Ronaldinho Top 33 Ridiculously Disrespectful Skill Moves

Top 33 Ridiculously Disrespectful Skill Moves from the Brazil & Barcelona Legend Ronaldinho Gaucho


  1. Jorge D

    Jorge DHace 10 horas

    Tantas jugadas mágicas para que al final sus compañeros pajeros no finalicen con gol :l

  2. Zeicho Freed

    Zeicho FreedHace 10 horas

    People says "we need two to tango" Definitely not for Ronaldinho

  3. • RaccoonPlays •

    • RaccoonPlays •Hace 10 horas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> WHAT

  4. Bamidele pearls

    Bamidele pearlsHace 13 horas

    Austin JJ Okocha 🇳🇬 is another phenomenon. They were team mates at PSG and R' Dino said I loved to watch JJ play coz all he does on the pitch is an event....They both made soccer look more fun than competition. #LEGENDS

  5. Gazr Music

    Gazr MusicHace 18 horas

    He will be always the king of football

  6. BIEL 08

    BIEL 08Hace 19 horas

    Messi viu Os "erros" e acertos do Bruxo" Hoje ele tem 6 bolas De ouro

  7. Faas Ru Maar

    Faas Ru MaarHace 21 un hora

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="627">10:27</a> esa forma de darle un efecto brutal con el borde externo y hacer que pase hacia atrás, nadie lo esperaría! definitivamente genial!

  8. Philip Cowteen

    Philip CowteenHace un día

    Could’ve had a lot more goals & assists very unlucky, nonetheless beast of a player

  9. B K

    B KHace un día

    This video shows me how selfish he was when its comes to passing.

  10. TigerMan

    TigerManHace un día

    il migliore 🤙🏼

  11. Israel Cortez

    Israel CortezHace un día

    !!! Ronaldinho el mejor de todos los tiempos !!

  12. Lieis Henrique

    Lieis HenriqueHace un día

    Bruxo era foda

  13. C3RCANTS

    C3RCANTSHace un día Song music

  14. Haroldo Cerqueira

    Haroldo CerqueiraHace un día

    BRASIL FUTEBOL! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  15. Giorgos Kyros

    Giorgos KyrosHace un día

    The Jackie chan of football

  16. proivito80

    proivito80Hace un día

    Best player ever

  17. ademola sadare

    ademola sadareHace un día

    The best of all time in skills..

  18. David LR

    David LRHace un día

    Da até tristeza de pensar q não temos mais um Ronaldinho... Meu Deus.... O cara era de mais.....

  19. kamal azmi

    kamal azmiHace 2 días

    Brazilian skills is amazing 🤩

  20. Angels Mobile

    Angels MobileHace 2 días

    All this circus for only 2 or 3 goals ?

  21. Ely R.

    Ely R.Hace 2 días

    It seems it would always have to take more than one player to stop him. Only other ways to stop him were either by foul, him playing the ball so well he'd loose track of where he was or was going, or the ref calling a foul on him most of the time he didnt intentionally make. All in all man was and always will be the best player in my opinion 💯🔥

  22. jack stark

    jack starkHace 2 días

    Show Man. Vídeo com narrações é SEM IGUAL. Um dos melhores da história. Bruxo Dibrador lenda

  23. Francesco B.

    Francesco B.Hace 2 días

    if he scored <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="591">9:51</a>, against atletico no less, I'm not sure what goal could be considered cooler than that.

  24. Jack

    JackHace 2 días

    Skillful but lacked end product. Too many easy misses. Went missing too often in the big games.

  25. romerezecrew

    romerezecrewHace 9 horas

    Libertadores ✅

  26. Emre YozgatNancy

    Emre YozgatNancyHace 10 horas

    Jack World Cup ✅ La liga ✅ Champions League ✅ Copa America ✅ Ballon d’or ✅ The only player to win all of this with out training.. 🤫 #Respect

  27. Rebrand Info

    Rebrand InfoHace 2 días

    Love to see the “pussy” players complain after being CRUSHED by pure talent.

  28. Marcus Lorenzo

    Marcus LorenzoHace 2 días

    Faltou aquele drible no Dunga!

  29. BleibRohig

    BleibRohigHace 3 días

    I think Ronaldinho is one of the reasons why Messi has become the GOAT. When you grow into a team with players like that, you have to become humble, no matter how talented you are. Ronaldinho is one of my all time favorite players. Pure joy to watch, always smiling and enjoying the game. He is one of the reasons why I fell in love with football.

