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  1. Risangster

    RisangsterHace 11 minutos

    Before she got blame coz didnt flush the toilet after put a SHEET

  2. Hey ArseHole

    Hey ArseHoleHace 35 minutos

    E boy vibes

  3. Claudia Pitch

    Claudia PitchHace 54 minutos

    The real Michael Jackson it’s really sad right now 😂

  4. Martin Cummins

    Martin CumminsHace 2 horas

    Fat cow

  5. Banana Fanana

    Banana FananaHace 3 horas

    Harry has embraced being LGBT, progressed as a solo artist tremendously, and has become an inspiration to so many young people. I love that this 16 year old here had no clue what his future would withhold.

  6. Harriet Styles

    Harriet StylesHace 3 horas

    Harry was already in Kiwi mode

  7. john milxer

    john milxerHace 6 horas

    I feel like Harry had the looks to play “Luffy” in a live action of the anime series, One Piece

  8. Yung Chifly

    Yung ChiflyHace 6 horas

    Wow I don't care what they sound like the audience was rude for laughing at them this is where self esteem plays in what if they was the kind of girls that after they left the killed they self.. I bet laughing stopped and omg I feel so bad


    TONY MOONHace 7 horas

    I hate absolutely everything about them.

  10. andres muñoz

    andres muñozHace 8 horas

    The've got drugs troubles absolutely.

  11. Kathryn Conti

    Kathryn ContiHace 8 horas

    America loves you

  12. Kathryn Conti

    Kathryn ContiHace 8 horas


  13. cody56011

    cody56011Hace 8 horas

    Yall should see the malaysian idol mj fail then... At least that one makes u lol

  14. C Als

    C AlsHace 9 horas

    When it comes to gotta' do what Simon says

  15. Princess Of Thebes

    Princess Of ThebesHace 10 horas

    I think her voice is average.

  16. Lil Daddy oficial

    Lil Daddy oficialHace 10 horas

    9 years of this... I literally can’t believe how fast the night changes

  17. Lil Daddy oficial

    Lil Daddy oficialHace 11 horas

    They were dancing... that’s funny

  18. 0lolinc0

    0lolinc0Hace 12 horas

    Niall screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAA cracks me up every time

  19. Diego  Medina Campos

    Diego Medina CamposHace 12 horas

    Hermoso,como canta esta chica

  20. a s h

    a s hHace 12 horas

    Niall reminds me of that "never gonna give u up dude" 's dance

  21. Dyann Reese

    Dyann ReeseHace 12 horas

    I love his voice

  22. Gamboa A-Marelo

    Gamboa A-MareloHace 12 horas

    Que diria Beyoncé. Alguém sem talento cof cof

  23. Elise Jackson

    Elise JacksonHace 15 horas

    ugh. this is so funny/cute/sad.

  24. Liam EFC

    Liam EFCHace 16 horas

    louis walsh wrong again, what a surprise

  25. I P

    I PHace 16 horas

    You did it baby, you did it ❤️

  26. Goran Sinadinovic

    Goran SinadinovicHace 17 horas

    The Spartans were sharp, beautiful and fit. Because they threw ones like Abi & Lisa from the cliff.

  27. Evie Generation

    Evie GenerationHace 17 horas

    I can't believe that I sore these people in real life I watched this vid about a year ago and sore them Then went to my friends house and I told him if it was them he said yes he didn't even realize until I told him I could tell if there axent I didn't know how i could tell by how different they looked you could tell by their faces

  28. Monica Nath

    Monica NathHace 17 horas

    Wow-great strength of vocals from Liam and Niall!

  29. Xerkzes Gamer

    Xerkzes GamerHace 18 horas

    You family Wanat Many? Source Pliss make Faks open asy Pliss

  30. Xerkzes Gamer

    Xerkzes GamerHace 18 horas


  31. Hodan Adan

    Hodan AdanHace 20 horas

    Rebecca has her soulful voice because when she is singing at the audition


    JT TAYLORHace 21 un hora

    Simon Cowell is just such a genius

  33. Maya Bakopoulou

    Maya BakopoulouHace 21 un hora

    If only they knew that the 16 year old boy that auditioned would become one of the most famous singers AND people in the world

  34. Jade Fo

    Jade FoHace 22 horas

    Amazing! Anybody has the song in the end?

