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It's Time To Move On...


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What Our Tattoos Mean 2
#AskEthanAndGrayson 4
We Fought Over A Girl...


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Bye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !

Bloopers 2017 !

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  1. Ellie Balfe

    Ellie BalfeHace 13 segundos

    Gaelige not Gaelic that's an Irish sport lmaoooo

  2. Haley Kivlen

    Haley KivlenHace 25 segundos

    Y'all are from Jersey, you should KNOW the left lane is for passing!!!

  3. Taylor Ann Wright

    Taylor Ann WrightHace un minuto

    My husband and I just got back from a 2 month roadtrip in our RV, you can sleep in any National Forest Road that isn’t private property for FREE. ALSO, BLM land, look it up. That’s also Free! Love watching this, makes me wanna go back 😭😭

  4. Ellie Balfe

    Ellie BalfeHace 4 minutos

    Irish no??

  5. Brianna Pannell

    Brianna PannellHace 5 minutos

    At 18:01 i have never seen such a more beautiful person

  6. Golden Chimmy

    Golden ChimmyHace 6 minutos

    I live in nj °>°

  7. Zoe Elixson

    Zoe ElixsonHace 7 minutos

    It’s December 2019 the sister squad should do another gift exchange Like if u agree 🎄❤️👍🏻

  8. foreverhilaryy

    foreverhilaryyHace 12 minutos

    They won’t survive. If they can’t go one day without a shower.... omg

  9. John G

    John GHace 19 minutos


  10. sam sherry

    sam sherryHace 19 minutos

    best video

  11. Kerri M

    Kerri MHace 19 minutos

    Oh well, we gotta make everything dramatic.

  12. Manasi Vengala

    Manasi VengalaHace 20 minutos

    i swear they choose the wrong week to do the road trip cuz i swear the one week they choose it they do the week when the east coast was “fucking” up east coast gang like it upppp

  13. Leah 369

    Leah 369Hace 20 minutos

    U probably saw that alien in crest stone (a city in Colorado that is known to have aliens)

  14. William Arnold

    William ArnoldHace 21 un minuto

    Ooooooo a alien u fucking freaks man

  15. Taylor Daniel

    Taylor DanielHace 22 minutos

    i hate to point this out, but the hash browns from mcdonald’s aren’t vegan... they contain natural beef flavoring and milk. 😐 i’m also not sure if anyone already pointed this out.

  16. Saira Malik

    Saira MalikHace 23 minutos

    Is it just me or does say ‘sisters’ crossed out on Grayson ankle. Sorry if I’m wring

  17. kelsteezy

    kelsteezyHace 23 minutos

    nev • AD • uh

  18. Quinn Hoagland

    Quinn HoaglandHace 25 minutos

    Lol Utah is filled with UFOs😂 Lived here my whole life and I definitely believe in life off earth🖖🏼

  19. Katey Hero

    Katey HeroHace 25 minutos

    You are fucking sexy

  20. Breezy msp

    Breezy mspHace 28 minutos

    ethans such a soft little gentleman🥺😭

  21. María Ioana Mihaila

    María Ioana MihailaHace 29 minutos

    God the bakugans!! XD

  22. The2agirls !

    The2agirls !Hace 31 un minuto

    i live in colrado

  23. Katherine Dawson

    Katherine DawsonHace 32 minutos

    by far, this is the cutest of all of their videos

  24. The Resistance

    The ResistanceHace 33 minutos

    I believe you guys I seen a UFO too I use to tell the story at parties lol nobody believes me but multiple people seen it there was even this lady and her daughter chasing it with a video camera in the back of their car LOL😋 it was crazy I even called the news!💯they said they were going to send out air patrol then when I called back to let them know it was getting out of sight there was a helicopter that started coming up underneath it flying under it and the UFO I seen was lime green glowing too and you know what's really crazy when I called the news back to let them know it was getting out of sight it was about to go past some trees soon where we wouldn't be able to see it anymore she (as in same lady I talked to) she pretended like she had no idea who I was and that she never talked to me before she said she was the only one there and she doesn't know what I'm talking about she completely played stupid and I had just talked to her less than 10 minutes before it was insane 💯🛸👽🛸💯I've always wondered what if UFOs are really just secret government technology that they're just not telling the public about following patterns in history they never reveal the good stuff to the public unless your like me and you watch weird videos because you like to learn about the world & inventions & off-grid living ROFL I'm a horse of a different color😋👍🌈💜🌈😋👍 & anyone who thinks that's crazy lol I bet if you went back in time & tried to tell the people riding around on horses that we will be sleeping/riding around in hunks of metal at crazy speeds above tar they would think that's crazy too but who knows what the future will hold 😋

  25. Lily Zwirzina

    Lily ZwirzinaHace 33 minutos

    Dude this was so inspiring thank you

  26. Cassidy Poulter

    Cassidy PoulterHace 33 minutos


  27. Google Google

    Google GoogleHace 33 minutos

    Is there anyone more annoying than these 2 fukkers? I hope that van explodes then drowns with you 2 trapped inside

  28. Louise Weatherhead

    Louise WeatherheadHace 36 minutos

    Wait.... when you said 72% I realised that my iPhone was on 72%

  29. Steven Baker

    Steven BakerHace 36 minutos

    You both are beautiful

  30. Presley Lee

    Presley LeeHace 37 minutos

    U guys should do cross country Canada edition and cross country Mexico edition

  31. Rose D

    Rose DHace 37 minutos

    Omg a vegan apple!? Please tell me where I can get one aha

  32. Natasha Layton

    Natasha LaytonHace 37 minutos

    Luuuved this series wowowowow!!!

