Michael Jordan 1991 NBA Finals Great Performance

Michael Jordan 1991 NBA Finals Great Performance
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  1. Real Black

    Real BlackHace 10 horas

    That fade away at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1494">24:54</a> 🔥

  2. rjm22nd

    rjm22ndHace 20 horas

    In case you were looking for "The Spectacular Move" it's at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="818">13:38</a>

  3. rjm22nd

    rjm22ndHace 20 horas

    Lakers were still a good team in '91 and Magic was still an elite player but Michael Jordan was on a mission and he and the Bulls couldn't be stopped.

  4. Connie Labasan

    Connie LabasanHace un día

    I miss those years of mj playing with bulls. For me he is the greatest player of basketball.

  5. Randy Axelrod

    Randy AxelrodHace un día

    Thank god for the Jordan Documentary which proved how much better of a player he was than Lebron.

  6. Danny Boeng Ardiansyah

    Danny Boeng ArdiansyahHace un día

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a>....the magic of michael jefrey jordan.....



    Pippen with that finger roll <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a>

  8. aka po

    aka poHace 2 días

    The Beginning of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

  9. Cheeze Zlayer

    Cheeze ZlayerHace 2 días

    MJ23 GOAT! greatest of all time!

  10. Esp Ltd

    Esp LtdHace 3 días

    Damn all those flashes going off every time Jordan shoots lol

  11. jman 77

    jman 77Hace 3 días

    The stats you showed are wrong


    GHETTO MADE .T.VHace 4 días

    The Ultimate MJ Move when he goes up with the Right and come back to the left is at the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="818">13:38</a> Mark. Give me A like for the Help.

  13. Kimpo dela Cruz

    Kimpo dela CruzHace 4 días

    Definitely the GOAT!!!!!

  14. conpanna1

    conpanna1Hace 5 días


  15. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmittyHace 6 días


  16. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmittyHace 6 días


  17. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmittyHace 6 días


  18. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmittyHace 6 días


  19. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmittyHace 6 días


  20. chima inwere

    chima inwereHace 8 días

    No doubts he would have been an excellent passer day in day out were he not the greatest scorer ever, hence no need to pass so much.

  21. Bruce Patawa

    Bruce PatawaHace 8 días

    我看到好幾次jordan根本就沒有把球傳給pippen (當pippen舉手表示有空檔),jordan果然懂得如何成就自己,當然kobe也從jordan學了不少自幹的精神

  22. botallica

    botallicaHace 10 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="767">12:47</a> step back was born

  23. Djuan Benjamin

    Djuan BenjaminHace 12 días

    Never realized how much Jordan said “aah” while he dunked. 😂

  24. Danny Eric Benavidez

    Danny Eric BenavidezHace 12 días

    Holy FUCK this man was unstoppable.

  25. Djuan Benjamin

    Djuan BenjaminHace 12 días

    His game was just fucking complete! I’m just feel so fortunate and was able to see him play live. I was in the sixth grade during this.

  26. Sekou Brizan

    Sekou BrizanHace 12 días

    Can you deliver sekou,hell yeah truck load gatorade.aiant no sweat.

  27. Jaime Cano

    Jaime CanoHace 12 días

    Why is there even an argument? Come on now!


    REAL JUDAHHace 13 días


  29. Joaquin

    JoaquinHace 13 días

    This man was amazing

  30. Patrick Farrell

    Patrick FarrellHace 13 días

    LAkers still have their 80's shorts on.

  31. Patrick Farrell

    Patrick FarrellHace 13 días

    In his absolute prime .

  32. nawnaw pawpaw

    nawnaw pawpawHace 13 días


  33. domifab101

    domifab101Hace 15 días

    Who’s here after watching Last Dance Ep 8?

  34. Henry Wijaya

    Henry WijayaHace 15 días

    He is the best basketball player in the world..

