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  1. ðældór L

    ðældór LHace 10 horas

    James is such a good youtuber I forgot I was watching someone else’s channel at the start

  2. Melani Sarukhanyan

    Melani SarukhanyanHace 10 horas

    He is so cozy

  3. Jordyn Paulson

    Jordyn PaulsonHace 10 horas

    1:01 she looks so done

  4. Joe Ford

    Joe FordHace 10 horas

    Christmas to go to the car to get to the store for a few minutes before the week of January that is not going or tomorrow and

  5. Kat A.

    Kat A.Hace 10 horas

    Damn I love her voice so much😍

  6. Honestly critic

    Honestly criticHace 10 horas

    thougt she wasn't famous anymore 😕

  7. Saana Preston

    Saana PrestonHace 11 horas


  8. Syeda Arifa Zahra Rizvi

    Syeda Arifa Zahra RizviHace 11 horas

    I love Ian Somerhalder, one of my favourite actors.

  9. It'sMeHim SOA

    It'sMeHim SOAHace 11 horas

    She is so fucking underrated and TALENTEEEEEEETED😍🥵

  10. adyanda syifa

    adyanda syifaHace 11 horas

    ngl he have a damn gorgeous face

  11. paulina canales a

    paulina canales aHace 11 horas

    This should have more views!

  12. T.M_beauty

    T.M_beautyHace 11 horas

    POLAROID me in 2020: We've come a long way Since we were strangers in a basement At a party we hated Tryna make conversation The night it was taken I didn't have a clue That someday I'd be something more Than just a boy in a polaroid with you also me: looks at the date this video was uploaded (5 September 2019) me: smacks forehead "oh shhhhhheeeeeeeettttt"

  13. Ahyen penaflor

    Ahyen penaflorHace 11 horas

    wow amazing make up.... it so cute very fasionated make up .. love it

  14. Jezella Sheffey

    Jezella SheffeyHace 11 horas

    They must have them bowling alley floors cause it ain't no way they should be falling like dat🤦🏽‍♀️😭💀

  15. martina Shitty

    martina ShittyHace 11 horas

    James nose holes really bothers me everytime he sings

  16. xoxo, marley

    xoxo, marleyHace 11 horas

    is it just me or did his improve😗😳💀

  17. sarkastickat

    sarkastickatHace 11 horas

    the musical theatre really popped out in a few of these

  18. Milena Cuellar

    Milena CuellarHace 11 horas

    @ELLE Would love to see broadway performers do song association. Submitting request for Jessica Vosk and Sophia Anne Caruso. 🥰

  19. Braylin Mitchell

    Braylin MitchellHace 11 horas

    Is nobody else mad he didn’t sing the cheetah girls right

  20. paola sings

    paola singsHace 11 horas

    Ok so in the word slow , the word was SLOWWWWW not slowly 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  21. T.M_beauty

    T.M_beautyHace 11 horas

    PERFECT me in 2020: Picture-perfect, you don't need no filter Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a killer Shower you with all my attention also me: looks at the date this video was uploaded (5 September 2019) me: smacks forehead "oh shhhhhheeeeeeeettttt"

  22. Emma Kraukamp

    Emma KraukampHace 11 horas

    when Rosalia sang Yo x Ti Tu x Mi I sang with her she was soo good

  23. Kay PatelxX

    Kay PatelxXHace 11 horas

    Just to add to the mix... get someone from my chemical romance, or panic! at the disco. I'll leave out my more rock heavier bands.... but... brendon urie?

  24. emily garcia

    emily garciaHace 11 horas

    the fact that he didn’t sing night changed by 1D for night 😡

  25. Zarif Hilman Mohd Hazril

    Zarif Hilman Mohd HazrilHace 11 horas

    This is basically miyeon and her 5 kids

  26. Bad Guy

    Bad GuyHace 11 horas

    I love James but I wasn’t expecting this, but this was very fun to watch

  27. Tofayal Ahmad

    Tofayal AhmadHace 11 horas


  28. Kukuchanxia cuteee

    Kukuchanxia cuteeeHace 11 horas

    I love how she is a pisces like me My moon sign is pisces I'm a pisceans

  29. Meme God

    Meme GodHace 11 horas

    *why are his hands so big??*

  30. Harini Senthilkumar

    Harini SenthilkumarHace 11 horas


  31. Jimena The queen

    Jimena The queenHace 11 horas

    he’s talented,but he’s just not good at singing,he should just stick to makeup.

