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  1. Kevin Ebrado

    Kevin EbradoHace 6 segundos

    kyler shouldve sticked to baseball

  2. Alex Decker

    Alex DeckerHace 50 segundos

    was für ein krasses Spiel !!!

  3. August Moon

    August MoonHace 53 segundos

    The Chiefs D backs held all night! Terrible defenders!

  4. Cristian Mancillas

    Cristian MancillasHace un minuto

    A lot of upsets this week I think. Also felt like the playoffs

  5. forw4rdp422

    forw4rdp422Hace un minuto

    Colts can still go 9-7. Asking the world out of a quarterback Jacoby has been relatively mistake-less. Sometimes seems like he’s playing scared but it’s better than handing games away.

  6. Ragnar Rothbard

    Ragnar RothbardHace un minuto

    If you have not seen Pat McAfee's multiple explanations of this play, you are missing out. Explanation includes the shot of his face when he said, "what the FU**?!" On screen. If anyone replies to this message, I will post links to the videos. But they're easy to find. McAfee is loud.

  7. cruxhyy

    cruxhyyHace un minuto

    5:24 they didn’t say how perfect that pass was my Emmanuel Sanders backfoot, under pressure, and not his primary position that pass was beautiful

  8. Zayland Chatman

    Zayland ChatmanHace un minuto

    I felt like I watched the super bowl

  9. Greenfield121

    Greenfield121Hace un minuto

    Feel sorry for Brady. He still has it but his offence is not good this year. Yet everyone keeps saying Brady is done

  10. No Wonder

    No WonderHace un minuto

    Mjd is a joke. Fire that dude

  11. Teodoro Guzman

    Teodoro GuzmanHace un minuto

    4 time a 49ers game is on trending 🔥

  12. Cristian Mancillas

    Cristian MancillasHace 2 minutos

    A lot of upsets this week I think. Also felt like the playoffs

  13. Randy Taft

    Randy TaftHace 2 minutos

    I don't like the Patriots at all but that was 100% a touchdown. Yeah those officials blew that call but why the hell didn't they challenge that? Am i missing something?

  14. Banyuaigo

    BanyuaigoHace 2 minutos

    ... did anyone, other than Titans Executives, see this Resurrection by Tannehill?! He looks like a Top-5 Starter. This game... was impressive. That hit he delivered after the pic'... damn. That's a Man... destroying a mountain. Not fair for the big-man. I could always see the incredible raw-talent in brief glimpses I had of Dolphins games... but I had no idea he was just waiting to flourish in the right situation. Nice story...

  15. D White

    D WhiteHace 2 minutos

    I've been a steelers fan for 42 yrs but after reading some of these comments lol am i the only one not delusional?? Come on, steelers suck for real, so does joe haden. Just because they play a really horrible team and barely get away with a win??? And the cards qb just throws the ball up for grabs means joe haden is improving? Lmao wait until steelers play a real team, that might wake you up. Bam!! Reality.

  16. Cristian Mancillas

    Cristian MancillasHace 2 minutos

    A lot of upsets this week I think. Also felt like the playoffs

  17. Mitchoo 22

    Mitchoo 22Hace 2 minutos

    Texans tried too little too late

  18. Barry Goodwin

    Barry GoodwinHace 2 minutos

    They know about the spice! Is he the one?

  19. Bradders

    BraddersHace 2 minutos

    What a GAME!!! 49ers look like Contenders for the Superbowl this year, WOW!!

  20. Chabi ///Szabo

    Chabi ///SzaboHace 2 minutos

    This pass interference rule makes this game really anoying. Every man for himself and that is good for the game.

  21. Brian Bethea

    Brian BetheaHace 2 minutos

    It wasn't until I saw the Cardinal Logo at midfield that I realized the game was in Arizona & not Heinz field. Secondly, that interception Kyler threw to TJ, he probably should've ran the ball then.

  22. Sergio Muñiz

    Sergio MuñizHace 3 minutos

    Good win for the Rams. Seems the Seahawks are letting the Rams hang around in the playoffs

  23. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas JeffersonHace 3 minutos

    No Doubt the Officiating was geared towards keeping this Game Close.

