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  1. pee pee goes hard

    pee pee goes hardHace 17 segundos

    These 3 have a really good energy

  2. TheCanadianBubba

    TheCanadianBubbaHace 50 segundos

    Make Renault great again !... our children all fondly remember learning to drive stick in our little 5. And all on the original clutch !

  3. BerndDasBrot51

    BerndDasBrot51Hace un minuto

    The rookies we needed, but not the rookies we deserve, absolute priceless

  4. Daisy Turvey

    Daisy TurveyHace 2 minutos

    lando seriously looked like he was about to cry😂😭

  5. Gonzalo Pérez

    Gonzalo PérezHace 2 minutos

    Comic Sans Gang

  6. WideTooth 3419

    WideTooth 3419Hace 2 minutos

    Honestly the best vid F1 has posted all year 🤣🔥

  7. Martin Andreassen

    Martin AndreassenHace 2 minutos

    father like son

  8. Jeremi Khong

    Jeremi KhongHace 2 minutos

    f1 is in save hands

  9. Adam Dobozy

    Adam DobozyHace 3 minutos

    Alex Albon - RotY rap There once was a kid called Lando Who thought he could fill the shoes of Fernando He managed to bin a hotlap But Johhny dugged him out of the gravel trap Soul your head in your hands Where are your 1 million Instagram fans? We came from F2 But we didn't have a clue But when you of the pace And having too much Space (Like how did that at that Suzuka race) Just know I was "Thank you!" for your race. Now our tall boy, Russel Who likes to flex the muscle The only driver yet to score What are you even doing this for? Just kidding, I know you can take the flak Btw Lewis called, he wants his yellow hoody back. Last but not least, let's talk about me Alex Albon number twenty three Try to stop me getting pass That's fine, I'll get trough on the grass I've been going through front wings like no tomorrow I'm the Asian Tom Cruise, so give me a follow Last race I came close to champagne Which thanks to Lewis never came But now I'm here to stake my claim If I'm not top of your key you must be insane.

  10. Am Nah

    Am NahHace 4 minutos

    Does Giovinazzi not count as a Rookie? Like Ik he had 2 races in 2017 but is it not his rookie season?

  11. Carbon One

    Carbon OneHace 5 minutos

    why did lando not include meme king

  12. dafe Akpos

    dafe AkposHace 5 minutos

    This is the best of race, friendship out of race and no bitter feelings.. Love you guys, great sportsmanship.

  13. Светлана Чурун

    Светлана ЧурунHace 5 minutos

    I’m crying out loud) This is the most hilarious video I’ve seen for a while) Alex’s poem is LEGENDARY)) I thought I would die from laughter Also give the point to George because he find facts from nothing)) But I expected more from Lando. By the way, the video is brilliant)

  14. Rob

    RobHace 5 minutos

    As much as I like lando and albon, I wish Russell was is a better car

  15. Sean Devaney

    Sean DevaneyHace 5 minutos

    Don’t worry Lando and George, there’s always next year . . . *Oh wait . . .*

  16. Guilherme Cerqueira

    Guilherme CerqueiraHace 5 minutos

    Best video of the season

  17. MaYeR 86

    MaYeR 86Hace 6 minutos


  18. Obsession Gaming co

    Obsession Gaming coHace 6 minutos

    Quali qnd rqce 50% PLEASE !

  19. Mehmetşah Sert

    Mehmetşah SertHace 6 minutos


  20. Ana Maria Monteiro de Almeida Yoshimoto

    Ana Maria Monteiro de Almeida YoshimotoHace 6 minutos

    "Orlando" Norris, the best!

  21. Taha G

    Taha GHace 7 minutos

    The grid would be one boring place without this bloke

  22. Am Nah

    Am NahHace 7 minutos

    We got so many impressive drivers in F1 2019 that only 2 seats have changed for 2020 and one is by a driver who retired and the other is a driver who doesn't deserve to lose his seat. Let that sink in

  23. Carbon One

    Carbon OneHace 7 minutos

    more of this please this is amazing F1 needs more of this young mentality

  24. Yolo CG

    Yolo CGHace 8 minutos

    Like si vienes del canal Efeuno por Víctor Abad


    VIPUL GADEKARHace 8 minutos


  26. Hoops

    HoopsHace 8 minutos

    this is the best video of the entire year. period.

  27. Dubtap

    DubtapHace 8 minutos

    Aussie Bonza BEAST!!!