  35. Olaf Augustus Benosa

    Olaf Augustus BenosaHace 16 días

    Watched MJ in the 9Os,,, dreamed of playing like him then he retired after 98... Still was watching NBA til now... No other michael jordan,,, Im not hating, but all the current greats of the NBA if they played against MJ will be shut down or look ordinary... Lastly, if he had not retired the first time, i believe he has far more records for players now to reach and beat

  36. King John

    King JohnHace 17 días

    No one will ever have the tenacity that Jordan had or his competitive spirit!!!!!! Facts 💯 The Greatest to ever do it....👍

  37. jackarmful

    jackarmfulHace 17 días

    Showing magic in front of Magic. Can’t be more magic.

  38. Nebojsa Slavkovic

    Nebojsa SlavkovicHace 17 días

    Kakav pis od Divca...! Sluzi samo da ubaci loptu u igru, posle primljenog kosa...!

  39. Jay M

    Jay MHace 18 días

    The true King, the GOAT, Leflop couldn’t even hold his jock

  40. MediaSock

    MediaSockHace 18 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="826">13:46</a> Phil Jackson has seen it all but even he was amused and look at the guy behind him with his hands in the air & mouth wide open, he's like "ho.. ly.. crap.. WTF just happened, did you see that sh*t?".🤯😲😱

  41. MORAVIA1979

    MORAVIA1979Hace 19 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="489">8:09</a> "Good Bye Divac" "Hello Horace"

  42. Ezer Doliente

    Ezer DolienteHace 20 días

    Jordan against the double team, triple team, rotating defense, the pump fake, the rotation. still finds the way to score...HAHAHA

  43. C. mao

    C. maoHace 22 días

    They'r just gonna gloss over how in one move he, stole the pass from Vladi, and fed it to Pippen <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="578">9:38</a> Then received the pass back from Pippen and dunked, they showed the dunk replay but not what proceeded it, it happened so quick

  44. Tamell Newton

    Tamell NewtonHace 22 días

    To all the ass wholes that said Mike didn't win nothing when magic and bird were in there primes last time I checced he avg about 30 so they couldn't stop him but stop that bum ass team he was on now put Mike on Boston take bird out he winning rings take magic off of the Lakers and put Mike on la he definitely winning now put bird or magic on that bulls team and see how far they get

  45. Charlie Chan

    Charlie ChanHace 22 días

    Bruce Jordan

  46. frederik legoff

    frederik legoffHace 24 días

    Did you see what i just saw?👀

  47. Jayarduca Duca

    Jayarduca DucaHace 24 días

    Jordan is the goat. Theres no way lbj better ng mj. The move the hang time he made the game so easy. The artistry

  48. Fat. Efron

    Fat. EfronHace 25 días

    Current NBA is more like The WWE. MJ #1 GOAT

  49. Bounceback Pleasure

    Bounceback PleasureHace 25 días

    MJ went thru LA traffic congestion <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1827">30:27</a>

  50. blue Q

    blue QHace 27 días


  51. RON DOC

    RON DOCHace 29 días

    6 Rings! 💯

  52. Allen Mitchell Gardner

    Allen Mitchell GardnerHace 29 días


  53. hereisyourmusic

    hereisyourmusicHace 29 días

    He has the best shooting form, so smooth...and the best fadeaways, ball handling, footwork..not to mention the beautiful dunks. And he plays good defense as well. He's just perfect.

  54. James L Avery

    James L AveryHace 29 días

    Last Dance confirms Michael Jordan as the GOAT in every way, regarding basketball. On the video, I witnessed all of the characteristic attributes, necessary to be a champion 6 times. Lebron is the best player, but true loyalty as in complimenting teammates does not reveal enough to be a GOAT. Lakers, forever.

  55. Kaukase

    KaukaseHace un mes

    Bad tongue is GOAT 😂

  56. Brandon Hale

    Brandon HaleHace un mes

    One thing I notice about his game is he never played flat footed. He’s always on his toes exploding to the rim.

  57. john edward

    john edwardHace un mes

    All you talk all this shit, but jordand never beat bird in a series and bird beat everybody in a series

  58. Maynne Millares

    Maynne MillaresHace un mes

    I love the physical game of the 90s' when players are sharing each other sweat.

  59. carlo sioson

    carlo siosonHace un mes

    Any team vs Chicago bulls?!?no one beat's God's of basketball like MJ.....

