APRIL 7TH at 12pm Pacific time!! :]


  1. Just SomeOne

    Just SomeOneHace 6 horas

    What does pst mean?

  2. Gray Nichols

    Gray NicholsHace 6 horas

    What platform will the stream be on

  3. Fully BlueBean

    Fully BlueBeanHace 6 horas

    Tmw i’ll write first and eventually it will look like it’s actually first

  4. The True Kitti

    The True KittiHace 6 horas

    Will you be posting the stream on your channel later, for thoes of us who can't watch?

  5. Blue Flame

    Blue FlameHace 6 horas

    Poop, the one day I'm not free, hope you get more than your goal. Good luck!

  6. TC - 18

    TC - 18Hace 6 horas

    Oh Jaiden you are so kind. I am not surprised but i'm so glad what the peace have so good person like you!

  7. Madison Blevins

    Madison BlevinsHace 6 horas

    Omg Jaiden I'm so excited! I hope y'all reach the goal!!I'm 17 btw- lmao reference from one of your older videos about how people point out their age ;) ANYWAY, SOOO EXCITED

  8. Tippi Greene

    Tippi GreeneHace 6 horas

    i will hopefully be there

  9. Phenix_123

    Phenix_123Hace 6 horas

    I can't donate any money, sorry, but I do want to watch

  10. cristofer gaming

    cristofer gamingHace 6 horas


  11. Jadon Rowe

    Jadon RoweHace 6 horas

    The secret is going to be that Jaiden got another house

  12. hafsa el marnissi

    hafsa el marnissiHace 6 horas

    Can you please do like a premier so that it vpcan remiend me i have no idea where they use pacific time and whicht time they use where i live so please premier

  13. Mia Yocum

    Mia YocumHace 6 horas

    3Mr.Beast gives all da money people who wanted to donate ....ok?

  14. MVP

    MVPHace 6 horas

    hey that's my mom's birthday so I can't watch the whole thing but will pop out of nowhere

  15. Sophia Fuchs

    Sophia FuchsHace 6 horas

    I CANT WAIT! How do you enter the giveaway?

  16. Mason Ketcham

    Mason KetchamHace 6 horas

    You should try and beat the enderdragon during the stream

  17. IHD

    IHDHace 6 horas

    Guys, shut up about James. The video's about the coronavirus, not how James is a huge amount of things, like Jaiden's girlfriend, a furry, and the head of Anonymous.

  18. Daniel Playz

    Daniel PlayzHace 6 horas

    How are going to find where we live

  19. Renata

    RenataHace 6 horas

    Where will you stream (on what platform)?

  20. AceePilot

    AceePilotHace 6 horas

    Everyone: enjoying life Coronavirus: Hold my beer

  21. Toxic Watermelonz

    Toxic WatermelonzHace 6 horas

    $30,000 dollars? AND we have a whole day to donate?! JAIDEN YOU FOOL. PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR SECRETS TOLD.

  22. Robbartist 37

    Robbartist 37Hace 6 horas

    The secret is that she’s dating a animal crossing character

  23. Maria Lulu Costales

    Maria Lulu CostalesHace 6 horas


  24. KK Boi

    KK BoiHace 6 horas

    how will the giveaways work

  25. Ko̸ta̸ Ro̸je̸ro̸

    Ko̸ta̸ Ro̸je̸ro̸Hace 6 horas

    You had me at Animal Crossing

  26. Big Jack

    Big JackHace 6 horas

    Sooo this on twitch or ESgo?

  27. cowmeister

    cowmeisterHace 6 horas

    You best believe i be tuning in at 3pm eastern time boi

  28. este no es tu nombre

    este no es tu nombreHace 6 horas

    April 7th is my birthday jaiden ;w;

  29. Isslem Omri

    Isslem OmriHace 6 horas

    Sorry!!!!!!!I cant donate for you (pr any other ESgor) cuz I live in a country, which we dont have dollars in , but we have dinars . I am apologising for you onse more! Please forgive me if you can!

  30. Itz_ a cat

    Itz_ a catHace 6 horas

    I like the new drawing of you

  31. Captain Rex

    Captain RexHace 6 horas

    Imagine if one person pays 30,000 dollars immediately for the secret

  32. Abigail Skinner

    Abigail SkinnerHace 6 horas


  33. Antonio Karina

    Antonio KarinaHace 6 horas

    Can you play fortnite

  34. I know who Joe is

    I know who Joe isHace 6 horas

    Antonio Karina shut up

  35. IsaPizza

    IsaPizzaHace 6 horas

    Doodle Jaiden is GOIN

  36. AedanCamp 62

    AedanCamp 62Hace 6 horas

    This is amazing

  37. lewisgamer,music,blog,toy

    lewisgamer,music,blog,toyHace 6 horas

    or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a>pm in the uk

  38. Shiloh Baillou

    Shiloh BaillouHace 6 horas

    Are you livestreaming on youtube, twitch, orrrrr wherever?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  39. Notveryhotpocket E

    Notveryhotpocket EHace 6 horas

    Kool bro

  40. ARMY_DoPe 2008vr

    ARMY_DoPe 2008vrHace 6 horas

    Did you. Change the animation!!!!!