  28. Ed Bishop

    Ed BishopHace 8 minutos

    George is such a good sport

  29. BH

    BHHace 9 minutos

    Thank you F1 for making awesome videos through the year! This is the best one tho, incredible personalities on all 3 rookies this year 😍

  30. Daisy Turvey

    Daisy TurveyHace 9 minutos

    god these guys are my favourites i’ll miss them from now until march :(

  31. Nebagram

    NebagramHace 9 minutos

    If this is what the future of F1 is going to be like, count me VERY in. :-D

  32. palalabu

    palalabuHace 9 minutos

    ric makes these prescon so fun. also the old guys were crazt

  33. xian smeets

    xian smeetsHace 9 minutos

    Best video ever! Banger

  34. Gseric47

    Gseric47Hace 9 minutos

    6:19 xD

  35. Daisy Turvey

    Daisy TurveyHace 10 minutos

    these friendships >>>>

  36. Fiskur

    FiskurHace 10 minutos

    what did we do to deserve these 3 idk

  37. javoresku

    javoreskuHace 11 minutos

    I can't believe Alex Albon got it in the end.... He couldn't even last the whole season with the team he started in. :)

  38. Kriston Jeffrey

    Kriston JeffreyHace 11 minutos

    George, Alex, Lando.

  39. Legendäres Item aus Pandora

    Legendäres Item aus PandoraHace 11 minutos

    I love George. 😍 Hopefully he gets a quicker car next year! 🙏

  40. Christian Slater

    Christian SlaterHace 12 minutos

    Why does it say Grosjean on the video’s radio voice overlay?

  41. Charles Whittaker Curry

    Charles Whittaker CurryHace 12 minutos

    See this trio is just a good mates off track and on track are gentlemen. I cannot wait to see when Russell is in a car that allows him to race against his mates

  42. x Kassux6

    x Kassux6Hace 14 minutos

    This has been the best video on F1 channel so far by a mile!

  43. Expando

    ExpandoHace 14 minutos

    Albon won in that video, but on track in the future i can see that Russel is first, Norris second and Albon stays in F1

  44. ArchAngel`

    ArchAngel`Hace 14 minutos

    "I can see why Williams chose you after that presentation" haha biggest burn to Williams ever.

  45. Zinedine Khan

    Zinedine KhanHace 14 minutos

    To be fair Russel barely had anything to be the best rookie

  46. TheJokerit19

    TheJokerit19Hace 15 minutos

    0:08 I wonder what's written on the right one, LOL.

  47. Jimi Knewstubb

    Jimi KnewstubbHace 16 minutos


  48. Maharshi Patel

    Maharshi PatelHace 16 minutos

    I hope in future George moves to Mercedes, team McLaren gets stronger to compete top teams like Ferrari, bulls and merc and Albon gets stronger in red bull. And hope these 3 can give interesting races competing with each other and all of them, one day become world champions

  49. jb

    jbHace 17 minutos

    Whoever at F1 edited this video should get a raise. It was so cinematic 😂

  50. Glovepup

    GlovepupHace 17 minutos

    Please don't change lads, you are a breath of fresh air and what this sport needs!

  51. Brandon Burrows

    Brandon BurrowsHace 17 minutos


  52. dw235

    dw235Hace 17 minutos

    Is it too soon to request that this become an annual post-season event for these three?

  53. Fahmi Juliansyah

    Fahmi JuliansyahHace 17 minutos

    This is comedy gold!

  54. Mateus Menezes

    Mateus MenezesHace 17 minutos

    Something missing... Giovinazzi🤔🤔😂

  55. Feltric Garmond

    Feltric GarmondHace 18 minutos

    F1 should do two cams to the side to have a way more wide view. Or put both sideviews as a small pic on a place which can be covered

  56. Felix O.

    Felix O.Hace 18 minutos

    This is on the official F1 channel. I love it.

  57. huuki

    huukiHace 18 minutos


  58. tuanakucuk

    tuanakucukHace 19 minutos

    The Office vibes got me lol

  59. David Brackin

    David BrackinHace 20 minutos

    maybe they should have counted up the amount of pubes each driver has,and the highest number wins.thanks Daniel Ricciardo

  60. MiniCat gaming

    MiniCat gamingHace 21 un minuto

    Anyone noticed the Ge0rg R0sSeIL spelling. Briliant banter by lando 😂

  61. D Peterson

    D PetersonHace 22 minutos

    Wonderful! Bodes well for the future! Thanks Guys!!!

