McLaren #MCL35 car launch | LIVE from the MTC |

Watch our car 2020 launch, live from the McLaren Technology Centre. See the MCL35 unveiled and hear from Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, and team principal Andreas Seidl.
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  1. John Papajohn

    John PapajohnHace 2 días

    Αντε μωρή mclaren δώσε πόνο φέτος...

  2. UzzyT

    UzzyTHace 3 días

    Video unavailable on this device.

  3. acidhburn

    acidhburnHace 4 días

    Wow how dissapointing it is when the video is not working or removed or I dont know what happened.

  4. Kevin Snyder

    Kevin SnyderHace 4 días

    "video not available on this device" Really Mclaren? I love you guys.. But really??! I have a fricken p20Pro. The phone was 1000$ brand new last year. But your McL35 launch isnt available on my device? This is indeed utter nonsense. Not impressed.

  5. Kevin Snyder

    Kevin SnyderHace 2 días

    @CrashOverDrive thanks for the info regardless though man

  6. Kevin Snyder

    Kevin SnyderHace 3 días

    @CrashOverDrive Sky? Thats British Television, and I'm in Canada... Logistically speaking that makes no sense though, because Sky's rights should be limited to British viewers.. blocking out North America sounds vehemently wrong... Which would be ridiculously uncalled for if that *was* indeed the case. Hopefully my anger at Mclaren is unwarranted and someone else is at fault. Cause i love McLaren and found this extremely dissappointing and unfair to be honest

  7. CrashOverDrive

    CrashOverDriveHace 4 días

    That's not on Mclaren. Ironically, Sky F1 has copy right striked the video making it unplayable for a lot of people.

  8. Niranjan Mavath

    Niranjan MavathHace 5 días

    I was hoping for a matte black carbon fiber halo but oh well the car still looks pretty sick. Matte finish orange paint looks brilliant.

  9. Дмитрий

    ДмитрийHace 5 días

    Whose music at the beginning of the presentation of the car?

  10. akademon83

    akademon83Hace 5 días

    McLaren one laove

  11. Anthony Donaldson

    Anthony DonaldsonHace 5 días


  12. Pedro SSLG2

    Pedro SSLG2Hace 5 días

    What a team! Everyone looks so happy and they seem to be close friends of each other.

  13. Michael Sammut

    Michael SammutHace 5 días

    Well done McLaren on a very straight forward 2020 F1 car launch. There doesn't need to be glamour and fancy stage effects to show the "World" the MCL35.Confident McLaren is heading in the right direction. Let the car show what it can do!

  14. kh40yr

    kh40yrHace 5 días

    McLaren is going to the Podium!!!!. Lets go,, Lets Race!!, , WE GO AGAIN!!

  15. aarc2008

    aarc2008Hace 5 días

    I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a few people from the McLaren team. They are truly a team with a great deal of pride. I wish them the best of luck in 2020!!!

  16. Paulo Cavalcante

    Paulo CavalcanteHace 5 días

    My McLaren MCL35 is beautifully beautiful


    DJBROKERDJHace 5 días

    Fernando Alonso and Carlos Zainz team of Spanish winners trembling the other F1 drivers

  18. Ángel Villaverde

    Ángel VillaverdeHace 5 días

    you should hire professionals for this type of presentation

  19. HolderTM

    HolderTMHace 5 días

    Wow that's a beauty of car

  20. OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh

    OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice OhHace 5 días

    20:35 zak turned into lewis hamilton

  21. Maria Smith

    Maria SmithHace 6 días

    What's the name of the music track at 5:18? Shazam ain't picking it up

  22. Bubble Gum

    Bubble GumHace 4 días

    Leaving a reply to know the name

  23. Alex John

    Alex JohnHace 5 días

    Leaving a reply to know the name

  24. SyrupGoblin

    SyrupGoblinHace 6 días

    This one looks cool

  25. Alioth De Abreu

    Alioth De AbreuHace 6 días

    Beautiful car, nice job well done, very good luck this season

  26. Leyantic

    LeyanticHace 6 días

    Terrible color scheme - Ferrari always be lookin sexy

  27. Moose17m

    Moose17mHace 5 días

    Bora Gurel next year I hope they only change the font on the car.... 😂

  28. Bora Gurel

    Bora GurelHace 5 días

    Yes, but I think the “brick” red color choice for the Ferrari car, instead of apple, cherry or tomato red was a radical design choice. They might have gone too far 🤪

