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    I love you Charlie you are so sweet love you charli

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    Can anyone follow my tiktok it is @im_here_to

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    Do I like chase

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  5. Trials and tribulations of Luca

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    Imagine Charli pinning my comment

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    Ware is chase

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    Charlie I love you so much you are the one who taught me how to do Renegade in all of my other Tik Tok and I follow you I love you so much and your best friend's to😊

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    9:31 - 8:45

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    Are u dating chase

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    No entendí xd

  12. Alex._. Hurtt

    Alex._. HurttHace 9 horas

    Let me just say Charli you DO NOT deserve to be famous because you just stole the dance and maybe changed 1or 2 moves then was like hah yeah totally created. This is not okay you need to honestly stop. I feel bad for these 5-9 year olds who think you made the dance after you stole feel ashamed. FYI she did NOT create the dance :) she's living off of someone's clout because she is self absorbed and selfish. So do not come at me almost half the people dislike her because she is fake and tbh a Liar. Bye.

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    omg charli i follow u on tiktok can u plz follow me back my account is Basketball.bellaa

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    I saw it a person on tiktok said the hype house and you were dancing in the beach btw love you charli☺

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    I've always wanted to meet you guys in person

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    Well is I was a boy

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    You are my crush can you sub

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    Wheres lil huddy

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    New York is one of my favorite cities 🗽 🏙

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    I love how charli hated the first little splash that got on her but then she completely got in xx

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    I’m your biggest fan ever Charlie 😘😘😘🥰❤️

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    Love you Charli

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    Hablas spaniol

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    Where is chase

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    I LOVE Charlie♥️

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    I love you💘💘💘

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    She’s living her best life

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    Queen of TIK TOK

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    Can u give me ur number bc I want be ur frinds pls😭😭

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    Hi char

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    Where are you from Charli?

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    I love yo 💖💕🥰

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    I Love you Charli

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    Charli where are you from? PS: I am from Poland.

  39. millionaire robbins

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    The fact that shes still doing the stolen renegade is so sad 🙄girl you stole it

  40. Elizabeth Sandoval

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    I thought tony had 🎂 7:45

  41. Βασιλική Μάρκου

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    watch this video and you are gonna see how cool the hype hpuse members are

  42. Max Clark

    Max ClarkHace 10 horas

    It's funny cause she stole renegade dance and got famous by I feel sorry for the real creator of renegade

  43. Aurora Benitez

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    I've been to santa Monica before but I was super tiny

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    Omg im a big fan of you charli

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    I don't get it

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    Where do you live

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    Why is she beautiful ?

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    You did not make the tik Tok

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    St this point imnoing to either going tiktok hq or playlist

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    Maiko doesn’t have abs-

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    I love you Charlie! Your such a beautiful, strong, loving, kind, happy, human being!❤️💙

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    I like the fact where the girls

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    Hi I’m from TikTok @ ehehgagsg

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    HeY GuYs My NaMe Is JeY, AnD My DaD LeFt Me At 7

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    i loved this video!

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    Your not the real creator of renegade

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    Here from tiktok

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    why did i get a jake from state farm ad before this

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    Hi Charlie I love you so much you’re like my favourite and my sister loves you too I was wondering if you could follow me on TikTok this is my username alexisleblanc._ it would make my day if you did please

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    We’re chase

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    I love you soooooo much and so does my sister Charlie could you follow me on TikTok my account name is alexisleblanc._ and my profile picture is a cats face I would make my day if you did

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    does Charli check her comments?

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    that place looks like sumn off gta 💀

  65. Aoe DaYz

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    Yo Charli I hope your reading this don’t let all those people be rude and make mean comments to you. You could do whatever you want in life without people judging you.

  66. Terrific Donkey

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    Looks like Ms.Bee in the future.

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    Hi charli so today is my Birtday so can you pliss respone ❤️ tankyou🥺😅

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    This is my first time watching Charli vids and I saw her on Tick Tock like 7 secs ago NOT KIDDING I LOVE YOU CHARLI I wish I could Like your vids on tick Tock

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    charli's tiktok: 29M+ VS Charli's yt: 1M

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    let’s be honest no one really cares about her youtube account lol

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    I thought they were walking on water 💦

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    Les she wear shoes?

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    Lol she vape, fight, and send nudes fake lives man...

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    Do more vids

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    I love

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    Last night I had a dream about that Charlie went to my house

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    Chalri make more videos

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    Who’s seen the TikTok about the start of the vid

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    hi charli

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    Hi from Tiktok

  81. Tabby's Lifestyle & Tips

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    someone filmed them at the beach and posted it on tiktok and it was faraway from where they were

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    Муд лайкать русские коменты

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    Somebody on tiktok saw u guys on the beach

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    Zia, non sei mai venuta a Gardaland

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    Came from your TikTok account ly

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    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CHARLI!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    Ily charli

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    Where's Chase?

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    Plzzzzz tell me does Charlie live in NYC and i did not ask charli itself cuz i know she wont reply or even respond🤐

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    hello Charli and dixe

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    Addison and tony have definitely done it with each other

  92. aduci eț io pe. andra adam în apoi Rosca

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    Love 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓Charli

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    People: I don't get the hype Me: I don't get why she's hated so much😕

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    GTA 5 anyone??

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    One day I wish u can come to Austin Texas

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    Please follow me Tik toki Carli and your frend plesee💜💜💜

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    I love your videos Charlie always the best !! Follow you on tik tok! I love your content

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    This makes me so JEALOUS

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    Hablo en español me gustaría estar ay y conocer a charli pero si chali esta viendo esto le quiero decir aim espik espanish hello me salio como el or o