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    HELLHOUND GAMINGHace 2 horas

    The past, the present, the future, all in one song

  2. Mad Max

    Mad MaxHace 2 horas

    Хорошая музыка вне времени!

  3. Shannon MJ McCluskey

    Shannon MJ McCluskeyHace 2 horas

    It's super catchy and I really love the rhythm and the beat, but man oh man his lyrics are somethin else! He was on one for sure writing this LOL. Trippin hard!

  4. 尺乇レOムd PlayZ

    尺乇レOムd PlayZHace 2 horas

    Who came here from wwe wreslemania 36 song

  5. Nguyen Tuan Anh

    Nguyen Tuan AnhHace 2 horas

    The song make me feel like the K-rose of GTASa

  6. Luciane silva

    Luciane silvaHace 3 horas

    Fake trailer of gta 6 let me here


    ZAHRA BIDAIHace 3 horas

    ❤❤in ur eyes❤❤

  8. veronique Azema

    veronique AzemaHace 3 horas

    One of my favourite ❤️💯

  9. Erika Trujillo

    Erika TrujilloHace 3 horas

    Cómo se llama la primera modelo que sale en el desfile? Alguien que me diga

  10. leroyhhh

    leroyhhhHace 3 horas

    Driving into the sunset on a Saturday evening!!! This MUST be in gta6. MUST

  11. Chris

    ChrisHace 3 horas

    so much cameos makes The Weeknd look swag af he already is

  12. rubgamess

    rubgamessHace 3 horas

    Mucha canción para un video regular ... Que agradable escuchar un arreglo de sax en estos días.


    《B6》RECRUTA SANTOSHace 3 horas

    Os brasileiros cade

  14. jazmin valdivia

    jazmin valdiviaHace 3 horas


  15. Family Gaming Tube

    Family Gaming TubeHace 3 horas

    This song makes me wanna drive 10 miles with my remote control car and pick up hot coronavirus free chicks.✌💪🔥

  16. MB

    MBHace 3 horas

    Who else here bcuz of caronavirus

  17. Wavanova

    WavanovaHace 3 horas

    This girl spreading so much corona everywhere with all that blood smh

  18. Mahnoor

    MahnoorHace 3 horas

    Musiccc ❤️❤️

  19. DubsBubs JR

    DubsBubs JRHace 3 horas

    Love the weekend so much honestly.

  20. نهاية النهر

    نهاية النهرHace 3 horas

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  21. نهاية النهر

    نهاية النهرHace 3 horas

    @t visit us you're welcome

  22. King Groon

    King GroonHace 3 horas

    Still one of his best songs

  23. Jerry Cindy

    Jerry CindyHace 3 horas

    I Like It !! 🎸

  24. giotonio

    giotonioHace 3 horas

    2:55 oh yes

  25. Y S

    Y SHace 3 horas

    Hey this joker is a hell of a singer.. besides good looking

  26. DubsBubs JR

    DubsBubs JRHace 3 horas

    Frickin mint

  27. Freddy Farrukh

    Freddy FarrukhHace 3 horas

    Best song old and new mix This is classic one.

  28. Itzel Bojorges

    Itzel BojorgesHace 3 horas


  29. OddsFail Videos

    OddsFail VideosHace 3 horas

  30. Ana

    AnaHace 3 horas

    I just saw a video talking about a theory that Abel sold the soul to the devil and that this video, starboy,the hills and blinding lights has to do with it 3:17 there is a man with horns 🤣

  31. RegTarg011

    RegTarg011Hace 3 horas

    If white man made this video, he would be called "woman hating-murder glorifying-monster".. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  32. aaron flores

    aaron floresHace 3 horas

    This shit should be on stranger things. Good match imo

  33. Alexa 14

    Alexa 14Hace 3 horas


  34. Raging Thunder

    Raging ThunderHace 3 horas

    Best to play it on Beat Saber

  35. Aaron Hanlon

    Aaron HanlonHace 3 horas

    Guess what I sang this hole song about 2 months ago at my school that’s 418 people

  36. Bando Lee

    Bando LeeHace 3 horas

    Sounds like Michael. God bless everyone

  37. Laruto fan

    Laruto fanHace 3 horas

    Stranger things feelings

  38. More Arrese

    More ArreseHace 3 horas

    Solamente vengo a decir Wrestlemania 36!

