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  1. Beutimus

    BeutimusHace un minuto

    Well that children's song took a dark turn.

  2. Toxic Jay

    Toxic JayHace un minuto

    Forcepat: #deadandlovingit!! Lol

  3. Jäger 072

    Jäger 072Hace 3 minutos

    I know I'm super high right about now, but wtf kind of intro was that?!?

  4. Darko Penev

    Darko PenevHace 5 minutos

    Yes, cuz you're a sight for sore eyes

  5. Game madness

    Game madnessHace 6 minutos


  6. Boxer Blake

    Boxer BlakeHace 7 minutos

    Thumbs up just for the singing at the beginning.

  7. Coffee Haix

    Coffee HaixHace 8 minutos

    “This is the place where candy and lawsuits are made.” Can we eat the lawsuits too?

  8. IPLAY999

    IPLAY999Hace 8 minutos

    if they really used 5 acres the tourists would spend most of their time trying to find the trex 😂

  9. Jeremy Alexander

    Jeremy AlexanderHace 9 minutos

    Yoda is not the most beloved character in Star Wars history and there's zero indication he's the last of his kind, or that their species is even rare. One other thing is that according to everything I've read the human species adolescence is growing shorter, not longer. Kids are reaching puberty years earlier than they did even when I was a kid and I'm not that old.

  10. Kenneth Welch

    Kenneth WelchHace 9 minutos



    DARK STARRHace 9 minutos

    If you go to the website, Moana's on the list now!

  12. Memerman 69

    Memerman 69Hace 9 minutos

    0:01 I hate you and I'm never watching you again I'm not fucking joking dodo doo doo

  13. Knuckles the Echidna

    Knuckles the EchidnaHace 11 minutos

    like of u don't have a toddler reply if u do!

  14. Life with Toby

    Life with TobyHace 14 minutos

    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs says that 'water molecules can be mutated into food' plus I think you should make a episode to do with that

  15. ピンクラマ.

    ピンクラマ.Hace 15 minutos

    Gust say " mirror mirror on the wall witch male human theorist of them all"

  16. harley and binx

    harley and binxHace 16 minutos

    okokokok the entire live action movie was based on this there is a scene where timone eats a mopane worm and a scene where simba breaks open a termiti nest disney has no og ideas anymore

  17. kratz

    kratzHace 17 minutos

    that isnt the real yoda ppl are fucking idiots

  18. WuLord187

    WuLord187Hace 19 minutos

    You neglected Yoda's history is that he became a Jedi Master at 100 yrs old

  19. Layla Coles

    Layla ColesHace 20 minutos

    What about the super Carlin brothers They already solved

  20. David rebolledo

    David rebolledoHace 20 minutos

    2:52 "well, I started researching" watches baby yoda eat a frog

  21. Lee Price

    Lee PriceHace 21 un minuto

    Thomas was definitely his father... He complimented her on that note

  22. Paid Shill

    Paid ShillHace 23 minutos

    Nice episode but you were about 4 years too late since it was revealed in 2012:

  23. Victor Charles a.k.a. VicGChad07

    Victor Charles a.k.a. VicGChad07Hace 24 minutos

    YOU, MATPAT, are herrreby charged with and convicted of falsely accusing Harry Friedman of rigging Jeopardy!. How doo yooh pleeead?

  24. Van Chum

    Van ChumHace 24 minutos

    No wonder the government cancel the deathstar build plan

  25. KittyQueen

    KittyQueenHace 25 minutos

    In the part where Elsa says,” why did you bring me here?” Why was there already a dungeon cell with hand thingies to keep Elsa from using her powers? ANSWER Elsas parents were afraid that Elsas powers would get too out of control so they had that dungeon built. Why aren’t there ever any good parents in the Disney world?

  26. Emil Axelsson

    Emil AxelssonHace 27 minutos

    We would've sirvived if we just bringed the plants...

  27. bruh gamer

    bruh gamerHace 28 minutos

    0:39 you're welcome

  28. epic oscar

    epic oscarHace 29 minutos

    Aliens: *retreat they're on to us*

  29. Super Nerd Seismitoad

    Super Nerd SeismitoadHace 29 minutos

    I don't care if the theories are right or not they are very interesting and more importantly very fun . I know you have already made a VR puzzle , but you should seriously consider creating a ESgo story driven series . I don't care about the people who call you a sellout simply because you promote brands because you have a wife and son and sometimes they need to come first before anything else. I'm working on a book series right now maybe you should do the same.

  30. Tom Time

    Tom TimeHace 30 minutos

    I thought he was going to say “The YODA spiecies De-Age

  31. broadaxle gaming

    broadaxle gamingHace 30 minutos

    Also toy story4 is raicist towards canaidains

  32. Eddy A.

    Eddy A.Hace 31 un minuto

    I want to punt baby yoda

  33. David Bello

    David BelloHace 32 minutos

    Wow the strained voiceover is annoying.