  33. Abbey Lane

    Abbey LaneHace 39 minutos

    You were coming from Colorado into Kansas so they searched your car for weed. It’s still illegal in Kansas so they monitor it pretty heavy on I70. I wish you guys visited the cooler parts of Kansas!

  34. Julia Francis

    Julia FrancisHace 40 minutos

    3:53 Grayson made me crack up laughing and smiling when he said this.

  35. Rojin Akar

    Rojin AkarHace 41 un minuto


  36. L G

    L GHace 41 un minuto

    Guess I have some more phobia than I fought....

  37. Destiny Carter

    Destiny CarterHace 42 minutos

    I JUST WANNA POINT OUT ME N GRAY HAVE THE SAME PULLOVER SAME COLORS N EVERYTHING.... okay, I'm calm now. That genuinely made me happy. I don't know why, but it did.

  38. Andy zhou

    Andy zhouHace 47 minutos

    They inspire me to travel again after school.

  39. Jdj Jdj

    Jdj JdjHace 47 minutos

    واو 🤩

  40. Ashley Dougherty

    Ashley DoughertyHace 48 minutos

    Omg you drove through my area! Right past the Mississippi River in Illinois!

  41. London Ibrahim

    London IbrahimHace 49 minutos


  42. sam sherry

    sam sherryHace 50 minutos

    stop saying vegan before everything you eat we definitely get it by now

  43. sinnabvn

    sinnabvnHace 50 minutos

    4 terrabytes the fuck

  44. Monica Sanchez

    Monica SanchezHace 51 un minuto

    All Nevadans: “It’s Ne-va-duh not Ne-vah-duh” Lol, still love you guys and the series 😁 Can’t wait to see more!!!!

  45. Alyssa Haynes

    Alyssa HaynesHace 51 un minuto

    they look so wired with those glasses on.

  46. Gabby Bentze

    Gabby BentzeHace 51 un minuto

    now the real question is... how tf u getting that van back to LA

  47. Mia Olivas

    Mia OlivasHace 53 minutos

    😂I was laughing the whole video 😂 👀 omg I was laughing so much I almost peed in my pants 😂😅

  48. Patrícia Caetano

    Patrícia CaetanoHace 57 minutos

    I wanna explore what's out there but my parents won't let me :(

  49. XJustAshley X

    XJustAshley XHace 58 minutos

    'Vegan apple'

  50. Kristin B

    Kristin BHace 59 minutos

    Grayson your laugh is contagious yo! 😂

  51. emma cook

    emma cookHace un hora

    i actually like Ethan's 'dirty brush water' shade - it's like grey w violet undertones. i like unconventional colours n tbh i fell a lotta ppl would like it. think the fenty execs. are wrong on this one (love u guys tho hehe).

  52. Megan Canter

    Megan CanterHace un hora

    dude you need to come to nashville tennessee i live in loudon tennessee u need to come there

  53. Lily Zwirzina

    Lily ZwirzinaHace un hora

    I know they talked about how they’re more passionate about this new content but you see just how excited they get and it’s so refreshing. Like gray talking about plywood has me jazzed :)

  54. Sfz

    SfzHace un hora

    yeah ricky self promoooo

  55. Odiah Tyfany

    Odiah TyfanyHace un hora

    Vegan cookie 🍪 Vegan apple 🍎 😅 obv an apple is vegan

  56. Abbey Lane

    Abbey LaneHace un hora

    It took me 27 hours to drive from KC to Miami in my Kia Sportage and didn’t stop to sleep once lol.

  57. Bella Marino

    Bella MarinoHace un hora

    I love when Ethan pranks because every time it starts off having anxiety but after it’s totally worth the heartache and gray starts laughing (after).

  58. Becca Boo

    Becca BooHace un hora

    Did anyone else notice Ethan say “it’s Saturday November 9th” ???

  59. Devon_is_here_lol

    Devon_is_here_lolHace un hora


  60. My Name Is Annael

    My Name Is AnnaelHace un hora

    November 9th is when KSI and Logan fought 🤣

  61. Destiny Carter

    Destiny CarterHace un hora

    Grayson loving tiny homes, but is claustrophobic. Hes too cute especially when hes being a builder😫🥺

  62. Alissa Patterson

    Alissa PattersonHace un hora

    The iced over highway part is hilarious "should we invite people into our house?"

