Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
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Produced by: The Superiors
Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
Additional production by: Priority Beats
Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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  1. Noel Adam

    Noel AdamHace 4 horas

    Man that lil piano at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> and BJ at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> gives me chills EVERYTIME! Respect to The Superiors, and of course Pac Polo & BJ 🙏🏽

  2. vipeyy

    vipeyyHace 4 horas

    Of course your best song is THE most slept on song


    LUKE_SPAMS_L2Hace 4 horas

    Dont care what anyone says this album is better than E.T

  4. Kentucky BassinYT

    Kentucky BassinYTHace 4 horas

    This song right here pushed him to be a future legend of the rap game. Can rap sing everything. He’s the best out rn idc what anyone says.

  5. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerHace 4 horas

    Anybody that can rap on a 2pac beat and kill it clearly has talent.

  6. Michael Leal

    Michael LealHace 5 horas

    Protect polo at all cost stay woke cause they did pac over the truth with this society 🙏

  7. Evo Clapzz

    Evo ClapzzHace 5 horas

    if this doesnt get a grammy y’all tripping

  8. B9 E-Sports

    B9 E-SportsHace 5 horas

    I'm white and i love Polo I lost 2 friends on group fight

  9. Cooper Horsman

    Cooper HorsmanHace 5 horas

    This is so much better than dax's

  10. Caleb Bush

    Caleb BushHace 5 horas

    "They killed martain for dreaming now I can't sleep"

  11. Ruben chavez

    Ruben chavezHace 5 horas

    Isnt this 2pacs beat????????

  12. KiddS

    KiddSHace 5 horas

    Thid song is such a vibe, a completely new classic 🔥

  13. Louis

    LouisHace 6 horas

    The song is fire and the end is so cute, good luck in your life I wish you the best 💪

  14. Aidden Malpass

    Aidden MalpassHace 6 horas

    for the people dont know that this is based off of a 2pac song, i feal bad

  15. Strstruckz ¿

    Strstruckz ¿Hace 6 horas

    Polo is gonna be the next Martin Luther king 😭😭😭

  16. Strstruckz ¿

    Strstruckz ¿Hace 6 horas

    This song is another reason PoloG should be president #Polo2020

  17. Dorchus Playz

    Dorchus PlayzHace 6 horas

    When he said polo be spitten facts that's a fact

  18. _ AL3NFCGG_

    _ AL3NFCGG_Hace 6 horas

    I listened your album twice.Its just godly.My friend was saying 10/10 too🔥


    JIREH RAWLISONHace 6 horas

    Dis Fire mad me cry and my fire alarm just went off 🔥🔥😭😭😫😤

  20. mohammad yawary

    mohammad yawaryHace 6 horas

    What’s the name of the sample in this song?

  21. Ardit Kryeziu

    Ardit KryeziuHace 6 horas

    People who dislike this enjoyed the youtube rewind

  22. Talon Briem

    Talon BriemHace 6 horas

    “They Killed Martin for dreaming” shit hits different🥺

  23. _ 1Isaiah2 _

    _ 1Isaiah2 _Hace 6 horas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> king von?

  24. Ross_HendricksPS4

    Ross_HendricksPS4Hace 6 horas

    This the type of shit that people need

  25. Dillion Adjei

    Dillion AdjeiHace 6 horas

    Is that the real king von?

  26. FindingMy Happiness

    FindingMy HappinessHace 6 horas

    Was that Logan Paul in the cop car? Lol

  27. A҈n҈d҈B҈i҈r҈d҈s҈L҈i҉k҉e҈Y҈o҈u҈

    A҈n҈d҈B҈i҈r҈d҈s҈L҈i҉k҉e҈Y҈o҈u҈Hace 6 horas

    It's crazy how polo g does fire music still talkin bout his story and shit

  28. Joey Vose

    Joey VoseHace 7 horas

    Polo G is a non stop hit maker, his recognition needs to increase 10 fold 🤦‍♂️

  29. Joey Vose

    Joey VoseHace 7 horas

    This song turned me from Christian to Catholic

  30. niduoe stre

    niduoe streHace 7 horas

    This song is so powerful it makes me think about life and how unfair the world is

  31. Moises

    MoisesHace 7 horas

    Why doesn’t this video get 200 million views

  32. Sharon Grant

    Sharon GrantHace 7 horas

    this is enough to make a man cry

  33. Dazon McCray

    Dazon McCrayHace 7 horas

    peep king von

  34. niduoe stre

    niduoe streHace 7 horas

    You finally made it big brother your the 🐐

  35. Flame2certified

    Flame2certifiedHace 7 horas

    This long lowkey just inspired me to push harder for my dreams and make them came true thank u polo g when I get drafted to the nba I will think you too👑🙏

  36. Raize Scar

    Raize ScarHace 7 horas

    Man listening to this just makes you feel something 💪🏾

  37. Holden Pribula-Sanders

    Holden Pribula-SandersHace 7 horas

    You finally made it Polo, you're the goat.