  32. Kezia Ong

    Kezia OngHace 12 horas

    Camila is that one singing for can look like crap, but still, look beautiful. <3

  33. Music Fan

    Music FanHace 12 horas

    This bitch be saying baby every 2 seconds in literally EVERY FUCKING SONG OF HERS, and she could only come up with that old ass song? C’mom baby A you can do better than that

  34. Christina Monroe

    Christina MonroeHace 12 horas

    He’ll always be Billy

  35. Jason Barrios

    Jason BarriosHace 12 horas

    is she ok... is she sending morse code signals? why is she blinking every second omg

  36. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithHace 12 horas

    You love doja cat?.. makes sense

  37. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithHace 12 horas

    He sang too much

  38. Ràey

    RàeyHace 12 horas

    *that jacket do be thick though*

  39. Marlyn Daniels

    Marlyn DanielsHace 12 horas

    i LOVE banks. brain is my favorite song by her!

  40. CanaAlyce

    CanaAlyceHace 12 horas

    What sunscreen she use why didn't the video show the sunscreen.

  41. Omojolade. _

    Omojolade. _Hace 12 horas

    Koffee should do this💯

  42. Harold Cohen

    Harold CohenHace 12 horas

    mierda pero este tipo no canta nada sin autotune

  43. Mhm -Roblox

    Mhm -RobloxHace 12 horas

    3:06 asmr much 👀

  44. Juliette Wang

    Juliette WangHace 12 horas

    omg <3 <3 <3 hes so CUUUTE

  45. Little Dude

    Little DudeHace 12 horas

    ✨🧚‍♀️👑look in the bright side✨💫❤️😍hopefully it blinds you✨👑

  46. sunovia eilish

    sunovia eilishHace 12 horas

    i love him but his voice is so hard to listen to

  47. Mr. Crayons

    Mr. CrayonsHace 12 horas

    Aww he looks so happy and he killed it.

  48. Janely_Euphoria

    Janely_EuphoriaHace 12 horas

    When it said makeup i went just kiss and makeup ki-kiss and makeup if you know you know

  49. Ziwen Liu

    Ziwen LiuHace 12 horas

    wtf is this

  50. Antonia Orellana

    Antonia OrellanaHace 12 horas

    6:37: oh my god, ups. 👊🏻😔

  51. mY AnXiEtY

    mY AnXiEtYHace 12 horas

    when I saw "ozuna" I thought of "TU x TI, TU X MI"

  52. Daniel Zhou

    Daniel ZhouHace 12 horas

    Are they trained to know what to do if they fall? It seems when they fell they just kept going😂

  53. Lacy Massie

    Lacy MassieHace 13 horas

    James is the sweetest

  54. Candace Kim

    Candace KimHace 13 horas

    this was surprisingly so fuuuun

  55. mY AnXiEtY

    mY AnXiEtYHace 13 horas


  56. mY AnXiEtY

    mY AnXiEtYHace 13 horas


  57. UTOPIA Life Style FE

    UTOPIA Life Style FEHace 13 horas


  58. UTOPIA Life Style FE

    UTOPIA Life Style FEHace 13 horas

    thanks so much, all of u should see this @

  59. UTOPIA Life Style FE

    UTOPIA Life Style FEHace 13 horas

    thanks so much, all of u should see this @

  60. random person

    random personHace 13 horas

    2:17 🤩🤩

  61. Claire Magnuson

    Claire MagnusonHace 13 horas

    One of the most successful discussions on cultural appropriation I’ve ever seen 👏

  62. Salma Hamdi Solanji

    Salma Hamdi SolanjiHace 13 horas

    i have ben waiting for this

  63. brianique Strachan

    brianique StrachanHace 13 horas


  64. Camden Shiben

    Camden ShibenHace 13 horas

    Terrible singing but good song choice’s!!

