Harry Styles
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    Nail polish???😑😑😑

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    The ocean looks like green screen

  3. Daniela Maria

    Daniela MariaHace un hora

    This interview is 49.23 minutes long, and the whole time I was thinking about how amazing it would be to have a talk with Harry. Just a talk about the most random things. He seems like such a my type of a person, and I just love listening to him talking about stuff that he is so passionated about.

  4. Rio Villacarlos

    Rio VillacarlosHace un hora

    Sir Harry Styles, this interview is so calm and sincere. 😊

  5. Kennedy Price

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    I’ll be doing a reaction video to Fine Line over on my channel. I’ll be answering your questions from my IG story : kenz.price_ in the video as well. 💜

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    That's the real harry 🧡

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    I’ve fallen more in love with this man. How is that possible

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    Am I wrong...? 🤔🤔🤨🤨 esgo.info/video/rNeascWkldabpaY.html

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    La voz de Larrosalía es tan hermosa que quiero llorar. ❤️

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    harry 😳

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    I need Cherry RN

  14. Swift's nerd

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    He’s so effortlessly cool

  16. Swift's nerd

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    His voice is too good gosh

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    Scott McDonaldHace 6 horas

    Some of that was filmed in Cockenzie east lothian. Was about August time.

  18. Nabeel Audah

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    I actually kinda liked it when both of them became a sillouhette with the sky all purple and gorgeous

  19. Samuel115s

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    His accent sounds different here.

  20. Robia Kshetrimayum

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    I'm just blessed.

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    Cindi TseHace 13 horas

    will there be a poster in the "COKE BOTTLE GREEN" version? 😭

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    The interviewer talks too goddamn much!

  23. hahaha huhuhu

    hahaha huhuhuHace 14 horas

    Actually tht interviewd person very felt frndly with harry

  24. hahaha huhuhu

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    Lot of love harry nt sending love frm india becz it needs itself so comeon

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    Wow that sun hitting his eyes is sooooo pretty.

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    His nails are cute

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    Never realized Harry had quite pretty hands 🧐

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    Go harry Go harry

  29. emily bingel

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    Tbh he's so respectful when talking about Zayn and his early departure from the band and I just respect him so much for that and respect Z so much for doing what was best for him

  30. Fitri Andriyani

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    His voice is just so calming i feel like listening to a podcast. I'm listening to this while i'm working lol

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    I'm confused

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    He is not a slave to vanity, to fame. Harry Styles is a true musician and writes music he really wants.

  34. Harumi Jaramillo

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    la rosaía es la que narra? :0

  35. Denise D. Dominguez Quintas

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    Genial, Harry, genial.

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    La Rosalía 💃

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    woah hearing him talk this much is weird, harry’s accent is making me feel things tf

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    Me sigue encantando. ❤️

  39. T-bo bo-T

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    He sounds like he has a Southern accent and an Australian slipping through. Amaaynt

  40. Danesh Angadi

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    Spell back ERODA u will get ADORE

  41. Eduard Nogaliza

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    "when you're happy then no one can call you unsuccessful" LabU Harry💕

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    Sooooooo cute

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    I'm at the end of the video when I realized that there were NO ADS. Thank you Harry! I was able to enjoy the interview and the waves 🥰

  45. Carolynn Mazzei

    Carolynn MazzeiHace un día

    Wow he’s a full-fledge man now. He seems.... weathered. This industry has really taken him for a ride. This entire thing is so bittersweet. His voice has changed so much.

  46. Shubhangi Raghuvanshi

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    Harry Styles is just ultimate perfection!!!!

  47. LaV C

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    am I the only one that find the interviewer annoying ? His giving me major kiss ass douche vibes.

  48. jude evans

    jude evansHace un día

    Harry says here that he was paranoid people would know he has sex when he was in one direction - check out the naughty side of Harry Styles video.

  49. PogieJoe

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    Cool aspect ratio, bruh.

  50. bop god

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    Bruh I thought this shit was gonna be another Internet ARG, nah it was promotion for a fucking 1D song

  51. Samantha Winter

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    I was just waiting for those cups on the side to get used. He didn’t he even offer him a drink!

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    The girl talking sounds like ROSALIA speaking in English

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    LESLIE CHAVEZHace un día

    I have a feeling that song is golden 👀

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    Tough gig to get everything you ever dreamed of, only to find out it really doesn't make you happy.

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    me: *opens youtube* harry: me: *oh ok go off sis*

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    Why are his hands so mesmerizing? I can see where Niall got his inspiration from for "Slow Hands" :P

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    Ah não heuri , nu não

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    Jajajaja that video is so crazy, I love it.

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  62. The Snowflake Diaries

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    harry declined the little mermaid cause he already had his fish 🥺

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    His voice, damn damn damn, i'm wet

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    Rescue your fish in Brazil, she is waitting in Recife. It's not aboult me. She doesn't use any kind of technology. And you'll find your belly.

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    Music soundrack 1:10???

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    wtf honey

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    I LOVE IT😍❤

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    this is the best interview i have ever watched

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    His accent is absolutely amazing

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    dude's wearing a shirt with myfitnesspal on it

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    nobody: harrys shirt: CALORIES

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    Rosalía has such a beautiful voice🥺

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    Ahhh I love how the sky changes throughout this video as the sun sets :)

  78. Karlygash Berdibekova

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    “If you don’t hit the top of the chart, your life doesn’t change.”

  79. Cam Mitchell

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    Is it just me or does Harry have a slight American twang?

  80. Alvaro Escamilla

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    Is that Rosalía the girl who speaks at tje beginning? xD

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    An i the only obe who thinks that the guy whise interviewing him look kinda like steve jobs

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    The way he says paper makes my stomach flutter sm I just love it

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    Nice shirt

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    harry talks my full attention on him but then I notice a fish on his shirt I then start remembering the mv adore you

  86. Надежда Перекута

    Надежда ПерекутаHace 2 días

    Does it mean that all songs will be available on December 13 ???

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    I'm being Clear #Harrystyles you're so fu*ken Hot 😂

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    Harry is a really deep person. He's amazing.

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    no ads. i love harry even more

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    Literally cannot wait till friday

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    Golden track at the end.

  92. lexi shaw

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    God I love him. I love him for his heart, his personality, his genuineness. I would love nothing more than to just sit down with Harry and have a genuine conversation with him about life - human to human. He seems like the perfect person to do that with. Wonderful interview! His honesty and courage to speak so openly about the more vulnerable topics doesn’t go unnoticed, and is much appreciated and respected by me 😊💕

  93. Midwest Beauty

    Midwest BeautyHace 2 días

    Will you please do an asmr. You have a really soothing voice for it

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    LUANYHace 2 días

    La narradora es Rosalía????

  95. Directioner Basumatary

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    Harry - Hey this is family photoshoot Meanwhile - Or is it ?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wish I could be photographer

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    😭😊🥺😱😍😢mixed emotions!

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    This is the number of people who are excited for FINE LINE 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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    La Rosalía💃

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    Wow felt like I just had a great conversation with a good friend for an hour hahah