  39. O Danny

    O DannyHace 3 horas

    Imagina o trailer do GTA 6 com essa música nossa !! Combinação perfeita, um ótimo jogo e um ótimo cantor...

  40. Gerhard Heredia Azcarate

    Gerhard Heredia AzcarateHace 3 horas

    The level of epicness of this video made me had a boner!

  41. Majlinda Demiri

    Majlinda DemiriHace 3 horas


  42. TTM FrXst

    TTM FrXstHace 3 horas

    I got major GTA vibes from this

  43. Shannon MJ McCluskey

    Shannon MJ McCluskeyHace 3 horas

    Hey girls, if a guy tells you "if you lick the "frog" in his pocket you will get high like The Weekend in the Heartless video" he is LYING to you. That is NOT a frog in his pants, and you should totally #BITE what it really is!!! What a #dick 🤣 jokes on him!

  44. OddsFail Videos

    OddsFail VideosHace 3 horas

  45. forwhatboi alda

    forwhatboi aldaHace 3 horas

    the best video i ever watched in my whole life

  46. Luiz Antônio Alves

    Luiz Antônio AlvesHace 3 horas

    Sim, virou um funk kk...

  47. Elijah 56ryt u t cnfbhbgMcmarion

    Elijah 56ryt u t cnfbhbgMcmarionHace 3 horas


  48. Kelley Smith

    Kelley SmithHace 3 horas

    i have no idea what the song said/ if i like it- i was busy focusing on and being disturbed by the video

  49. Elizabeth Eriksson

    Elizabeth ErikssonHace 3 horas

    Bringing back the 80's! 👌🏻

  50. PRO Gamer Blonkis

    PRO Gamer BlonkisHace 3 horas

    This is so brutal

  51. Kevin Vargas salazar

    Kevin Vargas salazarHace 3 horas

    Today!! Is WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!! Nice!

  52. Anime2000 dolls

    Anime2000 dollsHace 3 horas

  53. Kelley Smith

    Kelley SmithHace 3 horas

    okay....some things no ones talking about???: -why is she running in heels?? TAKE YOUR SHOES OFFFFFF -how is she running SO slow and he's walking in slow-mo HOW IS SHE SO SLOW -how does he manage to move so fast even though he's moving like a turtle -no one at the party notices the blood all over her, and then no one notices her dancing with a head -if you're running away from someone, why would you go into a random building-like yeah go somewhere with a lot of people or to a police station but there being a party in there was just luck and clearly that didn't do her any good lol - a head weighs as much as a bowling ball so how would you be casually swinging it around and whatever, and especially one handed- like it would probably pull his hair out i think? actually probably not but still - why would you ever go into that elevator- mmm no way, way too creepy i mean seriously -why would you ever be so interested in someone standing there dead staring at you motionless and UM has a knife??? i guess that's all lmao i know this is just a music video, pls don't attack me, i just had to point it out, it was all bothering me way too much

  54. Sticky Wicket

    Sticky WicketHace 3 horas

    This song reminds me of Miami Vice...

  55. Sarah Kuhn

    Sarah KuhnHace 3 horas

    This is one of the greatest live performances I’ve ever seen - you can just feel his emotion throughout the performance and his entire “After Hours” album. I keep replaying t over and over. Perfection.

  56. ty no nie wiem

    ty no nie wiemHace 3 horas

    i feel like i'm riding my banshee in gta

  57. Hazza

    HazzaHace 3 horas

    This the perfect song on a drive back at night with your homies

  58. Shannon MJ McCluskey

    Shannon MJ McCluskeyHace 3 horas

    Spoiler: Licking frogs or toads won't make you trip balls. What a downer, I know. Sorry folks.

  59. Murillo Prado

    Murillo PradoHace 3 horas

    Musica tema do GTA6... Fica no ar ai kkk

  60. Saskanen

    SaskanenHace 3 horas


  61. erikmd11_

    erikmd11_Hace 3 horas

    This song must be on GTA 6 Trailler Announcement

  62. Majlinda Demiri

    Majlinda DemiriHace 3 horas


  63. Kris Pi

    Kris PiHace 3 horas

    hearing the hills always gives me the chills

  64. Dinesh Malviya

    Dinesh MalviyaHace 3 horas

    It's way too late for Justin to be first

  65. XhyperspeedX

    XhyperspeedXHace 3 horas

    no one ever thinks about how heavy the money is. thats like 45 pounds per bag

  66. titero A.S

    titero A.SHace 3 horas

    Producer : how high you wanna be in this mv The weeknd : yes

  67. Shannon MJ McCluskey

    Shannon MJ McCluskeyHace 3 horas

    Huh? 🤣🤣🤣 " Amphetamine got my stummy feelin sickly" ??? "Stummy"??? Surely I didn't hear that correctly LOL.