  29. Moose17m

    Moose17mHace 5 días

    I wish I was in the board meeting when they discussed their livery options I hope they give the bloke who came up with the revolutionary never before seen red car for ferrari, truly a once in a lifetime thought

  30. saint faux

    saint fauxHace 6 días

    let's get it

  31. gunz fournier

    gunz fournierHace 6 días

    Hi And is good the long time ago include simulatitor inside your project and champion ship and idee is not from iracing hop you no

  32. Musculus IV

    Musculus IVHace 6 días

    The MCL35 looks stunning! But please paint the 2021 machine in the iconic silver/black with a bit of orange to celebrate the return of the DYNASTY that is McLaren-Mercedes! (yes, I know it's just a customer deal now, not the partnership of the old days)

  33. valleywoodworker

    valleywoodworkerHace 5 días

    Actually the dynasty is (Bruce) McLaren racing orange. Not the corporate silver of Merchandise imo.

  34. Unholy Muppet

    Unholy MuppetHace 6 días

    Good luck guys for 2020. I do have a couple of questions though. How is McLaren still able to compete in F1 when their road cars are utter garbage? Where does the funding come from?

  35. Moose17m

    Moose17mHace 5 días

    Not sure how much you know about sport in general but Usually teams in all disciplines of sport and racing get money from sponsorships on top of what their parent company provide them each year, I don’t have enough proof or opinion to say mclaren cars don’t suck but the last I checked they sell....

  36. Kevin Clemente

    Kevin ClementeHace 5 días

    Define... Garbage? It's a supercar. Also isn't McLaren F1 and McLaren cars two different branches with shared tech?

  37. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge LourençoHace 6 días

    Really Mclaren? This is what happens when you get Lando to design the car, then you dont have money left roll the dam car to stage without have 4 poor bastards doing after hours labour. Hahahahah

  38. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge LourençoHace 2 días

    @Boeing 7378MAX fan nop I forgot face palm with the hahaha

  39. Boeing 7378MAX fan

    Boeing 7378MAX fanHace 2 días

    @Jorge Lourenço you said "hahah" which makes it funny. Right? *RiGhT?*

  40. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge LourençoHace 2 días

    @Boeing 7378MAX fan hahah, mate your not as funny as you think.🤣🤣🤣

  41. Boeing 7378MAX fan

    Boeing 7378MAX fanHace 2 días

    @Jorge Lourenço you're the one who's ruining the party over here... you can take your cookie and stick it up your thing :d

  42. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge LourençoHace 2 días

    @Boeing 7378MAX fan And you are the party killer. good for you, here´s a cookie.

  43. windoesnot

    windoesnotHace 6 días

    Heres to hopefully a great 2020 season, Forza McLaren!

  44. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaHace 6 días

    Better than Ferrari cringefest

  45. Random Tech Stuff

    Random Tech StuffHace 6 días

    6:56 @WTF1 Tom & Matthew spotted

  46. Random Tech Stuff

    Random Tech StuffHace 6 días

    @BlueFlag Alpha Yep 😂😂

  47. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaHace 6 días

    Tom on his phone tho

  48. Sonu666

    Sonu666Hace 6 días

    wouldn't be surprised if Carlos Sainz won the championship...this looks like a United team!

  49. The Dark Knight

    The Dark KnightHace 6 días

    Helmut Marko will sucide 😂😂😂

  50. Israr Mohi

    Israr MohiHace 6 días

    Simon u forgot kimi raikkonen

  51. Antti Niemi

    Antti NiemiHace 6 días

    The new matt finish is amazing!

