Red Bull Player One World Final - Main Event

Are you ready, Player One? It’s time to ring the bell to kick off Red Bull Player One 2019 - a 1v1 League of Legends tournament featuring the world’s best amateur duellists - brought to you in partnership with Riot EU. There’s no team to come to your rescue in these head-to-head showdowns. Only one player can emerge victorious! Will you be the one?
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    ALLONPAROLEHace un mes

    I’m a huge Red Bull fan!!! Let me play for you guys hahah jk jk I’m up on clan already I wanna battle your guys actually!!! Where the suits at !! Let’s talk !! $$$ LIFE HAPPENS fast, stress sadness depression sin it’s all growing SEE IT come check my Chanel out more content to come after I grow !! But I need subs! But come chill my fellow people help me grow so I can give back!! To my community an my subscribers let me HELP!! Come sub man join the movement!!