  68. Bad Mouth

    Bad MouthHace 3 horas


  69. barış YILDIRIM

    barış YILDIRIMHace 3 horas


  70. أميرؤ 5

    أميرؤ 5Hace 3 horas

    👋👋👋أكو ((((عربي))))يسمع هل الاغنيه

  71. Maryse Mouellic

    Maryse MouellicHace 3 horas

    Chanson brésilienne

  72. Alejandro Godoy

    Alejandro GodoyHace 3 horas


  73. Chloe Lane

    Chloe LaneHace 3 horas

    The Weeknd just kills it every time

  74. Saul Martinez

    Saul MartinezHace 3 horas

    WrestleMania 36💪🏻👑♥️

  75. lipglosskitten26

    lipglosskitten26Hace 3 horas

    The soundtrack is fucking amazing, I hope everyone is appreciating the Michael Jackson Vibe... Hate that man all you want but it doesn't change how important and influential his music and moves were and are!! Fantastic❤❤🖤❤❤🖤❤❤🖤❤❤ PS Selena you're so stupid, I'd never leave this man!! Couldn't get over Bieber and now what? Good luck doll, good luck!!

  76. Mario U Comics and Cartoons

    Mario U Comics and CartoonsHace 3 horas

    Who's here because of Wrestlemania

  77. Kubinaaa

    KubinaaaHace 3 horas

    Only guestion is, where is sweater when she run to the phone?

  78. YNG Botyt

    YNG BotytHace 3 horas

    This song is really good doh

  79. YNG Botyt

    YNG BotytHace 3 horas

    What happened to the old weekend

  80. Shorty the Guy

    Shorty the GuyHace 3 horas

    This song fixed my constipation

  81. Linda Hanna

    Linda HannaHace 3 horas

    2020... will survive with the help of our first responders and this album!!💜🩸🩸

  82. Howard Philips Lovecraft

    Howard Philips LovecraftHace 3 horas



    IG HAPPYPICKLEHace 3 horas

    When everybodys inside bc of the coronavirus and this is your chance to go do coke.

  84. fabiana souza

    fabiana souzaHace 3 horas

    Ohh musica boa da porraaaa!!! Lembra os anos 80 ✌😎 Bom D+....

  85. אלירן ארני

    אלירן ארניHace 3 horas


  86. lipglosskitten26

    lipglosskitten26Hace 4 horas


  87. john chung

    john chungHace 4 horas

    Diamond casino heists be like

  88. account

    accountHace 4 horas

    perfect nipples

  89. Taylor Ren

    Taylor RenHace 4 horas


  90. draco sylvestre

    draco sylvestreHace 4 horas

    The only thing I feel coming is myself...

  91. Felipe Nogueira

    Felipe NogueiraHace 4 horas

    Parece Young Turks, do Rod Stewart

  92. grant bryant

    grant bryantHace 4 horas

    Is weekend ok? Like does he need a hug?

  93. Anny

    AnnyHace 4 horas

    Nobody cares if you came here because Selena mentioned it on her Instagram. We're here for Abel not Selena.

  94. Brandon Clarke

    Brandon ClarkeHace 4 horas

    Grammy. Not even they can deny him this one.

  95. Bruh Boi

    Bruh BoiHace 4 horas

    Admit it *You DID Search This.*

  96. Matsumoto Outo

    Matsumoto OutoHace 4 horas

    That video is a masterpiece. Too bad the song sucks ass.

  97. Riaz Nadeem

    Riaz NadeemHace 4 horas

    Song tabah kerdia.

  98. jbw503619

    jbw503619Hace 4 horas

    For all the Jamaicans who know Mavado dropped Star Bwoy in 2010 🔥🔥

  99. TheUnknownNumber9

    TheUnknownNumber9Hace 4 horas

    80's 80's 80's

  100. Francisco Castillo

    Francisco CastilloHace 4 horas

    Wakeereupppp world