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Clash of Clans

The official ESgo channel for Clash of Clans. Develop your strategy. Build your defenses. Attack your enemies. Conquer. Did somebody say Hog Rider?

  1. Renann Cardoso

    Renann CardosoHace un minuto


  2. Irenilson Clash

    Irenilson ClashHace 4 minutos

    Muito show 👏😂 Rei tá locasso kk

  3. BlooTanooki

    BlooTanookiHace 4 minutos

    There's been 2 Angry Birds movies and still no Clash of Clans movie? What the heck! How many gems do I have to pay for it to happen?

  4. Adalid Barcos

    Adalid BarcosHace 6 minutos

    Díganme que no soy el único que habla español Like si hablas español

  5. Hamza Kara

    Hamza KaraHace 6 minutos

    So op

  6. Daniel Fidelis

    Daniel FidelisHace 10 minutos

    Plis buat clash a Rama lagi donk

  7. Satyaki Bagchi

    Satyaki BagchiHace 12 minutos

    It's hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣

  8. ghastlygNO TM

    ghastlygNO TMHace 14 minutos

    0:00 the grass...

  9. Jacob Wittenberg

    Jacob WittenbergHace 14 minutos

    She’s basically Captain America but in clash of clans

  10. Best of Brawl-Stars

    Best of Brawl-StarsHace 14 minutos

    Damn the prinzess was the best

  11. Mazz

    MazzHace 16 minutos

    Battle machine as Thor... Royal champion as Captain America... What's next?? Hulk?? 🙄🙄 We want Iron man though... 😁😁

  12. Tristan Smith

    Tristan SmithHace 19 minutos

    Sounds fun, to bad it will be like two years tell I see those upgrades.. this game takes to long...I’m playing once a week lately

  13. Craven Silver

    Craven SilverHace 19 minutos

    Who else wants clash a Rama ⬇️

  14. LA PEPPA

    LA PEPPAHace 20 minutos

    Ya añadieron la bandera de México o para cuando?

  15. Bad Apple

    Bad AppleHace 29 minutos

    next time: the ancient dragon, special attack: a line of fire to the next three buildings

  16. Afiq 291194

    Afiq 291194Hace 31 un minuto

    super nice

  17. Greystone •

    Greystone •Hace 32 minutos

    I still prefer archer queen.

  18. Frank Zeien

    Frank ZeienHace 32 minutos

    Some have maxed all ready talk about cheating and should be band my god

  19. Bugs Bunny

    Bugs BunnyHace 38 minutos

    How do you get Town hall 13? my upgrade does not have the normal button to upgrade.☹️

  20. Mr Dictator

    Mr DictatorHace 38 minutos

    I wish we could actually retreat and not lose our troops

  21. Joshua Field

    Joshua FieldHace 39 minutos

    Soo are you gonna change the siege barracks' name?

  22. Mr Dictator

    Mr DictatorHace 40 minutos

    ..... Unless you press the end battle button

  23. Nic8888 Ng

    Nic8888 NgHace 40 minutos

    This new hero only targeting defence why not targeting other structure weird huh 🤔

  24. Евгений Попов

    Евгений ПоповHace 41 un minuto

    Донное обновление

  25. UnEnded

    UnEndedHace 42 minutos

    Me Sittin at town hall 6: 😐

  26. Minerplays

    MinerplaysHace 48 minutos

    Do more clasharama! (:

  27. BenjiJump_8 thegamerofficial

    BenjiJump_8 thegamerofficialHace 49 minutos

    she kinda thicc tho ngl


    Zimo CASTLE RAIDERHace 52 minutos

    Lol new hero thats cool i love the voice they gave him 😂😂😂

  29. Mustafa JK.

    Mustafa JK.Hace 56 minutos

    She THICK no more Archer queen 😂

  30. BlackBoxster

    BlackBoxsterHace 58 minutos

    The archer queen is getting cheated

  31. SuhailZX

    SuhailZXHace 59 minutos

    In the meantime Archer Queen : Still targeting the walls Grand Warden : HOHO

  32. حمودي1x lحمودي

    حمودي1x lحموديHace 59 minutos



    PRANITA RAIHace un hora

    Royal champion looks like valkyrie from thor ragnarok 😎😎😎

  34. Vaughn Brönn

    Vaughn BrönnHace un hora


  35. Supercell

    SupercellHace un hora

    How strong the vocal cords of the King of barbarians are that he can scream for so long without breathing