  41. Lelo

    LeloHace 6 horas

    Gay gay gay gay, come on gay!! 20$ on gay!! Give me gay baybeee

  42. Lamb Sauce

    Lamb SauceHace 6 horas


  43. nomy kawai

    nomy kawaiHace 6 horas

    I can’t watch it ☹️ I have school

  44. Sensei Cayle

    Sensei CayleHace 6 horas


  45. Mr.Pancakes Gaming

    Mr.Pancakes GamingHace 6 horas


  46. u wot m8

    u wot m8Hace 6 horas

    Yeah, I just lost all hope for the comment section

  47. Ferno Live

    Ferno LiveHace 6 horas

    We need to get the secret

  48. Koa Aquino

    Koa AquinoHace 6 horas

    watch the secret be that she is dating James

  49. Clemerlen

    ClemerlenHace 6 horas

    Everyone: Theorizing about her secret and/or talking about the charity event. Me: I never realized how much I wanted bug-eyed, chibi Jaden to be a thing until now.

  50. Enaira Cread

    Enaira CreadHace 6 horas

    You can also play jack in the box!!

  51. Light Shadow

    Light ShadowHace 6 horas

    The internet has corrupted me because my first thought was "Attention everyone I have an announcement to make shadow the hedgehog's a"

  52. XxEstalexa xX

    XxEstalexa xXHace 6 horas

    I can't donate but on all my social media imma say hey go watch jaiden animations do stuff to raise money for covid-19 :3 I hope that helps hehe

  53. Bella Hunt

    Bella HuntHace 6 horas

    will Ari be a special guest 🥺 😂jk lysm!

  54. Animusx Arcanum

    Animusx ArcanumHace 6 horas

    LOL such a different style for this vid, I kinda like it?? I'll try and catch the stream!

  55. Najeh Sharaf

    Najeh SharafHace 6 horas

    Wait How are u gonna succeed sine we are all In quarantine

  56. Rashmi Shanker

    Rashmi ShankerHace 6 horas

    Wait isn't 7..... Oh yeah you live in USA

  57. Levisoul27

    Levisoul27Hace 6 horas

    Could I get a shout out I’m a ESgor too

  58. kay 9

    kay 9Hace 6 horas

    I'm so happy that you help with the cause , really cool

  59. Markus’ Reviews

    Markus’ ReviewsHace 6 horas

    Pls shoutout me

  60. יאיר דווידי

    יאיר דווידיHace 6 horas

    I have a problem because I live in Israel and I don't know when your time is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a>

  61. ClosetheDoor

    ClosetheDoorHace 6 horas

    My favorite animation youtuber doing something in collaboration with my favorite gaming youtuber? Hecc yeah I'll be here!!!!!

  62. Viola Trinh

    Viola TrinhHace 6 horas

    *The secret is that Ari was in WWI*

  63. Brandon Acevedo

    Brandon AcevedoHace 6 horas

    Her secret will probably be like clearing her brothers name for something she did but using him as a scapegoat.

  64. The Anarchy

    The AnarchyHace 6 horas

    Nice 😁👍

  65. Joe Blow

    Joe BlowHace 6 horas

    This will be on ESgo right? The livestream?

  66. cristofer gaming

    cristofer gamingHace 6 horas


  67. KirstyPabo

    KirstyPaboHace 6 horas

    is no one gonna talk about the new sick animation style???

  68. The 9th Bit

    The 9th BitHace 6 horas

    on paid sick leave so i have spare cash and spare time ill be there

  69. lil Boss

    lil BossHace 6 horas

    Wow Jaiden this is amazing! I'm glad you are doing this! Showing humanity to be kind 😊🙏🖤

  70. Braedan Richards

    Braedan RichardsHace 6 horas

    Ill be there

  71. ULTRA Puppeteer

    ULTRA PuppeteerHace 6 horas

    If you work with Jacksepticeye with the chairing stream.... *YOU BE WORKING WITH DAWKO TOO!*

  72. iamgroot

    iamgrootHace 6 horas

    oh boi i'm having a long night watching this, 10 hours ahead is fun peeps xdd

  73. Obama Ghost

    Obama GhostHace 6 horas

    stop hacking

  74. im_ trash

    im_ trashHace 6 horas


  75. Trash Gang

    Trash GangHace 6 horas


  76. wokedudee

    wokedudeeHace 6 horas


  77. ʜ ʏ ʟ ɪ ᴀ ɴ

    ʜ ʏ ʟ ɪ ᴀ ɴHace 6 horas

    wait. In youtube or twich?

  78. GamingCat

    GamingCatHace 6 horas


  79. Lucid Ras

    Lucid RasHace 6 horas

    Her secret is she's a man!!!!!!

  80. Michael Cloud

    Michael CloudHace 6 horas

    She’s pregnant with aris babies

  81. cristofer gaming

    cristofer gamingHace 6 horas