  65. Ashley Hopkins

    Ashley HopkinsHace 13 horas

    I’m just saying I would 13/10 listen to James with a rapper and that’s on what period

  66. Rosé Lil

    Rosé LilHace 13 horas

    We want Chris Brown here ):

  67. PinkBruh

    PinkBruhHace 13 horas

    Ariana being like baby ummm baby??? Me: BABY IIIII ,

  68. Nettie R

    Nettie RHace 13 horas

    Yeeeey excited to see you as ariel!💕💕💕

  69. Lauren Jumba

    Lauren JumbaHace 13 horas

    Doja is cancelled sorry James 🤷🏾‍♀️

  70. Jazz P

    Jazz PHace 13 horas

    Love it i love her vibes and how she takes care of herself

  71. Avril Cheong

    Avril CheongHace 13 horas

    i love how james charles just plugged in instant influencer🤪🤩

  72. Sammi Lmao

    Sammi LmaoHace 13 horas

    i need asher angel in this game

  73. clark cimmerian

    clark cimmerianHace 13 horas

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  74. Nehan Haroon

    Nehan HaroonHace 13 horas

    *NOBoDy* : *Me : Eric hitting runs more than Alicia Keys herself*

  75. Cianna Lenníne

    Cianna LenníneHace 13 horas

    Dawg, it’s a sleeping bag with sleeves.

  76. Sydney Stefan

    Sydney StefanHace 13 horas

    When it said queen I thought of killer queen and dancing queen

  77. Sonja

    SonjaHace 13 horas

    wait this is so weird!!! i just paused listening to Sunday Best and then clicked on this video and he starts singing Sunday Best?!?!?! im shook

  78. Abigail Mills

    Abigail MillsHace 13 horas

    He has definitely improved. I’ll give him that

  79. Baylee Close

    Baylee CloseHace 13 horas

    “Nights” does not count for “night” I’m sorry it had to be said. And “feelin” for “feel” so annoying when they do that

  80. Casandra Holmes

    Casandra HolmesHace 14 horas

    Yes sister you should make a song i can't wait i love you voice it make me fill like i am a power person.love you james

  81. Pratiwi Wijayaningrum

    Pratiwi WijayaningrumHace 14 horas


  82. Faze Shadow btw

    Faze Shadow btwHace 14 horas

    Star.... shine bright shine far DONT be shy be a star... Movie Life size

  83. Vadel -t

    Vadel -tHace 14 horas

    Legend has it 50 ankles were broken

  84. gabriela rodriguez

    gabriela rodriguezHace 14 horas

    i did not know he sings

  85. colombian Mocha

    colombian MochaHace 14 horas

    Nicest person I have ever met

  86. Baddie Bandwagon

    Baddie BandwagonHace 14 horas

    He dun got all dem right

  87. Shivangi Ghariya

    Shivangi GhariyaHace 14 horas

    That's why I hate heels 😑😑 I never feel comfortable when I wear them

  88. Carolina Ruiz Peña

    Carolina Ruiz PeñaHace 14 horas

    Solo estoy viendo su camisa de Akira ❤️

  89. Bridgette Ramjit

    Bridgette RamjitHace 14 horas

    Get zayn

  90. im joes mama

    im joes mamaHace 14 horas

    that intro is sister scripted i see

  91. Geneva Berke

    Geneva BerkeHace 14 horas

    This was so beautiful

  92. Jaelin Burr

    Jaelin BurrHace 14 horas

    He is just so gorgeous

  93. •P L U T O•

    •P L U T O•Hace 14 horas

    When he sang let me down slowly it literally hit different 🤪

  94. Tony Dream Building Factory

    Tony Dream Building FactoryHace 14 horas

    She always connect with u when she dance and speaks to you so loudly

  95. Hannah S

    Hannah SHace 14 horas

    who else immediately thought of “soul sister” when they said sister

  96. Mai Avramovitz

    Mai AvramovitzHace 14 horas

    James sings and talks like his tongue is too big for his mouth

  97. Carmen Rosa Del Río osorio

    Carmen Rosa Del Río osorioHace 14 horas

    Q Mostra eres chiquita bendiciones

  98. Julia f.

    Julia f.Hace 14 horas

    ok sis can actually sing . i thought it was just womp womp womp yeaeaeaha yeaeaha

  99. Daniella Pawl

    Daniella PawlHace 14 horas

    Que Linda voz!!

  100. Kyla Cook

    Kyla CookHace 14 horas

    He is such a good singer like why do prop hate on him