  36. Nate Kilo

    Nate KiloHace un hora

    What the f*** once again you ruined it supercell!!! How are the walls so much I upgraded them a day before the update they went from 850000 to 1.7 million!! P*** off you money hungry c***s! Miners have been nurfed and now go anyway except towards town hall the new warrior looks like she was designed and made in one afternoon just a way to get people to buy more gems I hope the last remaining people that play this s*** finally see wjat you’re all about and delete the b****x!

  37. Ryan Tunks

    Ryan TunksHace un hora

    This is such an OP troop when there is 10 seconds left use shields ability to get the builder huts in the corner

  38. Dimitris sss

    Dimitris sssHace un hora

    Hahahaah attack! Epic vid

  39. RektByMqrco

    RektByMqrcoHace un hora

    I can meet the new hero but than im rusher.

  40. Görkem VARDAR

    Görkem VARDARHace un hora

    Retreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaating is for weaks? Haha thats funny

  41. Коля Toys TV

    Коля Toys TVHace un hora

    You kostume in the amagine

  42. NouBy

    NouByHace un hora

    Rei barbaro com orgulho de sua filha

  43. junior 101 Lol brawl stars :3

    junior 101 Lol brawl stars :3Hace un hora

    The king barbarian X royal champion xd? Oie zy :v

  44. Brandon Humphrey

    Brandon HumphreyHace un hora

    This is a whole new level of nerd

  45. Mauricio Rosales

    Mauricio RosalesHace un hora

    I just spend money to max out and then this?.. oh hell nah!

  46. Mauricio Rosales

    Mauricio RosalesHace un hora


  47. Hudzaifah Al yaman

    Hudzaifah Al yamanHace un hora

    Tolong super cell th10 balon maxnya lv07 dong msa sama ma th9 balon maxnya lv6...hrus da perbedaan dong tanks.... Biar gak bosen mainya

  48. knaz mshrf

    knaz mshrfHace un hora

    Thank yooo 🙏😅🤩😍

  49. Junior Sunny

    Junior SunnyHace un hora

    Captain America: Last night, I lost my shield. Maybe it was stolen by someone. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Royal Champion: I didn't steal anything. It's mine. 😎😎

  50. knaz mshrf

    knaz mshrfHace un hora


  51. Kharunia Khalik

    Kharunia KhalikHace un hora

    Make the archer queen one plzz supercell

  52. ٱلبيطار ELbitar

    ٱلبيطار ELbitarHace un hora

    الملكه الجديده فشيخه

  53. Ratish Shakya

    Ratish ShakyaHace un hora

    Nice Video

  54. Æ

    ÆHace un hora

    I'm gonna ship her and the king


    SPARTACUSHace un hora

    For the first time we have listened to the voice of the barbarian king♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ After all these years!!! Finally

  56. Kadir Alpdündar

    Kadir AlpdündarHace un hora

    Türkler sesimizi duyuralım

  57. Charmander7 Gaming

    Charmander7 GamingHace un hora

    The red army lol. *Soyuz neuroshimy, respublik sdnovych*


    GAZMIR TOTAHace un hora

    What about queen ?

  59. Marcel Alex Andreu Espinoza

    Marcel Alex Andreu EspinozaHace un hora

    real fighter=the captain american

  60. Khan Cx

    Khan CxHace un hora

    The queen is jealous so it does not hit the five

  61. Biggs Fam

    Biggs FamHace un hora

    Just posted my first CLash of Clans ESgo video, come check it out guys!

