Never Lift: The week of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Never Lift series returns with a fly on the wall journey through our Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the final race of the 2019 F1 season.
Follow Max Verstappen, Alex Albon and the Team as we join them at a filming day out in the desert, a photoshoot for 2020 (yes, already) and the Grand Prix weekend itself. We take you behind the scenes like never before for the final race of the year!
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  1. ViaMirage

    ViaMirageHace 19 días

    15:10 it looks like they’re about to give a concert instead of a race Lol

  2. Darth Revan 666

    Darth Revan 666Hace 24 días

    I fucking want to be an F1 pilot lol

  3. grandma_moses

    grandma_mosesHace 24 días

    Like, the poorest region in the world if they didn't have oil. Absolutely amazing. Amazing what you middle-eastern guys did with the desert - I mean, your money just lay there, you didn't have to do anything whatsoever, but you did kinda great with that money, kudos! A lot of people would not have managed. See you guys around!

  4. Ryan Mellor

    Ryan MellorHace 29 días


  5. arne hendrickx

    arne hendrickxHace un mes

    Ik zou die kamelen ook wel eens willen berijden, maar niet voor de sport ;}

  6. kieran phelan

    kieran phelanHace un mes

    Anyone get Alex’s trainers name? Patrick something

  7. It’s Vizor

    It’s VizorHace un mes

    13:34 Peep Britta Roeske taking to Christian

  8. It’s Vizor

    It’s VizorHace un mes

    Let’s get Max a vlogging channel. He could be the next Casey Neistat😂

  9. Zulamun

    ZulamunHace un mes

    Red bull actually looks like the best team to work for in any way, shape or form.

  10. Zulamun

    ZulamunHace un mes

    Red bull actually looks like the best team to work for in any way, shape or form.

  11. Heath Cliff

    Heath CliffHace un mes

    We need grid girls. These little kids hanging around are lame.

  12. Monk W

    Monk WHace un mes

    Couldn't be a F1 driver. This media and meetings really annoy me. Guess I would be just a race car driver.

  13. Maxime Lusignan-Laplante

    Maxime Lusignan-LaplanteHace un mes

    8:03 Please sir don't drop your camera like that

  14. Bulleyes -bruh

    Bulleyes -bruhHace un mes

    Next year I want to see the hotlap on a Honda grass mower

  15. Juan Antonio Monzón

    Juan Antonio MonzónHace un mes

    Max will never leave Red Bull Racing... he really likes drinking red bull. He is apparently always high on Red Bull. It is really not just PR... he likes it very much! hahaha

  16. asparceproton1

    asparceproton1Hace un mes

    Holy hell boys, be careful with those UTVs! Andrew Collins from Jalopnik crushed his hand into a million pieces flipping one of those.

  17. Mike Witte

    Mike WitteHace un mes

    everyone is so staged lol

  18. -NN-

    -NN-Hace un mes

    Albon using the ladies!

  19. DFFUSE

    DFFUSEHace un mes

    This was fun to watch, thank you for the time and effort \o/

  20. Nintense

    NintenseHace un mes

    13:26 lol

  21. Alesha Fox

    Alesha FoxHace un mes

    Max “ I’ve got sand in between my two balls” 😂 2K19

  22. Mr. Marble

    Mr. MarbleHace un mes

    3:53 Utter chaos in the buggy 3:59 Peace and quiet

  23. Dane

    DaneHace un mes

    they're not actors xD

  24. majsketchup

    majsketchupHace un mes

    Max in riding pants gachiBASS

  25. HUEGO

    HUEGOHace un mes

    "I think it's camel shit" *proceeds to stomp on it*

  26. Eloy González García

    Eloy González GarcíaHace un mes

    this is a maclaren unboxed reference?

  27. TheKingkingg

    TheKingkinggHace un mes

    Just a reminder Red Bull Toro Rosso Racing! There are Honda Jets, an Honda ATV/side by side

  28. Jack Pearsall

    Jack PearsallHace un mes


  29. Orella Minx

    Orella MinxHace un mes

    Disgusting propaganda. Stop helping this evil country Sportswash it's image. How much did they pay you to make this? $500,000?

  30. Friday Weekend

    Friday WeekendHace un mes

    Max and Alex: OOOoh It'a big jump... Max: Oooooh Alex: OMG 😂😂😂😂

  31. marco ghidelli

    marco ghidelliHace un mes


  32. Ben Silvey

    Ben SilveyHace un mes

    This video was insanely cool! Please do more of these next season!

  33. Benjamin Shiverick

    Benjamin ShiverickHace un mes

    Such nice boys

  34. Louis Browne

    Louis BrowneHace un mes

    11:27 Alex using the female rooms

  35. l S

    l SHace un mes

    @Jacko Dees Yes, there are messy ladies as well, but in the Red Bull camp, fewer ladies there, I'm guessing, which means more pristine spaces for whatever business needs to be done there.

  36. Jacko Dees

    Jacko DeesHace un mes

    @l S As far as I know the ladiesroom is usually more of a mess than the mensroom.

  37. l S

    l SHace un mes

    Men (I should know) are such pigs when it comes to using wr (the being messy much cliche). As there are few women in the RB camp, makes sense one should prefer using them. F*ck what everyone says about that, no? #DontMindUnisexToilets ala AllyMcBeal!