  34. Ari Josino

    Ari JosinoHace 33 minutos

    actually the baby is the tenant, not the mother

  35. Nathan T

    Nathan THace 34 minutos


  36. The Frickin' Fricker

    The Frickin' FrickerHace 34 minutos

    Can you imagine watching this and having no idea what rick and morty is

  37. Callibor 31

    Callibor 31Hace 35 minutos

    PARENTS are amazing. 👪 Commentary high :5:. ✋

  38. Stanley Paul

    Stanley PaulHace 37 minutos

    100 years of living in your parent's basement

  39. Alvin Mackie

    Alvin MackieHace 37 minutos

    Do you know Kingdom Hearts

  40. Zoran Ivanov

    Zoran IvanovHace 39 minutos

    And u can’t se your self as the hero if u are the villain Idk why I sad it but it sounded cool

  41. Madara Uchiha

    Madara UchihaHace 46 minutos

    I love this intro song

  42. Unhoodedshadow LX

    Unhoodedshadow LXHace 47 minutos

    7:44 GUITAR

  43. Mia Mia

    Mia MiaHace 49 minutos


  44. Isa Radhi

    Isa RadhiHace 51 un minuto

    How much do i have to pay hear MatPat sing again.

  45. boy

    boyHace 51 un minuto

    Do that fucking song again and I'm punching my dog

  46. GamePil

    GamePilHace 52 minutos

    Not being able to recognize faces? Has anyone seen Hannibal season 1?

  47. Hades

    HadesHace 52 minutos

    They should be called yods

  48. Klockwork 0reo

    Klockwork 0reoHace 52 minutos

    At 12:32 Matt says this: "On one hand, he's currently one of the most highly evolved beings in the galaxy." This is not how evolution works. There is no "more" or "less" evolved creatures, simply because that implies that evolution has an end goal in mind. As if evolution has a "perfectly evolved" creature. This is incorrect, evolution is just the name we gave the process by which species change over time, typically in response to their environment. Otherwise it was a nice, interesting episode, but the wording here just had bad implications. Wanted to clear things up a lil.

  49. ISUK Gaming

    ISUK GamingHace 55 minutos

    Wait isnt the reason we only see yoda in star wars becuase hes kept his people a secret due to their peacful nature and extreme cpnmection to the force?

  50. Iconic Props

    Iconic PropsHace 55 minutos

    Except you have no clue how developed the child actually is. My money is on hes fairly mature and developed. And will speak and do some complicated things before the end of the season. His helplessness is the decoy.

  51. BrowncoatBoaz

    BrowncoatBoazHace 55 minutos

    I need a clip of the intro all by itself. I've watched it a half a dozen times and I'm still giggling. Haven't even got through the theme song yet. Keep up the good work! I reckon I ought to watch the rest of the video and see if it lives up to the thumbs up I gave it after all the aforementioned giggling. ;)

  52. Zurc

    ZurcHace 55 minutos

    So... if Yoda's species needs so much time to grow up and they need to have someone to "look" after them, because we saw that he is able to hunt for food, maybe they have some cuteness force power, to influence anyone susceptible and have willing bodyguards to keep them safe, could that be a theory or I'm over thinking.

  53. DeathStarGames

    DeathStarGamesHace 59 minutos

    the intro is cringy af

  54. GGVC Gaming

    GGVC GamingHace un hora

    I heard Larry

  55. shaunthegoat

    shaunthegoatHace un hora

    I did see online that yodas race rarely leaves there home planet and the ones that do become guns for higher but the thing is what if yodas hatch from an egg? its probably a question that dosent matter but would it play a roll?

  56. Vivek Narasimhan

    Vivek NarasimhanHace un hora

    I am a lion

  57. Books Beat

    Books BeatHace un hora

    I can hear both yanni and laurel

  58. ducky turtle

    ducky turtleHace un hora

    There are some problems with this theory, first of all, the titans are attracted to humans, that’s why the government makes sacrificial lambs out of the outer bulwark cities, eg Shiganshina, utopia, and Trost. That’s why space is so hard to get, because of infrastructure and strategical reasons. Secondly, the sizes are exaggerated as we know, or at least there is a lot of evidence, that the walls reside in Madagascar. Meaning that they can’t be more than 1/10th the size of the island. Thirdly, it is human nature to fight back and learn mysteries, no matter what you do, the corrupt will still rule the walls and try to cover up the secrets, and the survey corps will try and solve them. Also, keeping people trapped in walls with no way out, creates problems, both social and economical. We also know that they don’t have that much food stored, nor do they have that much usable land, as around a quarter of it is wasteland.

  59. Adam McCarthy

    Adam McCarthyHace un hora

    The secret ingredient is love

  60. Derp Da Unicorn

    Derp Da UnicornHace un hora

    Why don’t they just do the *to* *be* *continued* symbol and music instead of gruesome deaths.