  30. Muhammad Nazrin

    Muhammad NazrinHace 3 días

    He was the man that kickstart Barca dominance in the 20th century. 1st league title in 6 years. Previous 3 seasons never finished higher than 4th. No cheating, no playacting, no Uefalona. Just pure skills and talents that made them champions. He have 62 assists in 4 seasons. If he had longevity like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, then his assists will be much more than them right now.

  31. Chimezie Suave

    Chimezie SuaveHace 3 días


  32. Bruno Farias

    Bruno FariasHace 3 días

    Ronaldinho é fodao

  33. Kenny Silva

    Kenny SilvaHace 3 días

    Why disrespectful?, it’s just football

  34. Aldo Rossello

    Aldo RosselloHace 3 días

    Era un privilegio verlo jugar crak de crak

  35. Lincoln Colla

    Lincoln CollaHace 4 días

    O último grande jogador brasileiro. Bons tempos.

  36. Barbaro Acosta

    Barbaro AcostaHace 4 días

    Does anyone do the elastico anymore? With ronaldinho the defender knew it was coming and could not stop it.

  37. jimmi dambrosi

    jimmi dambrosiHace 4 días


  38. Erika Lopez

    Erika LopezHace 4 días

    Verlo a éste hombre jugar fue lo mejor de mi adolescencia gracias ronaldinho

  39. Ismael Sawadogo

    Ismael SawadogoHace 4 días

    Ohoooo mamamiaaaaaa Lol

  40. Franck Noah

    Franck NoahHace 5 días

    The highest play maker in football history.

  41. Isaías Lohan

    Isaías LohanHace 5 días

    Ronaldinho o melhor de todos os tempos 🇧🇷😍

  42. Vitor Bebendo

    Vitor BebendoHace 5 días

    Se vc repara ele gosta desses cantos do campo

  43. Johnny Gooch

    Johnny GoochHace 5 días

    damn, I didn't realize Ronaldinho missed so many sitters

  44. Nyctopath _

    Nyctopath _Hace 5 días

    All I'm saying is that if he played in ligue 1 he'd have the most bookings in the whole league

  45. Bryan James

    Bryan JamesHace 5 días

    Grande jogador. Ele representava o verdadeiro futebol arte, o verdadeiro jogo bonito.

  46. Mota Bhai

    Mota BhaiHace 5 días

    He never played football for money....he enjoys it and thats why he played . . Thats the difference which made him the best

  47. Roland P. Gibson, jR.

    Roland P. Gibson, jR.Hace 5 días

    The GOAT of Football is Dinho. No vacancy for arguments.🙏🙏

  48. Pablo Mauricio Aguirre

    Pablo Mauricio AguirreHace 5 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="461">7:41</a> Always the Nightmare of Coloccini all matches

  49. Pablo Mauricio Aguirre

    Pablo Mauricio AguirreHace 5 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> was a BOMB shot!

  50. PauliBoi

    PauliBoiHace 6 días

    The commentary at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Felipe Salas

    Felipe SalasHace 6 días

    Porque no pasas goles en el Querétaro el se la rifaba en el campo en un juego con mis guerreros el mejor jugador para algunos siempre va aser el mejor jugador fue un gusto verlo jugar en México y fue a jugar cerca de donde vivo pero por circunstancias mías no se pudo yo no más comento ya bien arreglado viendo los videos después de trabajar y gracias por los videos

  52. Felipe Salas

    Felipe SalasHace 6 días

    El mejor no cualquiera asta orita pienso yo que no ai otro jugador como el disfrutando el fútbol y lo tuvimos en México desian que ya era su retiro después que estuvo en México sigio en buen nivel

  53. George Green

    George GreenHace 6 días

    far better than messi and c.ronaldo

  54. hkhggj hjlfg

    hkhggj hjlfgHace 6 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> Liverpool legend slipped again

  55. Pisces Niccv

    Pisces NiccvHace 6 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a>🤯

  56. L C

    L CHace 6 días

    1 Maradona, 2 Messi, 3 Ronaldinho, 4 Iniesta, 5 cristiano, 6 pelé

  57. Ark Pini

    Ark PiniHace 3 días

    Are you high?

  58. Marvin Heredia

    Marvin HerediaHace 6 días

    Se me ha puesto la piel de gallina, Ronaldinho el mejor de todos 🔝👌

  59. corporeidad

    corporeidadHace 6 días

    Muy lindo, un crack, pero pocos goles.