  24. EJ Stephens

    EJ StephensHace 3 minutos

    That first TD pass was an absolute laser and he put it in the perfect spot.

  25. wpjohnston0213

    wpjohnston0213Hace 3 minutos

    Hey, NFL: How do you show repeated 3rd and 17 with 44 seconds left in the 4th quarter but not how the Jets were able to get into field goal range to kick the winner? Fail on your part.

  26. Gene jordan

    Gene jordanHace 3 minutos

    dallas is going to host minnesota or seattle.... lol... and get beat down

  27. Joseph Flanigan

    Joseph FlaniganHace 3 minutos

    Time to start talking about Drew Lock. Wow

  28. jacques taljaardt

    jacques taljaardtHace 4 minutos

    Steelers defense had Murray's number. "No tricks today my boy."

  29. DrNark420

    DrNark420Hace 4 minutos

    Well the hawks took an L. It’s good though, don’t want them getting too lazy and soft. They’ll probably win out from here and take either 1 or 2 seed

  30. Preston Flowers

    Preston FlowersHace 4 minutos


  31. bigrozo

    bigrozoHace 4 minutos

    Imagine passing on this guy in the draft and trading UP to get Mitch Trubisky

  32. Jay Boog

    Jay BoogHace 4 minutos

    Even after watching the game earlier I still have to watch the highlights. GAME OF THE YEAR 💯💯💯

  33. deuteriumjones

    deuteriumjonesHace 4 minutos

    4:08 “in this game you gotta score touchdowns” that kind of commentary is why you get paid the big bucks my friends.

  34. Excelling DEICIDE

    Excelling DEICIDEHace 5 minutos

    Buffalo (HATEFUL to Tyrod Taylor) mafia Bills WILL say that Josh Allen is BETTER then Tyrod Taylor. Bills mafia will claim that Tyrod Taylor has reached his peak AND Josh has tons of upside. Hateful Cleveland Brown fans will PROUDLY wish death upon Tyrod Taylor (or severe injury) and NOT be sorry that Brown fans openly said that. Brown fans will also say that Baker Mayfield is BETTER than Tyrod Taylor. #TYPICALborderlinekkkHATEFULnflFANS

  35. EC Crawford

    EC CrawfordHace 5 minutos

    As great as a game this was why is nobody talking about the "no call" pass interference against the Niners at 9:16??!!! Are you kidding me?!!!! That was at least a 10-point if not 14 point swing!!! Shades of the rigged Rams/Saints game from last January

  36. Fifth Horseman

    Fifth HorsemanHace 5 minutos

    Watch without volume. Trust me.

  37. salamipitza

    salamipitzaHace 5 minutos

    how do you start 3-0-1 only to lose 9 str8

  38. fknchucky 89

    fknchucky 89Hace 5 minutos

    Seahawks watching the niners vs saints game: Yep, that's exactly how we are not gonna play tonight. 😎👌

  39. Marcus the word police

    Marcus the word policeHace 5 minutos

    TY Younghoe for those 18 points in fantasy football!

  40. Ronalyn Frac

    Ronalyn FracHace 5 minutos


  41. Clayton Welli

    Clayton WelliHace 5 minutos

    It’s funny because watching those few minutes in the first I thought pats were gonna win but chiefs did there job

  42. obie Feria

    obie FeriaHace 5 minutos

    #ninerempire Kittle is a beast always fun to watch him make plays

  43. Haakonson

    HaakonsonHace 5 minutos

    Terrible commentary

  44. Kai Luke

    Kai LukeHace 6 minutos

    The 49ers really earned this one, but I love it when the Saints win at home!!

  45. Ephesians 5:11

    Ephesians 5:11Hace 6 minutos

    Steelers play call Q1 5:13 3rd&3 @ ARI 12, shotgun...C'mon Man! Snell in an I forman set Plz! Steelers got the talent.

  46. MrNutrBuTr

    MrNutrBuTrHace 6 minutos

    listening to this commentator is like listening to megan kelly. annoying

  47. Ballowall

    BallowallHace 6 minutos

    Kitchens has gotta go. There's no reason a team with this much talent is playing this inconsistently

  48. Edward Majka

    Edward MajkaHace 6 minutos

    Wanted the Saints to Win this one. Oh well.

