NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV

NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
01 Punch
02 NonStop
03 서곡 (序曲; Prelude)
04 영웅 (英雄; Kick It)
05 꿈 (Boom)
06 낮잠 (Pandora's Box)
07 Day Dream (白日夢)
08 너의 하루 (Make Your Day)
09 Interlude: Neo Zone
10 뿔 (MAD DOG)
11 Sit Down!
12 메아리 (Love Me Now)
13 우산 (Love Song)
14 백야 (White Night)
15 Not Alone
16 Dreams Come True
17 Elevator (127F)
NCT 127 Official
#NCT127 #Punch #NeoZone_TheFinalRound
NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  1. Adung Bulhani

    Adung BulhaniHace un hora


  2. Vanshika X

    Vanshika XHace un hora

    Guys, I'm so tired... it's almost 2am. I have been str3aming properly nonstop. Can you please help to get to 15M by tomorrow T_T please guys. Please

  3. Jo Meyrlond

    Jo MeyrlondHace un hora

    Sebelum tidur,,, nonton taeyong dan teman temannya dulu,,, love PUNCH

  4. Adelia Firandi

    Adelia FirandiHace un hora

    dikiitt lagi 14M. bisa yok. kita bisa

  5. Kelly Pham

    Kelly PhamHace un hora

    Please str3@m the music bank stage too we’re 80K away from 1M

  6. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace un hora

    197,653 more to get 14m grass !!

  7. 4 lavinya efe

    4 lavinya efeHace un hora

    Y atağı yorganı topladım U ğurumu yanıma aldım T aksiye atlıcam havaalanına A ardından uçakla koreye seni kaçırmaya.

  8. Razika Djilali

    Razika DjilaliHace un hora

    Guys I wanna show you how to v0te on idol champ but my comment keeps disappearing I wanna cry


    GOT7 TURKISH AHGASEHace un hora

    vay be punch 14 milyon olucak yıllar sonra Turkısh NCTzen

  10. bubu jeje

    bubu jejeHace un hora

    I can smell 1st win is coming

  11. Aasha paul

    Aasha paulHace un hora

    So concentrated smell.

  12. thalia zefanya

    thalia zefanyaHace un hora

    besok 14.5 M bisa nihh

  13. thalia zefanya

    thalia zefanyaHace un hora

    bukan besok deng maksudnya siang nanti

  14. Aasha paul

    Aasha paulHace un hora

    Guys we need 197,653 more to 14m. Don't stop fighting.

  15. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace un hora

    13.802.896 >> *1 minute later* >> 13,809,951 we got this together !!

  16. Thia Tanujaya

    Thia TanujayaHace 2 horas

    Okeii, sudah masuk angka 8 ratus... 200k lagi 14M.. Dan 1M lagi buat 15M.. kita bisa kok.. pasti bisaa

  17. Inari

    InariHace 2 horas

    I have been v0ting and str3am1ng all day long and I am not stopping until we reach our goal, let’s go ntzens!

  18. Ten梦中梦

    Ten梦中梦Hace 2 horas

    Me : oh no it’s so late, I should get some rest NCT *one more time one more time* Also me : it’s not really that late tho

  19. Jasmine Phyu

    Jasmine PhyuHace 2 horas


  20. lolly

    lollyHace 2 horas

    i´m going cry. almost 14M Fighting!!!

  21. jae mark

    jae markHace 2 horas

    Mau tidur nanggung bntr lagi 14M

  22. jae mark

    jae markHace un hora

    @Pacar Jaehyun fighting!!!

  23. jae mark

    jae markHace un hora

    @adek jungwoo you too

  24. Pacar Jaehyun

    Pacar JaehyunHace un hora


  25. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace 2 horas

    jgn lp istirahat ya kak!!

  26. Aasha paul

    Aasha paulHace 2 horas

    Is it only me who only remembers "aye we ballin" , "Tsmr and Msmr" , "show goes on" , "one more time one more time" , "Mark's shoulder movement" , "Johnny's body roll" , "that dance break" , "haechan's fierce look" ??

  27. Park Jeejin

    Park JeejinHace 2 horas

    keren sekali yaaa

  28. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    13.802.650 >> *2 minutes later* >> 13.802.896 almost there babies !!!!!!!

  29. Na Na

    Na NaHace 2 horas

    dear nct, thank you for sticking to your style, even if it usually isn’t gp friendly and not mainstream. you provide us with different flavors and sounds. some people aren’t fond of it at first, but that’s just because they aren’t used to it, never hearing something like it before. it’s unique and original, something you can’t find elsewhere and can’t be replaced. not changing for the world. many people have come to enjoy it, including me. thanks for providing us with great music and for the hard work , always improving each comeback. please stay healthy and happy, us fans will always stay by your side. and czennies, let’s continue to support them, through stre@ming and v0ting. let’s give them what they deserve. this fandom is growing each day, so let’s stay polite and respectful, not only for our fandom’s reputation but also for our boys’ :)

  30. MinMer multi fandomizm

    MinMer multi fandomizmHace 2 horas

    It's rated above 12 cause?!?