  63. l o t t i e

    l o t t i eHace un hora

    lowkey I wanted to see more of Kyle.. when they were checking in I was like what did Kyle do?? Lmao

  64. Amiyah Pashalian

    Amiyah PashalianHace un hora

    Is no one gonna talk about how Ethan got up before Grayson 🤯

  65. Exotic

    ExoticHace un hora

    Jenelle Elianna: blows up from living in a van. Dolan twins: *that looks good. give me that.*

  66. Carl G. Jung

    Carl G. JungHace un hora


  67. Destiny Carter

    Destiny CarterHace un hora

    Can we talk about the fact THEY'RE SO FREAKIN ADORRRABLLE

  68. Emerson Seagren

    Emerson SeagrenHace un hora

    i love how half of this video was dirty jokes yet they still sensor their swears lol

  69. briley Hixon

    briley HixonHace un hora

    That camera is fire tho like y’all was far ash

  70. J Mas

    J MasHace un hora

    Another vain stickup show with male idiots soy boys

  71. Aoife _Sksks

    Aoife _SksksHace un hora

    Seeing grayson sleeping is so cute 💕❤️♥️

  72. Lilia Moushtaha

    Lilia MoushtahaHace un hora

    I love youuuu!❤

  73. Sabrina Stevens

    Sabrina StevensHace un hora

    I’m in MN and it’s 0° rn. 20 ain’t cold bros

  74. Little Lies

    Little LiesHace un hora

    Am I the only one who has watched this like 19 times and never noticed till now that Eathan put a smile face with his signature

  75. Alejandria Stephen

    Alejandria StephenHace un hora

    Lol Dr. bronners soap be hitting

  76. melie bach

    melie bachHace un hora

    the series was so enjoyable😻

  77. adrian reyes

    adrian reyesHace un hora

    THAT ZOOM....

  78. Julia Heerema

    Julia HeeremaHace un hora

    i want you guys to give a tip....gooo watch more youtube videos over van life bc there is much more to learn. like how te keep your van warm and stuff. and a loooooottt of other things.., love yah <3

  79. DIY Slime

    DIY SlimeHace un hora

    0:44 James says hi sisters just randomly

  80. Gaming Apple

    Gaming AppleHace un hora

    Grayson's mood keep changing first he's calm then he screams and swears 😂I feel bad for him

  81. Savannah Brashears

    Savannah BrashearsHace un hora

    you’re gonna have to do the exact same thing on the way home 😂😂

  82. Za'Nae Ja'Vae

    Za'Nae Ja'VaeHace un hora

    This is great , i would love to just get up and travel . See all of the different cultures & art!! I need to get my twin brothers up and rolling!! Lol

  83. Louise

    LouiseHace un hora

    Was Ethan the first to wake up at the beginning ???? Woooh

  84. AnonymousTV

    AnonymousTVHace un hora

    5:35 he vomited out of his nose bro

  85. Megan currie

    Megan currieHace un hora

    The best trio ever!!🙌🏽

  86. Katie Louise

    Katie LouiseHace un hora

    I love how they actually are concentrating on having a good and fun content that they enjoy and want to put out. Any other cheap youtuber would click bait the hell out of this video “GOT ARRESTED, POLICE”. People like honest good videos and you can tell by their views tbh

  87. Katie Louise

    Katie LouiseHace un hora

    23:35 did this dude just call Kansas a country? ENGLAND IS MY CITY!

  88. Emily

    EmilyHace un hora

    No one: Ethan: *I GOTTA PEE! I GOTTA PEE!*

  89. Natalie Niko

    Natalie NikoHace un hora

    “My face almost froze off the fucking bone” 😂😂😂

  90. phoebes channel

    phoebes channelHace 2 horas

    vegan apple lol

  91. Mia Stallard

    Mia StallardHace 2 horas

    you're not supposed to pollute the water with soap.........

  92. Nikolll

    NikolllHace 2 horas

    Ok this is such high quality content so proud

  93. Kifa Aghazada

    Kifa AghazadaHace 2 horas

    The hydro flasks at 3:47...oop

  94. Faith shumate

    Faith shumateHace 2 horas

    Grayson: "Im just gonna enjoy the view" Me: ... .... .... But you are the view

  95. Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter

    Scruff Looking Nerve HurterHace 2 horas

    So... this is what the world enjoys? 2 incest twins, butt fucking each other across the country?

  96. trepas lames

    trepas lamesHace 2 horas

    Donate me that van after ur trip 😊

  97. Alaina Hatcher

    Alaina HatcherHace 2 horas

    Being from Michigan them freaking out about the ice and snow had me laughing so hard

  98. Jay Pierson

    Jay PiersonHace 2 horas

    As someone who has to brush their teeth in the car a lot, they really should’ve had a bowl, brushed their teeth inside the van, then rinsed and dumped the bowl outside, rather than getting out in the cold for that long.

  99. Eleaxnr A

    Eleaxnr AHace 2 horas

    And how are you getting back???

  100. Olamide Lajuwomi

    Olamide LajuwomiHace 2 horas

    Did anyone else notice that Ethan woke up Grayson, and not the other way around?