  49. iAMthe_underdog

    iAMthe_underdogHace 6 minutos

    Jared Goff gives away a touchdown to the Seattle defense and now all of a sudden they're making back to back Superbowls. Lol they're not even making the playoffs.

  50. Thomas M

    Thomas MHace 7 minutos

    Lol Murray is stupid, runs when he shouldnt, doesn't run when he should, he thinks he's still playing at OU forgetting these are NFL DBs

  51. Eric Oliveira

    Eric OliveiraHace 8 minutos

    thanks, Jared! - sincerely, a 9ers fan

  52. Justen Lee

    Justen LeeHace 8 minutos

    Dolphins vs jets more like battle of the giants for rank 32

  53. Lancer____ Dog

    Lancer____ DogHace 8 minutos

    Patriot fans are spoiled whiny babies! Waaa! Waaaaa!

  54. Martin S

    Martin SHace 8 minutos

    Jimmy G can't win a gunslinging contest Jimmy G "hold my damn beer AND my Instagram model"

  55. Viviane Buhira

    Viviane BuhiraHace 8 minutos

    Thank you 🙏 Lord . Prayers answered. Go chiefs

  56. Sergio Benitez

    Sergio BenitezHace 8 minutos

    Every New Orleans celebration was as if they won’t the super bowl. Glad they lost

  57. sabestek

    sabestekHace 8 minutos

    what an amazing game .. so much fun to watch both clubs played well much respect

  58. Milli Macro

    Milli MacroHace 8 minutos

    Goff you have to pick who to throw to Goff: did you say throw pick?

  59. Rhett Burgess

    Rhett BurgessHace 8 minutos

    How was that not a TD? WTF are the refs looking at? I thought all TD okays are automatically reviewed... How does that TD not get called a TD? Unreal!!!

  60. Victor

    VictorHace 8 minutos

    Finally the refs weren’t giving the pats what they wanted. Maybe bill didn’t sign their checks this week 😂

  61. Vdub Productions

    Vdub ProductionsHace 8 minutos

    Not sure what is up but it seemed this decade the Saints-49ers had some really good battles. Anyone still remember the divisional playoff game a few years back?

  62. Hawkeye

    HawkeyeHace 9 minutos

    7:40 why does it cound? I thought the ball was not over the pylon but his hand was?

  63. Mexi Short Music

    Mexi Short MusicHace 9 minutos

  64. B Miles

    B MilesHace 9 minutos

    The female announcer sounds like a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland.

  65. H.dukes 95

    H.dukes 95Hace 9 minutos

    I know this broncos team well because of face of the franchise in madden 20. Lol fant is my guy lol

  66. zettle 234

    zettle 234Hace 9 minutos

    If Murray ever figures out that this is not college anymore, and that he is average, not a cut above the rest... He stands a really good chance to become a great QB. But if he thinks his natural born talent is enough to get him by??? He will be sadly reminded that this is a business

  67. hassan alsaoudi

    hassan alsaoudiHace 9 minutos

    I like how the patriot fans say that they got cheated, when they are usually the ones who are on the other end of it lol

  68. Jared Thomas

    Jared ThomasHace 9 minutos

    Brady has the spice!

  69. Jonny English

    Jonny EnglishHace 9 minutos

    I liked the bit when they said "Touchdown 49ers"

  70. Remnant1217

    Remnant1217Hace 9 minutos

    The cheat is in. The man tackling the guy for 30 yards and never looked back once for the ball...

  71. Rubin Turner

    Rubin TurnerHace 9 minutos

    Kittle best Tight End in the league!

  72. Le Bon Voyage Cafe

    Le Bon Voyage CafeHace 9 minutos

    I called it 6 weeks ago. Defenses have all the film on Allen now. All his tendencies. His eye stares. His inexperience shows now. His second and third years will tell the tale.