  35. Brendan Morin

    Brendan MorinHace 22 horas

    Who is here after adore you??

  36. Sagar Yadav

    Sagar YadavHace 22 horas

    2:16 Niall: Aaaaaaa 💁‍♂️

  37. rick mack

    rick mackHace 23 horas

    and look at him now. 2019 controlling the stage on his own.

  38. Harry's bae

    Harry's baeHace 23 horas

    I came here for niall😂

  39. Christina Jenkins

    Christina JenkinsHace 23 horas

    That one guy is tone deaf. Harry was brilliant!

  40. Christina Jenkins

    Christina JenkinsHace 23 horas

    Hes such a sweetheart!

  41. OspreyDrifters rw

    OspreyDrifters rwHace un día

    I'd like to unsee this please

  42. Hair Arul

    Hair ArulHace un día


  43. princess erin

    princess erinHace un día

    I wonder, how they are now...

  44. Nikita Els

    Nikita ElsHace un día

    I feel so sorry for the judges... 😨😲👩

  45. isabellexnouv

    isabellexnouvHace un día

    the crowd honestly needs to calm down and stop booing

  46. Lucita Stefania Angel Domo

    Lucita Stefania Angel DomoHace un día

    Soy fan de ellos desde que tengo 12 años!!!! y ver esto realmente me llena de nostalgia, actualmente tengo 20 años y todavía muero de ganas por conocerlos :'v por ellos aprendí inglés, los extraño mucho como banda y ahhhhhh, ya me dio la depre.

  47. i love selena gomez

    i love selena gomezHace un día

    Stream M.I.A by Cher Lloyd. Sad to see shes underrated and unappreciated now and only famous cause of the meme DISGUSTANG😔

  48. Keaghan Plaugher

    Keaghan PlaugherHace un día

    Guys I just bought this

  49. Nick Vartan

    Nick VartanHace un día

    “ Iam going to study... - something else ✅

  50. Tieoni Washington

    Tieoni WashingtonHace un día


  51. Jazz Scott

    Jazz ScottHace un día

    An angle bless this man always loved always missed xxxx

  52. Alexander Moss

    Alexander MossHace un día

    Zayn looks so gay.

  53. Luismiguel 8153

    Luismiguel 8153Hace un día


  54. mr. catman

    mr. catmanHace un día

    i love how they didn't have a cool name so the producers gave them one

  55. Leah Blazoff

    Leah BlazoffHace un día

    I 💖 Niall

  56. Millie

    MillieHace un día

    And here we have the only act from X factor 2010 that anyone remembers

  57. Jaison Da Silva Carvalho

    Jaison Da Silva CarvalhoHace un día

    I am not boring am I, let's be honest, I am me!

  58. yeet Smith

    yeet SmithHace un día

    PPI number story

  59. yeet Smith

    yeet SmithHace un día

    I'm Abby and Lisa and together we are dumb idiots

  60. Nando Channel

    Nando ChannelHace un día


  61. Raquel Gonçalves Gutierrez

    Raquel Gonçalves GutierrezHace un día

    Forever one direction ❤❤😭😭

  62. Michael Burton's - Wizard Of Oz Collection

    Michael Burton's - Wizard Of Oz CollectionHace un día

    I feel bad for them because theyre both obviously special needs and it takes guts to get on a stage in front of hundreds of people. Yes, they weren't good. We see that. I have a best friend who is completely tone deaf. But as a best friend I cheer her on. Not to have her embarrassed when she sings in front of people. It's because I love my best friend and I just want her happy. These girls have attitudes but there's probably Asperger's Syndrome there. I think the judges should've let them down easy and took it into consideration that they're most likely handicapped in some way.

  63. Jungwoo’s Skrt

    Jungwoo’s SkrtHace un día

    I wanna really wanna see them react to this.