  60. Ryan Lee

    Ryan LeeHace 7 días

    The man could play with his eyes closed solely relying on instinct and he would still destroy...

  61. Bryan James

    Bryan JamesHace 5 días

    He played what we call "futebol arte" or "jogo bonito". He was the man.

  62. Rodrigo Gonzalez

    Rodrigo GonzalezHace 7 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="447">7:27</a> ese es el de la voz de pes? jajajaj que recuerdos lpm

  63. Alen Don'tWorryBeHappy

    Alen Don'tWorryBeHappyHace 7 días

    Some players are playing for the glory, money, to score the most goals, to prove themselves and compete with other players. Ronaldinho did not score the most goals in the world, he does not have the most assists in the world, but he played with all his heart out of love for football and always with a smile on his face. He competed with himself. Even the audience of the opposing team applauded to him. The king of football, a magician, the one and only Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, known as Ronaldinho Gaúcho.

  64. Andy Pi

    Andy PiHace 7 días

    2.6k that dislike that video are... there's no word to describe them. Even God has haters...

  65. Sanjib Chakraborty

    Sanjib ChakrabortyHace 8 días


  66. Sanjib Chakraborty

    Sanjib ChakrabortyHace 8 días


  67. Mick Doherty

    Mick DohertyHace 8 días

    Never seen anyone play with so much skill and passion. Always smiling. Absolute footballing genius. Those no look passes are sublime, his skills are unbelievable. I would probably say he's the best footballer I ever saw. Messi a close second.

  68. Jesse Montiel

    Jesse MontielHace 8 días

    I wonder how many golden balls he would have won if he stayed at barca

  69. Christine Guevara

    Christine GuevaraHace 8 días

    Best plays ever AND no goals scored

  70. Arthur Cardillo

    Arthur CardilloHace 8 días

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="616">10:16</a> Madre Mia!

  71. Real Talk

    Real TalkHace 8 días

    Not as many goals , but the most skillful player to grace the game since it's existence...

  72. Catur Ca

    Catur CaHace 8 días

    Nobody: Italian comentator: MAMA MIA

  73. Gabriel D.

    Gabriel D.Hace 5 días


  74. ayanda bernard

    ayanda bernardHace 8 días

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Better hate if yu Wanna to

  75. Leandro D Ippolito

    Leandro D IppolitoHace 9 días

    Last move, the guy said: Que balon acaba de inventar Ronaldinho. No, no, no. You have to go back to 2000: Edmundo x Manchester United.

  76. Niccolò Pavanetto

    Niccolò PavanettoHace 9 días

    Mamma mia che giocatore secondo me il migliore di tutti i tempi... Lo prendo in squadra al posto degli immensi: cruijjf, maradona, di Stefano e pele'.

  77. gvmmybear

    gvmmybearHace 10 días

    i thought at first, neymar is going to be better than ronaldinho. after watching this video it completely changes the way i see them both. ronaldinho is completely better than neymar.

  78. Adriansito Rey

    Adriansito ReyHace 10 días


  79. Rodrigo Santana

    Rodrigo SantanaHace 10 días

    O Bruxo

  80. Assasin Creed

    Assasin CreedHace 11 días

    He is by far one of the best who had ever played this game!

  81. Thiago Albuquerque

    Thiago AlbuquerqueHace 11 días

    Genial, só tem um problema: 300 jogadas geniais, número de gols = 2 Quando não era ele, eram os outros jogadores desperdiçando. Diferente de Messi que cria as jogadas geniais e tem muito mais "sorte" com as finalizações hehehe

  82. Tiago Ramos Galvão

    Tiago Ramos GalvãoHace 11 días

    E o mais engraçado é pensar! Porra no Brasil tantas pessoas amadoras jogam parecido, e jogavam muito bem, e foram consumidos pelas drogas, ou pela falta de oportunidade

  83. Honour Gpdspower

    Honour GpdspowerHace 11 días

    Part of my repertoire of joggling skills...😁

  84. Al Madlicka

    Al MadlickaHace 11 días

    Good skills not many goals. Messi better skills way more goals. Cant even compare. Messi way better

  85. OGKS

    OGKSHace 11 días

    I think I could watch this video everyday for the rest of my life and not get bored ! Absolute magician !

  86. Iván Eliseo Tinajero Díaz

    Iván Eliseo Tinajero DíazHace 7 días

    I completely agreed