  61. valent666

    valent666Hace un hora

    Sith Yoda is what the show needs to be the best Star War film

  62. SwT Jutta

    SwT JuttaHace un hora

    Obi wan says random Lines from the Jedi code while playing star wars battle front 2

  63. Mariuss Blumbergs

    Mariuss BlumbergsHace un hora

    I only hear brainstorm and greenstorm

  64. YtbGamer

    YtbGamerHace un hora

    But dragons are more like birds

  65. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname LastnameHace un hora


  66. Yo :u

    Yo :uHace un hora

    I think it will be Mulan, she's a killah

  67. Bluu Bandette

    Bluu BandetteHace un hora

    Hav we forgotten Death is Life? Yall think any popular kid movie producers would sugar coat it for long just to blind our future kids?

  68. Gus Brockmann

    Gus BrockmannHace un hora

    I am da lion

  69. DarkRoe The Nin-Bot

    DarkRoe The Nin-BotHace un hora

    Look-See: "Do you have regrets?" Me: "Yes, but I do not regret having those regrets." Look-See: *Confused Screaming*

  70. BBYY E1mo

    BBYY E1moHace un hora

    The species is yammel

  71. Gat'eem

    Gat'eemHace un hora

    That's another failure for the books.

  72. Charlie Maffman

    Charlie MaffmanHace un hora

    The finale will reveal baby Yoda is retarded which explains everything. Yes I said retarded. flame me.

  73. AwakendSpace80

    AwakendSpace80Hace un hora

    Lets call matpats kid lilpat

  74. Celestial Potato 72618

    Celestial Potato 72618Hace un hora

    ANOTHER thing that may tie them together is that they are voiced by the same person, Alex Hirsch

  75. I'mmaGoofyGoober

    I'mmaGoofyGooberHace un hora

    Wuba lubba dub dub = Notice me, senpai

  76. Mind Of The Lion

    Mind Of The LionHace un hora

    MatPat: George Lucas is a scientific genius Me: Can we talk about parsecs for a lil while?

  77. Etminan Sabil

    Etminan SabilHace un hora

    Do a theory on wonder woman swinging on lightning

  78. Necessaryevil

    NecessaryevilHace un hora

    I hate you

  79. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonHace un hora

    I fucking hate baby yoda memes I don't get how people don't see this but *BABY YODA IS THE ZOOMER EQUIVALTENT OF MINIONS!*

  80. Minito Uzimacki

    Minito UzimackiHace un hora

    I call it the Yodalian

  81. Claire Mccarroll

    Claire MccarrollHace un hora

    There is only 594 dislikes well done!!!

  82. Landon Bevell

    Landon BevellHace un hora

    My brain hurts 6:48

  83. tnt antek

    tnt antekHace un hora

    A full song pls

  84. TKN KIKEL VIZARD n*****

    TKN KIKEL VIZARD n*****Hace un hora

    Vibraniam could be stopped by Saitama because Saitama can destroy mediorites and vibraniam is a mediorites

  85. Nooby NZI

    Nooby NZIHace un hora

    Slob on my knob

  86. dragon girl

    dragon girlHace un hora

    I hope we evolve to the yoda species

  87. The Hallibababa

    The HallibababaHace un hora

    I almost clicked away from the video in the intro song... ughhhh

  88. bro bro

    bro broHace un hora

    The description already show's me you don't know what a "Yoda" even is.

  89. T-Bomb

    T-BombHace un hora

    dont do baby shark you idiot

  90. Tae Kim

    Tae KimHace un hora

    rey, anikin are like egp's avatar... (they are avatars of the planet they grew up on) (both planets that were once normal now deserts)

  91. Sweder

    SwederHace un hora

    You have a very cute baby

  92. shaw miserix

    shaw miserixHace 2 horas


  93. GamerAymen

    GamerAymenHace 2 horas

    has NOBODY else notice mickey mouse in moana when she has that weair hat on at the start and is infront of a crowd?

  94. Olivia Monagas

    Olivia MonagasHace 2 horas

    When you think about it Baby Yoda kinda has some features from a German Shepard pup. Its ears are really large as soon as they start out just like a German Shepard. Just thought that was a cool fact to mention

  95. theleanhead

    theleanheadHace 2 horas


  96. MrRandomTV1000

    MrRandomTV1000Hace 2 horas

    Eddie is not Richies token because Eddie did not technically die until AFTER they defeated IT. However, I do agree Eddie being fatally injured helped Richie overcome his trauma, completing the ritual of chud as everyone else has overcame their trauma at that point.

  97. lord cobi

    lord cobiHace 2 horas

    Assuming it's even Yoda's species

  98. Lilith Black

    Lilith BlackHace 2 horas

    "No, it's not curing cancer or anything" 3 years later Raises 1.3 million dollars for a charity helping children with cancer ...

  99. Dr Jaysin

    Dr JaysinHace 2 horas

    Intro was terrible

  100. SpyTheSpy

    SpyTheSpyHace 2 horas

    Just hearing MatPat trying to talk french is make me cry of laugh