  38. Alexey Gudkov

    Alexey GudkovHace 7 horas

    "We die young so I can't picture and older me"

  39. Devertins

    DevertinsHace 7 horas


  40. Katarina Stanojević

    Katarina StanojevićHace 7 horas

    Racist ppl rlly gotta chill, so what some if some ppl are not white WE ARE ALL PPL, WE HAVE FEELINGS, WE HAVE FAMILIES STAND UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!! 🧑🏻🧑🏼🧑🧑🏽🧑🏾🧑🏿👊🏻

  41. Certified RN

    Certified RNHace 7 horas

    Whoever clicked that dislike is a racist.Point blank period.....😐

  42. callum munro

    callum munroHace 7 horas

    2 pac feels from this song

  43. Jeppe 23

    Jeppe 23Hace 7 horas


  44. 30 preme

    30 premeHace 7 horas


  45. Justin L

    Justin LHace 7 horas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> The Kid LAROI joins the chat : hey mate thats my song” Let Her Go “

  46. Ricardo Roman Jr.

    Ricardo Roman Jr.Hace 8 horas

    If that's not talent i don't know what is!!!

  47. Majik Lee

    Majik LeeHace 8 horas

    Wow this songs deep man i wasn't expecting that now i wanna see a polo g and dax song

  48. Cyrus Peyvan

    Cyrus PeyvanHace 8 horas

    Holy shit what a song

  49. Isaiah To smooth

    Isaiah To smoothHace 8 horas

    You finally made it big brother your the 🐐

  50. Nate Mon

    Nate MonHace 8 horas

    Sub to yktv_eli

  51. Ceddy Bear Henderson

    Ceddy Bear HendersonHace 8 horas

    King von

  52. Elijah Armanie

    Elijah ArmanieHace 8 horas

    I promise y'all everythings going to change after this song dropped. Its going to turn around and be a good year

  53. Elijah Armanie

    Elijah ArmanieHace 8 horas


  54. Elijah Armanie

    Elijah ArmanieHace 8 horas

    Imagine being one of the people that disliked this video

  55. Tayveon Walker

    Tayveon WalkerHace 8 horas

    You are nothing like these mumble rappers your the great

  56. BKC

    BKCHace 8 horas

    Changes is older than Polo G. Amazing.

  57. LaRon Cullum

    LaRon CullumHace 8 horas

    "you have to be the change you wish to see in this world"

  58. BaZti oNe

    BaZti oNeHace 8 horas

    Polo this is beat from 2pac song but faster when yes i respect more and your album is fire

  59. Why you mad ?

    Why you mad ?Hace 8 horas

    Best song 2020😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  60. SnuF

    SnuFHace 8 horas

    this is one of the best songs ive heard in years.

  61. The Real GOAT

    The Real GOATHace 8 horas

    This really is filmed right

  62. Ryan Clarke92

    Ryan Clarke92Hace 8 horas

    Loving the 2pac beat changes 💜❤️🖤

  63. Kevin Barnetti

    Kevin BarnettiHace 9 horas

    Polo g songs cover all the shit that we go through in the chi.... Especially us as a generation..and being from the chi he understands what it's like in our position..and he's literally the symbol of hope that alotta us need🤝🙏🏽🖤thank you polo

  64. Leing Lo

    Leing LoHace 9 horas

    RIP 2 all the homies ! Stay up All !

  65. Holden Pribula-Sanders

    Holden Pribula-SandersHace 9 horas

    This will no longer be considered a song, It will me considered a lyrical masterpiece.

  66. Mr. Pickle

    Mr. PickleHace 9 horas

    100% perfection.

  67. YN shock

    YN shockHace 9 horas

    Why are people hating this

  68. MrSamonie

    MrSamonieHace 9 horas

    Chicago and Florida 👍🏾💯✊🏾

  69. Gi Batalha

    Gi BatalhaHace 9 horas

    Why people put 👎👎in this song???

  70. Jayycrash800 8

    Jayycrash800 8Hace 9 horas

    My boy Polo G🔥🔥🔥

  71. Omar Farag

    Omar FaragHace 9 horas

    Man polo just hit diffrent. He a diffrent breed

  72. Lindo Gaming

    Lindo GamingHace 9 horas

    @Polo G I hope this really change something, I listen to the lyrics keenly... the best 🙏🏽✊🏽💯my next favorite polo g song 📌

  73. ojking 18

    ojking 18Hace 9 horas

    Bro this Tupac beat is nice on the lyrics

  74. Heif Rhrh

    Heif RhrhHace 9 horas


  75. Lilminos

    LilminosHace 9 horas

    Polo be safe because it’s rare to find smart black men like you

  76. Ritaj khanal

    Ritaj khanalHace 9 horas

    Does the g in polo g stand for goat or god?

  77. Joel Albert

    Joel AlbertHace 9 horas

    How tf you gonna dislike this 🤷‍♂️ don’t understand people 1.3k

  78. flyy youngin

    flyy younginHace 9 horas

    Crazy how I didn’t even see project youngin 😭 I see king von I think😭


    CHILLHOUSE SHace 9 horas

    Polo g that type of rapper to inspire people, he different from other rappers.

  80. Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica RodriguezHace 9 horas

    Bro this is so sad😫

  81. Dylan Payne

    Dylan PayneHace 9 horas

    ian back but damn i love this