  31. 4 lavinya efe

    4 lavinya efeHace 2 horas

    guys plaese don't give up. we can do this. 14M is coming. fighting.

  32. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    oh you r nana

  33. Pacar Jaehyun

    Pacar JaehyunHace un hora

    Knp gw bisa denger ni ketikan?:(

  34. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    u can mark me in your heart

  35. • Bungul

    • BungulHace 2 horas

    Kepo banget aku nih. Kalian semua rata" pada Line berapa sih? Sapa tau aku nemu kakak atau adek baruuu~

  36. Anggi Sitorus

    Anggi SitorusHace un hora

    sma kaya icung

  37. Thia Tanujaya

    Thia TanujayaHace un hora

    99L.. di selisih umur yang tepat sebagai pendamping hidup Jeffrey kuu ^^

  38. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace 2 horas

    20l qaqa

  39. lutpyiabell・゚:*

    lutpyiabell・゚:*Hace 2 horas

    aku baru lahir kemaren sore qaqa

  40. jae mark

    jae markHace 2 horas

    Sama kyk jaehyun

  41. mark lee's skrrtpullupinacoupebeepbeep

    mark lee's skrrtpullupinacoupebeepbeepHace 2 horas

    13,8M aaaaaaa smangattt

  42. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace 2 horas

    ayoo dikit lagi 14m semangat!!!! yg udah ngatuk jgn lp istirht yg blm yukkk gass lagi!!!!

  43. Amy

    AmyHace 2 horas

    It's 1am here and the struggle feels more real :") I'm here (again) after rewatch taeil - baby baby cover, it's comfort me a lot, thanks to our king, moon taeil


    PANADOL LOVERHace 2 horas

    everyone do you know that taeyong is bubu?

  45. Haniyaa Rachim

    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  46. Thia Tanujaya

    Thia TanujayaHace un hora

    Okee.. terima kasih lo.. kamu membantuku mengingat materi IPA yg sudah lama kulupakan wkwk.. ga sia sia nonton mv ini wkwk

  47. Haniyaa Rachim

    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  48. lutpyiabell・゚:*

    lutpyiabell・゚:*Hace 2 horas

    @Elensya jan makek em0t sayang

  49. Elensya

    ElensyaHace 2 horas

    Terima kasih🤗

  50. yolo

    yoloHace 2 horas

    Keep str34ming everyone!! Let's reach our goal!!

  51. Jasmine Phyu

    Jasmine PhyuHace 2 horas


  52. yolo

    yoloHace 2 horas

    I'm a newer nctzen because I only joined about 4 months ago, however, I must say that these boys are so talented. They have such a unique sound that deserves to be heard by the world. They are truly underrated, so I really hope that this new release will allow them to achieve even greater things than ever before!!❤️❤️

  53. Morkk Lee

    Morkk LeeHace 2 horas

    yolo hi a new nctzen here too. Just 2months ahead of you.. yes they are truly talented and needs more recognition. So please stay with us and let's work together to give them wins. Fighting!!

  54. tina h

    tina hHace 2 horas

    pls dont sp4m comments

  55. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    no em0j1

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    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  57. silvya ajeng

    silvya ajengHace un hora

    astaga berasa lagi pelajaran ipa :(

  58. Lukhia Britanthia Christina Tanujaya

    Lukhia Britanthia Christina TanujayaHace 2 horas

    Ga kebayang gimana rasanya make si jacket 3 kg itu di stage perform . . . Selama proses syuting mv aja sampe kek gitu mereka... so, buat ngimbangin usaha keras mereka, yuk kita bekerja keras juga sijeunideul

  59. Mulfand SaMYanG

    Mulfand SaMYanGHace 2 horas

    Yok seteriming terus ges

  60. debrina HC 내 사랑

    debrina HC 내 사랑Hace 2 horas

    haechan marry me!

  61. Haniyaa Rachim

    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  62. d. b

    d. bHace 2 horas

    This is so bad

  63. luwoo please reunite

    luwoo please reuniteHace un hora

    ur existence is bad but it got lessen because u watched this. thnx to nct for lowkey cleansing u

  64. Kpop_ 2007

    Kpop_ 2007Hace 2 horas

    Thank you for giving this mv more v13ws even if you leave bad comment haha

  65. Baek’in Kızaran Poposu

    Baek’in Kızaran PoposuHace 2 horas

    Ajdaar ajdaaar ajdar

  66. a i s y a h

    a i s y a hHace 2 horas

    ayeeee we ballin’

  67. Autumn Day

    Autumn DayHace 2 horas

    NCT : *Hey we ballin* អ្នកលក់ពោតនៅស្រុកខ្មែរ​ :​ អេ​! ពោតលីង

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    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  69. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    we need to get this song a win on hyuck's birthday. 6 june !!

  70. Lauren Vieira

    Lauren VieiraHace 2 horas

    More I listen to this song it gets even better! NCT slaying as always

  71. Lauren Vieira

    Lauren VieiraHace 2 horas

    @N Thapa it's legend!!!

