Red Bull Rampage From Start to Finish

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On a gusty day in Southern Utah, a group of 25 daring mountain bikers blew the doors off what is possible on two wheels, unleashing some of the biggest moments the sport has ever seen. While mother nature only allowed for one full run before the conditions made it impossible to ride, that was all that was needed for event veteran Kyle Strait, who won the event for the second time -- eight years after his first Red Bull Rampage title
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  1. Red Bull

    Red BullHace un año

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  2. Danish Choudhary

    Danish ChoudharyHace un mes


  3. Bruno Raymundo

    Bruno RaymundoHace 4 meses


  4. Pharse Tamang

    Pharse TamangHace un año

    Avaya rai

  5. Pharse Tamang

    Pharse TamangHace un año


  6. Lalita Divakar

    Lalita DivakarHace un año

    Red Bull

  7. Elias Bobadilla

    Elias BobadillaHace 2 días

    me encanta que no censuran la competencia de los cascos e indumentaria

  8. MYRUL

    MYRULHace 12 días

    Extreme amazing people👏

  9. Caged

    CagedHace 13 días

    This is all just a Red Bull commercial.

  10. a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laHace 13 días

    isso q pode-se se chamar de MONTA BIKE

  11. oski

    oskiHace 18 días

    How parents got to school

  12. Rebecca Equine

    Rebecca EquineHace 20 días

    3:05 “ Are you ready?” “ No.” me 😅

  13. Benjamin vl hruia Bentea

    Benjamin vl hruia BenteaHace 21 un día

    auuuuuuuuuu ameihshingggggggggggggg

  14. Lutfi balakosa

    Lutfi balakosaHace 23 días

    I have to badingun ngadim

  15. Leonardo Vinicius

    Leonardo ViniciusHace 29 días


  16. EMT Quiver

    EMT QuiverHace un mes

    This is all so awesome..but alot of these show a helicopter bringing them up!? How does that fester for those of us who "can't afford" a helli?!??

  17. ki sunda Tea

    ki sunda TeaHace un mes


  18. Jouber Adventures

    Jouber AdventuresHace un mes

    Cool the channel! I signed up here. At my post my biker life too. (Travel, competitions and trails.) Who can help me by signing up there. Hug guys.

  19. Jouber Adventures

    Jouber AdventuresHace un mes

    Maneiro o canal! Me inscrevi aqui. No meu posto minha vida de biker também. (Viagens, competições e trilhas. ) Quem puder me ajude se inscrevendo lá. Abraço galera.

  20. Seputar anime

    Seputar animeHace un mes

    Indonesia like

  21. Nadir Anncoud

    Nadir AnncoudHace un mes

    Trial fusion ?

  22. coco Cajares

    coco CajaresHace un mes


  23. a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laHace un mes

    era pra ter todos os equipamentos de segurança

  24. a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laHace un mes


  25. a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laHace un mes

    o esporte mais irado de todos

  26. Ishan Dixit

    Ishan DixitHace un mes

    Which bike is that?

  27. Yogesh Gamit

    Yogesh GamitHace un mes


  28. Arsen Umeee

    Arsen UmeeeHace un mes


  29. Red Bull

    Red BullHace un mes


  30. Ömer Mamaş

    Ömer MamaşHace un mes

    i want to do this


    ᏞᏌᏟᎪᏚ ᎪᎡᏩHace un mes

    Estos son los de downhill xd

  32. Toby W.

    Toby W.Hace un mes

    I don't even dare going down tiny hills in our forests😨😂

  33. Ayush Banjade

    Ayush BanjadeHace un mes

    Oh very dengerous ride 🤘🤘🤘


    UNCLE SAMHace 2 meses

    Those bikes are probably Expensive....

  35. モッズ

    モッズHace 2 meses

    1:07 he has monster!

  36. 솔개 걸어서

    솔개 걸어서Hace 2 meses

    Exciting Amazing jumps

  37. Noe Osorto

    Noe OsortoHace 2 meses

    yo asi bajo las cuestas :v


    EUROPE BASED VLOGSHace 2 meses

    I want to be this good at science Be a risk taker

  39. riberadelplata

    riberadelplataHace 2 meses

    estan relocos

  40. Robert Bartolacci

    Robert BartolacciHace 2 meses

    Me: going off a curb is a big bump. These ppl: 😴

  41. T D

    T DHace 3 meses

    I thought the hood was crazy but I gotta give it to you, you white boys are wild

  42. Lazy Flakes

    Lazy FlakesHace 3 meses

    Wer bekommt auch immer Gänsehaut??

  43. Red Bull

    Red BullHace 3 meses

    Wir 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  44. Little Donny

    Little DonnyHace 3 meses


  45. Ismail Amiri H9M Skovvang

    Ismail Amiri H9M SkovvangHace 3 meses

    What suspension is best moto or downhill??

  46. Hanwen Xiao

    Hanwen XiaoHace 3 meses

    Imagine being the wheel of his bike

  47. Red Bull

    Red BullHace 3 meses

    okay: 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

  48. Palos Sebastian

    Palos SebastianHace 3 meses

    americunt dumbasses. no regard for the bike no regard for their lives

  49. mohit joshi

    mohit joshiHace 3 meses

    it is passion or compulsion

  50. Oscar Napieralski

    Oscar NapieralskiHace 3 meses

    Is must hurt landed with that much balls.

  51. Kapil Jitsingh

    Kapil JitsinghHace 3 meses

    Good​ luck​

  52. Mochamad Hasan

    Mochamad HasanHace 3 meses

    Pacarnya atau istrinya itu tuh?

  53. Rahul Raj

    Rahul RajHace 3 meses

    Humans are Insane They jump downhill on bicycle for adventure 😂😂

  54. Jett Rink

    Jett RinkHace 3 meses

    These fellas speak unrespectful and sleazy... have a growing up to do and will find out what this world really is.

  55. Chargy

    ChargyHace 3 meses

    my balls is freezing

  56. Jesús Gómez

    Jesús GómezHace 3 meses

    Yo hago eso y directo al cementerio

  57. Jun'S Entertainment

    Jun'S EntertainmentHace 3 meses

    No way i will do that so scary🤔🤔🤔

  58. Mikołaj Królik

    Mikołaj KrólikHace 3 meses

    Kinda, too many shot on his wife, I came here to watch the ride cmon bruv

  59. DiStaX

    DiStaXHace 3 meses

    ma il campionato mondiale di dh è piu facile?

  60. TeoOMG 71

    TeoOMG 71Hace 3 meses

    F in the chat :) :v

  61. nob baru

    nob baruHace 3 meses


  62. Islaam Bissilov

    Islaam BissilovHace 4 meses

    Слов нет д*лба*бы

  63. William Crowley

    William CrowleyHace 4 meses

    Nobody: Baby at 3:37: shakeshakeshakeshake

  64. angery dogger

    angery doggerHace 4 meses

    Very emotional

  65. john smith

    john smithHace 4 meses

    How is the danger any grater than in rally car or F1 racing? It's not, it just looks that way because the riders are completely exposed to the environment. This is simply a case of people doing what they love, while fully being aware of the risks. No different than any other high velocity sport.

  66. Carlos Dureza

    Carlos DurezaHace 4 meses

    these guys are so brave, some may call this stupid, risking their lives for sport, but I'm pretty sure majority of us don't have the balls to ride a bike and do what these guys do

  67. Marvin Bussohn

    Marvin BussohnHace 4 meses


  68. Robert Flores

    Robert FloresHace 4 meses

    This guy's risk There Life's that's amazing