

  62. Harish H

    Harish HHace 20 días

    Awesome mr Paul

  63. Kevin Vergara

    Kevin VergaraHace 20 días


  64. Ivz Jonson

    Ivz JonsonHace 20 días

    I remember Jackie Chan! Becuase of Jackie inspired moves,there's a guy doing parkour in the airport 😁

  65. Daniel Hicks

    Daniel HicksHace 21 un día

    2:45 subway surfer be like