  72. N Thapa

    N ThapaHace 2 horas

    lele approves

  73. adell yhn

    adell yhnHace 2 horas

    haloooo? masih adakah injeuni in here??? :")

  74. jae mark

    jae markHace un hora

    Waktu Injeuni Begadang

  75. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace un hora


  76. Kansa Dhiy

    Kansa DhiyHace 2 horas


  77. mark lee's skrrtpullupinacoupebeepbeep

    mark lee's skrrtpullupinacoupebeepbeepHace 2 horas


  78. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    tons but sadly the vi3ws are sometimes freeze

  79. Hyunzenie

    HyunzenieHace 2 horas

    I want to post a very important comment but it keeps disappearing omg whyyyy

  80. Aasha paul

    Aasha paulHace 2 horas

    It's a sea here!!

  81. Baek’in Kızaran Poposu

    Baek’in Kızaran PoposuHace 2 horas

    Şu izlenme artsın diye 10dkde bi üzleme olayı çok kötüü

  82. Army zen

    Army zenHace 2 horas

    Konuyla alakasız ama adını gördükçe aklıma chaenyeol Bi programda yorumları okurken fanın kullanıcı adının sehun g*t deliği olması geliyo

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    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  84. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace 2 horas

    kok aku kangen keke*yi hikd

  85. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace un hora

    @lily pooo yaampoon tercyduk

  86. lily pooo

    lily poooHace 2 horas

    blm tidur dek? mantap

  87. adek jungwoo

    adek jungwooHace 2 horas

    @lutpyiabell・゚:* n4h s4h4b4t

  88. lutpyiabell・゚:*

    lutpyiabell・゚:*Hace 2 horas

    haii sahabat

  89. Haniyaa Rachim

    Haniyaa RachimHace 2 horas

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  90. Jasmine Phyu

    Jasmine PhyuHace 2 horas

    13,795,200 ok

  91. ww

    wwHace 2 horas

    go 13,8м

  92. silvya ajeng

    silvya ajengHace 2 horas


  93. Save Jisung #FromNaJaemin

    Save Jisung #FromNaJaeminHace 2 horas

    *When you have more than 10 homeworks to do,but you also need to str3am **Punch.At** the same time you currently have an identity crisis because you slept 15 hours straight and miss your online class*

  94. Dnct Zen

    Dnct ZenHace 2 horas

    I really relate to you in a spiritual level! But I don't have online class now like we are on vacation lol

  95. Minhoe

    MinhoeHace 2 horas

    Omg same except that I only get like 5 hours of sleep

  96. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    13.791 >> *2 minutes later* >> 13.795

  97. choi gayeong

    choi gayeongHace 2 horas

    Di menit <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> kenapa di pikiran gua ni ketua geng alias taeyong bareng geng visualnya (jaehyun & mark) kek F4 (kor. Ver) pake backsound ~almost paradise . . .~

  98. black wu

    black wuHace 2 horas


  99. Mukisa Joshua William

    Mukisa Joshua WilliamHace 2 horas


  100. necati 10. hesap

    necati 10. hesapHace 2 horas

    Heey türkler bu saatlerde gelin

  101. Nctzenblack

    NctzenblackHace 2 horas

    We can get them their first win lets go!

  102. chaewon

    chaewonHace 2 horas


  103. chaewon

    chaewonHace 2 horas

    Stream omgggg this is so bad

  104. mmaarrkk15 Lee

    mmaarrkk15 LeeHace 2 horas

    bad why???

  105. BforH and BsLoveHeony

    BforH and BsLoveHeonyHace 2 horas

    I know we were all joking about how Punch gave us all short-term memory loss because none of us can remember what it sounds like once it’s done but honestly I think it’s a little true because of how complex of a song it is. Punch is so powerful and intricately made that it’s hard to perfectly replicate it in our minds after only a few listens. Which means we need to listen to it a lot of times to have it perfectly memorized ;)

  106. chaewon

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    I hope supportive nctzen know that they are the backbone of ncity. all of you are amazing. please never give up and thank you for you're hard work. imagine here many green hearts:)

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    Fighting don’t give up ! We can do it !

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    did the v*3ws fr*3eze??

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    I will. At walang makakapigil sakin (except kung magising si eomma)

  115. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

    Nor Batrisyea BalqisHace 2 horas

    13.790 >> *10 minutes later* >> 13.791 okay so the vi3ws started to increse again so dont stop str34mi1g ! watch kick it , ridin and moonwalk before you watch punch again then repeat again and again

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    fighting czenni3s your3 str0ng your3 ang3l, w3 very busy st4y h3alth /gre3n h3art

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    luwoo please reuniteHace 2 horas

    delete emoji

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    It’s been hours and we’re still at 13.7

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    13,791,099 same? Why?

  129. Nor Batrisyea Balqis

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    watch other 3 or 4 videos (prefer nct mv) before you watch punch again