  62. The Moon Lite

    The Moon LiteHace un hora


  63. Junaid Alpha

    Junaid AlphaHace un hora


  64. Jorge gonzales caceres

    Jorge gonzales caceresHace un hora


  65. TheProPlayerX109

    TheProPlayerX109Hace un hora

    Brawl stars el primo jump sound phone: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL PRIMOOOOO

  66. el fornitense

    el fornitenseHace un hora

    No entiendo un carajo pero me gusta el juego

  67. javed attar

    javed attarHace un hora


  68. Benø Msp

    Benø MspHace un hora

    why didnt i get this one :((

  69. Ultimate DeadPool

    Ultimate DeadPoolHace un hora

    Get ready for Rule 34

  70. Cold Air

    Cold AirHace un hora

    Love forever

  71. Cold Air

    Cold AirHace un hora

    My game

  72. luis lopez

    luis lopezHace un hora

    Spoiler alert: New character in clash royale

  73. SucukEkmekYT

    SucukEkmekYTHace un hora

    2019 : The Royal champion 3019: The Mars Champion

  74. Mama von Fred

    Mama von FredHace un hora

    The King and the new hero get a baby, its the town hall 14 hero Lol

  75. Terro

    TerroHace 2 horas

    Wachen esos cuernos papá XDXDXD

  76. Nazri GAMING

    Nazri GAMINGHace 2 horas

    You and This Army Clash of Clans, Download for free

  77. killer KingED

    killer KingEDHace 2 horas

    Clash a Rama on the new royal champion?



    no more clash a rama?

  79. Thomas Ng

    Thomas NgHace 2 horas

    5:49 the baby hog rider head shrinks

  80. Stop TOP

    Stop TOPHace 2 horas


  81. Seba803 v2

    Seba803 v2Hace 2 horas

    Do a new Clash-A-Rama plisase

  82. Augusto Mantero

    Augusto ManteroHace 2 horas

    Game is ruined without global chat

  83. Emma Birrell

    Emma BirrellHace 2 horas

    Dragons are not in clash royal like if you play supercel games

  84. the king

    the kingHace 2 horas


  85. OLD IS GOLD Gaming

    OLD IS GOLD GamingHace 2 horas

    It looks she have baby arms

  86. Umer Butt

    Umer ButtHace 2 horas

    I think Barbarian king had now an affair with the royal champion😁😉 Be careful Archer Queen👍

  87. A.V.M Factory

    A.V.M FactoryHace 2 horas

    Captain America 🤣

  88. Umang mistry

    Umang mistryHace 2 horas

    Lol so OP😂😂

  89. زۣهۣۗہرهۣۗہ آلَكۣۗہآردُنۣۗہيۣۗہآ

    زۣهۣۗہرهۣۗہ آلَكۣۗہآردُنۣۗہيۣۗہآHace 2 horas

    حلو والله 😘

  90. Erdon Mavraj

    Erdon MavrajHace 2 horas

    Can i get a heart from you it’s my dream

  91. Antero netijen

    Antero netijenHace 2 horas


  92. Mohd hafiz

    Mohd hafizHace 2 horas

    TH13 need to have 5 air defense... or upgrade to UP level... So, that will not east to get 3 stars..

  93. Brutalbeni

    BrutalbeniHace 2 horas

    0:16 High five for himself 😂

  94. Carlos Paige

    Carlos PaigeHace 2 horas

    White guy in my clan calling the new hero, his little spear chucker, but quick to say " i didn't mean it like that"

  95. Nxkeyy

    NxkeyyHace 2 horas

    Fix für Clouds !!

  96. Vladimir Li

    Vladimir LiHace 2 horas


  97. chathika bopetta

    chathika bopettaHace 2 horas

    Brush whats with 😏 this emoji

  98. 5000 Subs With No Videos?

    5000 Subs With No Videos?Hace 2 horas

    Top ten biggest anime plot twists: The Barbarian King is cheating on the Archer Queen with the Royal Champion


    xX Yell Xx THE KING OF HORRORHace 2 horas

    Y la brawl talk para cuando >:v

  100. شريف خالد Sherif Khalid

    شريف خالد Sherif KhalidHace 2 horas

    royal champion: exists stars:why do I hear boss music 99%2