  62. Mr Browns

    Mr BrownsHace 22 minutos

    Fantastic video! What a grid we have! Long may they banter.

  63. Vithor Leal

    Vithor LealHace 22 minutos

    Awesome video, keep these coming! Specially during the winter break, I think content like this would be great!

  64. Ashwin Kathireson

    Ashwin KathiresonHace 22 minutos

    We want more of this in 2020 please 😂

  65. HyperAva

    HyperAvaHace 22 minutos

    i couldnt tell if this was a meme channel vid

  66. Shadow Blade

    Shadow BladeHace 23 minutos

    George is meme. This is what F1 is about

  67. Alessandro Bonisol

    Alessandro BonisolHace 24 minutos

    Carlo vanzini il migliore

  68. Shadsy The Hedgehog

    Shadsy The HedgehogHace 24 minutos


  69. Paulo G

    Paulo GHace 24 minutos

    So nice to see those 3 competitors laughing respectfully from each other. Remembers me the F1 drivers of the 60s and 70s and 80s. You could do something similar with James Hunt, Berger and Piquet. Now imagine putting Schumacher, Alonso and Prost doing that. Just impossible.

  70. Filip Anić

    Filip AnićHace 24 minutos

    Hire them as new Top Gear trio!

  71. Bowden.

    Bowden.Hace 25 minutos

    we needed this

  72. Bartosz Nowicki

    Bartosz NowickiHace 25 minutos

    XDDD what is this You gotta love Liberty Media

  73. ThriftybyNature

    ThriftybyNatureHace 26 minutos

    Fair to say Giovinazzi had no chance to begin with

  74. Andrew Deck

    Andrew DeckHace 27 minutos

    This made me laugh!

  75. TechMantra

    TechMantraHace 27 minutos

    RIP headphone users (me).

  76. kid

    kidHace 27 minutos

    On this episode of the office...

  77. Asgor Reidaa

    Asgor ReidaaHace 27 minutos

    Lando Norris

  78. marco antonio ruiz gonzalez

    marco antonio ruiz gonzalezHace 28 minutos


  79. - Garugaa -

    - Garugaa -Hace 28 minutos

    I love it how russell used his disadvantages to his advantages :D

  80. Kevin Davies

    Kevin DaviesHace 28 minutos

    Russell just became my definitive favorite driver... Williams, PLEASE get your shit together

  81. Kep

    KepHace 29 minutos

    The qualifying consistency part hurted a lot

  82. PASCHOLnachui

    PASCHOLnachuiHace 29 minutos

    And they all will be banned

  83. Jose Mejía

    Jose MejíaHace 29 minutos

    Like si vienes por Efeuno GRANDE VICTOR!

  84. OscarM452

    OscarM452Hace 30 minutos

    Best part of the year this is

  85. mahesh

    maheshHace 30 minutos


  86. artursz1993

    artursz1993Hace 30 minutos

    What a MEME

  87. Gabriele Rispetta

    Gabriele RispettaHace 30 minutos


  88. Giorgi Laluashvili

    Giorgi LaluashviliHace 30 minutos

    This stuff is epic

  89. Jonas Walter

    Jonas WalterHace 31 un minuto

    Russel legend

  90. Edward Saenz

    Edward SaenzHace 31 un minuto

    The only group of drivers I wish were on a team of 3 cars.

  91. Tycho Hardy

    Tycho HardyHace 31 un minuto

    Best video ever

  92. Jean Els

    Jean ElsHace 31 un minuto

    Best video on your channel 😂

  93. sparksk8er

    sparksk8erHace 32 minutos

    I hear the recorder, i say S🅱️inalla

  94. Huey Freeman

    Huey FreemanHace 32 minutos

    How do I reach there kids?! 🙃

  95. Flexi Mothowakgosi

    Flexi MothowakgosiHace 32 minutos

    Russell needs a better team, Williams is not for him

  96. Tony Avila

    Tony AvilaHace 33 minutos

    F A C T S

  97. Fernando Villan Ramirez

    Fernando Villan RamirezHace 34 minutos


  98. doguipreacher

    doguipreacherHace 34 minutos

    This is the best video F1 released all year.

  99. Milena Dembicka

    Milena DembickaHace 35 minutos

    I love Russell❤ Norris❤ Albon❤

  100. Maris

    MarisHace 35 minutos

    Is this an episode of Office?