  60. Greg Smith

    Greg SmithHace un mes

    Final score: Jordan 152 Lakers 0

  61. Vernon Brimage

    Vernon BrimageHace un mes

    First of all the league was violent when mike played them guys bleed

  62. GJ Williams

    GJ WilliamsHace un mes

    The standard.

  63. Senate Transportation Services DC

    Senate Transportation Services DCHace un mes

    Jordan has a main highlight or story every year he won the title. 91-switched hands in mid-air. 92-6 three pointers 93- the one handed shot over Barkley plus a foul 96- on father's day 97-flu game 98-game 6 last shot senatetransportationchicago.com/sports

  64. Aaron M.

    Aaron M.Hace un mes

    Life is short. They all look so young in this video and now they all look so old. Crazy how life flies by so quick.

  65. Alex De Villa

    Alex De VillaHace un mes

    i miss this team,MJ the GOAT

  66. LuvEl Hortyn

    LuvEl HortynHace un mes

    Thank God for ESgo... You see the proof. MJ GOAT and it's not close.

  67. Blake About mine

    Blake About mineHace un mes

    It's so DAMN funny when people say LBJ better than MJ😂 Nobody in their right mind would entertain a stupid conversation like that

  68. lhs Leo

    lhs LeoHace un mes

    Jordan is the greatest genius in NBA history!

  69. fo xiao

    fo xiaoHace un mes

    This is the legend

  70. Bernard Kane

    Bernard KaneHace un mes

    I forget how ridiculously good he really was.

  71. Sanjay Ajith

    Sanjay AjithHace un mes

    But this was a banged up laker squad with no worthy.

  72. ambrose lake

    ambrose lakeHace un mes

    I loved how MJ and company would go and whoop on other teams in their houses.Those were great times back then.

  73. sghjgf tyytii

    sghjgf tyytiiHace un mes

    People say that LBJ is a great passer, which he is, but MJ was also a great passer, he just didn't have to do it a lot because it was a different game back then. He would probably average the same number of assists today. Overall... No contest! MJ the G.O.A.T!

  74. Riki Tiki Tavi

    Riki Tiki TaviHace un mes

    Michael Jordan celebrates like an old man

  75. Chris Morris

    Chris MorrisHace un mes

    I swear Jordan defied gravity with that dunk in game 4 over Sam Perkins if you really slo-mo that dunk you can really watch a human being defy gravity, as Perkins makes contact with him I swear Jordan elevates after pausing in mid-air to go up and extend higher for a quick half of a second if you don’t believe me watch it closely for yourself and you will notice as well as witness exactly what makes him Air Jordan

  76. Orlando Lewis Real Talk Tv

    Orlando Lewis Real Talk TvHace un mes

    He was Just a different animal! ##goat

  77. DJ Timmie Dee

    DJ Timmie DeeHace un mes

    This is a classic display of a guy making the players around him better...something that the late, great Kob's lacked in his game... RIP Mamba.

  78. DJ Timmie Dee

    DJ Timmie DeeHace un mes

    Anybody woulda' got that smoke from MJ during this time in his career! Kobe, Lebron, KD, line 'em all up!!! Look at how easy he makes it look, GOAT mode.

  79. ac1520

    ac1520Hace un mes

    He actually traveled a lot off the dribble

  80. bealgre

    bealgreHace un mes

    His soph. year at Carolina, early on , he was continuously called for traveling by ACC refs...Dean Smith sent a slo-motion video to ACC headquarters showing that on a drive, Jordan was releasing the ball before moving his pivot foot...his first step was so quick, refs didn't think it was possible

  81. ac1520

    ac1520Hace un mes

    The Student that’s what I meant

  82. ac1520

    ac1520Hace un mes

    Replay at25:00 his pivot came off found before he dribbles ball

  83. The Student

    The StudentHace un mes

    Where did he travel off the dribble? I think MJ travels before he puts the ball on the floor sometimes but off the dribble I don’t see it.

  84. Ricky Water

    Ricky WaterHace un mes

    No jumper