  38. Frederick Caballero

    Frederick CaballeroHace un mes

    @Charles Dikkema BRUH

  39. Charles Dikkema

    Charles DikkemaHace un mes

    Louis Browne You never know when it comes from Thailand

  40. natasja dirken

    natasja dirkenHace un mes

    Love it! Thank you Bulls, now go and enjoy your well deserved vacation time! Can't wait for 2020 to begin

  41. Axy

    AxyHace un mes

    Last night I had a dream where I was Magnussen's race engineer and he was driving for Toro Rosso!

  42. Kevin Karlsson

    Kevin KarlssonHace un mes

    I had a dream where I pissed off Hülkenberg...

  43. chaleur

    chaleurHace un mes

    proper funny

  44. gene chua

    gene chuaHace un mes

    Please make one of these for every race!! ❤

  45. Hasj

    HasjHace un mes

    damn who the makes these videos

  46. jverheul2

    jverheul2Hace un mes

    10:36 the way Max reacts to felix his question hahah

  47. Mike

    MikeHace un mes

    Why no paddle tires on the buggy?

  48. mOejOe33

    mOejOe33Hace un mes

    All the profits from what is essentially a $0.20 cent drink.

  49. Jeremy Frey

    Jeremy FreyHace un mes

    i'm only 2 minutes in and can tell this is absolute gold

  50. sam milligan

    sam milliganHace un mes

    Funny how the mclaren team put tape of ricciardos signature he did on lando 16:35

  51. abdilla faishal

    abdilla faishalHace un mes

    @hansduiven i mean basic bois drawing wat else

  52. Wafda S. Dzahabiyya

    Wafda S. DzahabiyyaHace un mes

    @hansduiven the same thing Alex draw on the sand lol

  53. hansduiven

    hansduivenHace un mes

    @Wafda S. Dzahabiyya What did he wrote?

  54. Wafda S. Dzahabiyya

    Wafda S. DzahabiyyaHace un mes

    Because that's not actually his sign...

  55. ShunTune

    ShunTuneHace un mes

    9:22 "Hands on your own knees btw" :D

  56. Wafda S. Dzahabiyya

    Wafda S. DzahabiyyaHace un mes

    It's a hard life - Alex Albon, 2019

  57. Geert Matthys

    Geert MatthysHace un mes

    Max with the hot press officer 🤤

  58. hansduiven

    hansduivenHace un mes

    It is always hot in Abu Dhabi, what are you on about? :-P

  59. Steve Hewitt

    Steve HewittHace un mes

    "Danny Ric signed the back of Lando's shirt" - I'm crying haha! This is great :)

  60. Tjescoo

    TjescooHace un mes

    Hehehe, taking notes when watching the genius McLaren videos, aren't you RB?

  61. Tjescoo

    TjescooHace un mes

    @Wafda S. Dzahabiyya I know; as a Dutchie I have to fanboy the sh*t out of RB... Their production value is good, but they lack the quantity needed to keep their 'followers' attention!

  62. Wafda S. Dzahabiyya

    Wafda S. DzahabiyyaHace un mes

    Well actually, they already make this series since last year, they just didn't make it every race like McLaren this year

  63. Dp1ay

    Dp1ayHace un mes

    Very nice to see this. Would love to see more of this next season.

  64. Sam M

    Sam MHace un mes

    Can we all take a moment to remember the time Christian came up with Squirrel Irritable? It was, in my opinion, one of the finest moments for RBR over the past few years! It really does deserve a tee shirt or, at least, a poster. I do seriously giggle now every time Cyril is shown on my television. I guess the sad part is that it is not even really the funniest thing about Renault. That honor would go to McLaren, who, ironically, happens to be the funniest thing about Honda Power.

  65. Sam M

    Sam MHace un mes

    @Resurrected Sunlight - make sure to watch it all ... just too funny!

  66. Resurrected Sunlight

    Resurrected SunlightHace un mes

    Don't remember that one. Could you share a link, please?

  67. kh40yr

    kh40yrHace un mes

    Felix Baumgartner. Cool. Mr 128thousand feet. My screen saver is him stepping off out of the balloon, , into infinity. One of the better Red Bull sponsored feats. Course I love my Red Bull Formula race planes as well. Cool video. Thank you.

  68. Thirza

    ThirzaHace un mes

    5:29 that's the sounds my stomach makes when the entire room is silent

  69. Thirza

    ThirzaHace un mes

    2:25 that sounds Max makes with the seat made me laugh way too hard

  70. Cliff De Zoete

    Cliff De ZoeteHace un mes

    Max has got sand on his Banus.

  71. l S

    l SHace un mes

    The story they're trying to make call for them to wear what they wore. The hard life of being a part-time model/amateur actor doing promo bits.

  72. Fabricio González

    Fabricio GonzálezHace un mes

    Forza ferrari

  73. Alya Sltd

    Alya SltdHace un mes

    16:20 max about Ric's secret santa gift " I gave him a karaoke machine"

  74. Nicola Fox

    Nicola FoxHace un mes

    Thanks 😀 love this 👍

  75. 100MPH Selfies

    100MPH SelfiesHace un mes

    Rich Arab: Nice to see you again Max. Max: Did we meet?

  76. Anga boro

    Anga boroHace un mes

    That moment when the camera guy counts 1 2 3.......then you start to smile........ only to realize ur on youtube😫😑