  73. Aleksandar Dragovic

    Aleksandar DragovicHace 10 minutos

    I always say it, Texans can beat good teams but can’t seem to handle crap teams

  74. 2Handsome

    2HandsomeHace 10 minutos

    Wow ive never seen someone show that much determination not get taken down like kittle did

  75. Rubin Turner

    Rubin TurnerHace 10 minutos

    Love this team!!!! Go Frisco!

  76. Mr NiceKnife

    Mr NiceKnifeHace 10 minutos

    Weird hearing a woman calling the game, but she did a good job. Screw the haters.

  77. James Azzaretti

    James AzzarettiHace 10 minutos

    for the love of god someone converting on a 3ed and 2 is not a highlight

  78. MrSquaky

    MrSquakyHace 10 minutos

    Welp there goes Russell Wilsons MVP hopes...

  79. CP4UYA

    CP4UYAHace 10 minutos

    Dang without Penny the Hawks had no run game.

  80. Robert Sabolo

    Robert SaboloHace 10 minutos

    How did the saints second touchdown count?

  81. Rim Me

    Rim MeHace 10 minutos

    Wow, KC almost got cheated! Great job whomever!

  82. Kidknapped

    KidknappedHace 10 minutos

    So we just gonna say it was a good game and ignore the fact that 9:10 was arguably one of the worst non calls in nfl history? My man 33 held the receiver the entire route, didn't look at the ball once, and slammed the receiver while he was out of bounds.

  83. Fred Miller Jr

    Fred Miller JrHace 12 minutos

    I wonder if the defenses will show up next time? Almost 100 points between the two teams. Sickening to watch as an ex defensive lineman.

  84. Simone Taddia

    Simone TaddiaHace 12 minutos

    Even with 10-3, unlikely, Patriots can win the Superbowl. I hope in Ravens and 49ers to beat them.

  85. Ace Love

    Ace LoveHace 12 minutos

    Game went under by 1 touchdown smh...4&18 with 3 mins left Seattle on their own 10...that stop would have been a touchdown drive after ..but noooo they let him convert

  86. HeadShakerBeatz410

    HeadShakerBeatz410Hace 12 minutos

    I'm from Baltimore I'm a RAVENS fan all day.. But the Patriots was Rob a touchdown

  87. K P A C U B O

    K P A C U B OHace 12 minutos

    I applaud to 49ers!!!

  88. Rafi

    RafiHace 12 minutos

    GG whodat⚜️⚜️

  89. Fierce Rambo

    Fierce RamboHace 12 minutos

    game of the year without a doubt

  90. Hs F_08

    Hs F_08Hace 12 minutos

    Every time the niners play its always a good ass game. This game should’ve been prime time.

  91. Almaz Saetov

    Almaz SaetovHace 12 minutos

    Game of year

  92. Baby J

    Baby JHace 12 minutos


  93. Dakota Womack

    Dakota WomackHace 13 minutos

    5:27 so we just gonna ignore the fact that garopollo laid down a damn good block

  94. Kobe Is The Goat

    Kobe Is The GoatHace 13 minutos

    #PackersNation🏆🏆🏆🏆 #GoPackGo🧀 #KingsOfTheNFCNorth👑

  95. California UNO

    California UNOHace 13 minutos

    203 bill fans hating on this video 🤣🤣 hate n be mad at your team for not being able to win when it matters lol

  96. Gordon C

    Gordon CHace 13 minutos

    Hell of a game!! Really creative play calling on both sides. What a beast Kittle is! That is one of the most awesome plays I have ever seen. This is going to be an exciting and wild end of the season stretch and should make for great playoffs and SB.

  97. RATEDRsensei

    RATEDRsenseiHace 13 minutos

    Eddleman should have went towards that last ball he would of caught it but he waited for it to come to him and the defender made the play GG

  98. Ryan Blaze

    Ryan BlazeHace 13 minutos

    im all for the Pats losing but that was clearly a TD score really was a little closer. come on NFL make the right call

  99. Hatedj

    HatedjHace 14 minutos

    Hey chargers fans?! You can still come have a set on the 🛋️ at the end of the season! Rivers blew enough games already! 😂🤣😂🤣

  100. He Was Dead When I Got There

    He Was Dead When I Got ThereHace 14 minutos

    U mad?