  52. Kelly Halliday

    Kelly HallidayHace 6 días

    Lando and Carlos are both great drivers so hope this car will do them justice 😎

  53. Nik Minkov

    Nik MinkovHace 6 días

    Прошлая униформа была по симпатичнее

  54. Éric YeahBaby

    Éric YeahBabyHace 6 días

    What's with those things attached to the mirors? It looks like it will come off half of the time

  55. Moose17m

    Moose17mHace 5 días

    Éric YeahBaby I’m sure they a designed in a way so the air flows around it reducing drag, the things attached in assume is to direct the air around the car in a more efficient way (as I finished typing that I realised you were probably having a bit of a joke)

  56. philio

    philioHace 6 días

    I want a huski chocolate

  57. Éric YeahBaby

    Éric YeahBabyHace 6 días

    I prefered the 1st half of the video

  58. david fo

    david foHace 6 días

    nice musuc, anyoe knows the artist?

  59. István Mándity

    István MándityHace 5 días

    @david fo No problem. You're welcome! :-)

  60. david fo

    david foHace 5 días

    @István Mándity thanks a lot!

  61. István Mándity

    István MándityHace 6 días

    Hello there! Artist: Daft Punk Song name: Outlands Album: Tron: Legacy :-) ;-)

  62. Pranesh Dara

    Pranesh DaraHace 6 días

    Better than last year but the halo.....


    CHARCASTIC CHace 6 días

    31:20 Yeah i pretty much designed the whole thing 😂

  64. hahaha hahahaha

    hahaha hahahahaHace 6 días

    The halo is HORRIBLE to look at

  65. eocs

    eocsHace 6 días

    Aren’t you glad Fernando has retired the year before. Injected new energy to McLaren especially with the new drivers, definitely gave a bit of fresh air.

  66. Bora Gurel

    Bora GurelHace 5 días

    And took a lot of toxicity away as well. The entire team looks more relaxed and in sync.

  67. Gelu LF

    Gelu LFHace 6 días

    This year the Championship car see, and very good paint. In all very good what others times , this year is the gran YEAR....🙋🇪🇸🏁🔩🔩🔩🔩🔩

  68. Legendäres Item aus Pandora

    Legendäres Item aus PandoraHace 6 días

    Glad we have a main sponsor on the sidepods now. Car looks amazing!! 😍👌

  69. badmitn88

    badmitn88Hace 6 días

    Thanks for not wasting half my life like Ferrari, and getting right to the good stuff. Nice launch!

  70. Tosa

    TosaHace 5 días

    Best of the rest. Think about it. Out of the real league, little ones. Keep dreaming. It's free.

  71. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaHace 6 días

    And Mercedes too

  72. Exile - Dublin, Ireland

    Exile - Dublin, IrelandHace 6 días

    Haha spot on mate. Ferrari was a joke.

  73. Montreal Email

    Montreal EmailHace 6 días

    Well said. I have never seen SO MUCH spoken about SO LITTLE, while SO MANY in the audience DREAMT SO MUCH. It was "MULTO EMBARESSING" for the dellusional Prancing Horse. 🥴

  74. Toastmasters International

    Toastmasters InternationalHace 6 días

    it will be Ferrari's 1000th race. they had to something big

  75. Azka '02

    Azka '02Hace 6 días

    Not a fan of that racing suit though

  76. Dinny

    DinnyHace 5 días

    Dont like the stripes...too much 'Where's Wally' look! 😣👍🍻

  77. Azka '02

    Azka '02Hace 6 días

    @NoSnappo Was a huge fan of the triangles, but those stripes give it a nice retro look Just think it kinda collides with the car's livery

  78. NoSnappo

    NoSnappoHace 6 días

    I think its quite decent.


    MARBAS HELHEIMHace 6 días


  80. Meena Sathees

    Meena SatheesHace 6 días

    So it's an aeroplane

  81. Moose17m

    Moose17mHace 5 días

    Meena Sathees upside down*^

  82. NoSnappo

    NoSnappoHace 6 días

    Really sad I missed this, but really happy it has been posted! :)