  64. Char Borg

    Char BorgHace un día

    00:21 That smile is legit creepy

  65. Jungwoo’s Skrt

    Jungwoo’s SkrtHace un día

    Oh my god, they were babies. 😂😭


    FELITAKES XnHace un día

    Im Abby And im Lisa And together we are 500 kilos

  67. Anghel Ienciu

    Anghel IenciuHace un día

    This girls are the examples why the quality of sperm has to be high 🤣

  68. Lizé Kirchner

    Lizé KirchnerHace un día

    Im here in December 2019!

  69. Śjora

    ŚjoraHace un día

    "I'm Abby" "And I'm Lisa" "And together we are McDonald"

  70. Queeny Allegro

    Queeny AllegroHace un día

    That rude the girl

  71. abrarjunejo

    abrarjunejoHace un día

    Same song when George Michael introduced Sir Elton John years ago.

  72. Andréia Lourenço

    Andréia LourençoHace un día

    two idiot girls

  73. WhenLifeGivesYouLemons

    WhenLifeGivesYouLemonsHace un día


  74. Ahmad Izz

    Ahmad IzzHace un día

    Why it no rating because I will give 1star

  75. Bonnie Molika

    Bonnie MolikaHace un día

    What moves did harry have? Haha

  76. Amei Konyak

    Amei KonyakHace 2 días

    Who else is listening this in December 2019 I guess I'm the only one

  77. zanetttta

    zanettttaHace 2 días

    He’s got so much natural charm :)

  78. Daneila Chambers

    Daneila ChambersHace 2 días


  79. lyra malfoy

    lyra malfoyHace 2 días

    everyone came for niall's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  80. Gáčhã Čâptäïñ

    Gáčhã ČâptäïñHace 2 días

    I did a dis!ike because of the girls the video is nice

  81. CountDoucheula

    CountDoucheulaHace 2 días

    *Thesis* Poor people are ugly

  82. Ryan Gaming

    Ryan GamingHace 2 días

    3:54 They are

  83. Harry Hathaway

    Harry HathawayHace 2 días


  84. Sa'-Mya With the crown

    Sa'-Mya With the crownHace 2 días

    She wants to be something that she's not and has a personality and good voice

  85. Rachel Starkey

    Rachel StarkeyHace 2 días

    I adored Katie's jazzy voice the x factor at its best when I liked the contestant s !!! Yeah Katie she was TV gold !!!

  86. Rachel Starkey

    Rachel StarkeyHace 2 días

    When x factor contestant s were likeable v the good old daze v I loved Katie ! !

  87. grof grof

    grof grofHace 2 días

    Two degenerates.....

  88. Dawn Marion

    Dawn MarionHace 2 días

    Im already im already torn

  89. Lil Daddy oficial

    Lil Daddy oficialHace 2 días

    Niall: 😁🌺😊🌷😌☀️ Harry🤬🤬👿👿

  90. Lil Daddy oficial

    Lil Daddy oficialHace 2 días

    aaaaaahhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh

  91. Patriot Lord

    Patriot LordHace 2 días

    0:54 they actually sound decent

  92. Senko- San

    Senko- SanHace 2 días

    Incase y'all can't wait the punch is at 5:02

  93. Szymon Solarz

    Szymon SolarzHace 2 días

    Pity, that will never hear her studio version of the song. It would be great for sure listening this... so unfair 😢

  94. Tab Overton

    Tab OvertonHace 2 días

    Who here after adore you

  95. Ecaterina

    EcaterinaHace 2 días

    I watched this so many times it’s actually starting to become good

  96. Yareidy Ramon

    Yareidy RamonHace 2 días

    Son abi y lisa pork abi le dio una palisa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  97. jkd hdiod

    jkd hdiodHace 2 días

    harry keep calm pls

  98. Kremit

    KremitHace 2 días

    How people actually hear me when I think I sound good:

  99. Otb Mai

    Otb MaiHace 2 días

    Who’s still here December 2019❤️❤️❤️

  100. rosa rossa

    rosa rossaHace 2 días

    Gli autori del programma non se ne sono accorti prima che queste due hanno gravi problemi mentali?! E le hanno fatte partecipare lo stesso?!