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  1. Cash Dollaz

    Cash DollazHace 2 segundos

    I’m so glad Stephen a isn’t a coach somewhere

  2. Davod Hashimi

    Davod HashimiHace 5 segundos

    Embiid just talks to much. Even simmons is so much better when he is not playing with embiid.

  3. Vernon Hector

    Vernon HectorHace 47 segundos

    "They have no respect for your intelligence"

  4. Christian Ramirez

    Christian RamirezHace 56 segundos


  5. Zetsu Tsuletsu

    Zetsu TsuletsuHace un minuto

    Is it me or does it look like Ryan Clark is always a minute away from breaking into tears?

  6. Jayden Jones

    Jayden JonesHace un minuto

    Giannis has that mamba mentality on and off the court, it’s as simple as that that’s why he’s right now the best player in the nba, embiid will end up being a what if player.

  7. RJ Barrett

    RJ BarrettHace un minuto

    1:58 they fucked up on loma record dont try to hide that loss

  8. Proppa Music

    Proppa MusicHace un minuto

    *Ravens 77 Jets 10 if Lamar Jackson plays*

  9. Ismail Mohamud

    Ismail MohamudHace un minuto

    Joel Embiid’s favorite thing to do is to look into a crowd of ppl and put his hands up and get them hyped. That’s his favorite thing to do.

  10. Toxic_Twon

    Toxic_TwonHace un minuto

    Max kellerman needs to be in a coma

  11. SamYG

    SamYGHace un minuto

    Visa versa

  12. Tim from the basement

    Tim from the basementHace 2 minutos

    I love Jimmy's clap back 💯😆😂

  13. Clarus Conceptum

    Clarus ConceptumHace 2 minutos

    Lavar says: Molly, stay in yo lane!

  14. Plus2 Golfer

    Plus2 GolferHace 2 minutos

    Ole Carlton needs to be hired as an analytics guy

  15. Tasos Vrettos

    Tasos VrettosHace 2 minutos

    Kevin Love or Iggy to give Giannis and Bucks some playoff experience.

  16. Jaylan Somerville

    Jaylan SomervilleHace 2 minutos

    Embiid doesnt like KAT for sure and he's had altercations with Drummond

  17. Carlos Calimeno

    Carlos CalimenoHace 2 minutos

    Thes. Fool. Brain. Coffee coffee.

  18. Joe Vazquez

    Joe VazquezHace 2 minutos

    Lesson learned

  19. Matt Mroz

    Matt MrozHace 2 minutos

    He missed Patriots fans

  20. TristonGats

    TristonGatsHace 3 minutos

    “Do I think they’re cheating? No, do they deserve to be punished? Yes” bruh make up your mind lol

  21. Skreet Rixh

    Skreet RixhHace 3 minutos

    My 76ers coming out the east and will WIN the NBA finals in 6 games vs the

  22. VerdugoAtx

    VerdugoAtxHace 3 minutos

    Ima just say this Canelo fought Jacobs which is a way better fighter than charlo and people think canelo is scared of charlo 😂😂

  23. Melvin Bell

    Melvin BellHace 3 minutos

    Philly should trade Ben Simmons to New Orleans, bring Jrue and JJ back. Ben is the weak link on that team, adding a solid point guard that can shoot and spread the floor for Embiid would go far for that team

  24. rob lenn

    rob lennHace 3 minutos

    Fat Joe tripping.

  25. The Wrong Choice

    The Wrong ChoiceHace 3 minutos

    Yo Tim! Too dam soon to be sayin that! he needs to prove himself against worthy oppositions with big names. Dont get me wrong i love me some bud!! But he need to face better quality opponents but you know, it might not happen due to these factions, pbc top rank bumpin heads

  26. Dolls Bill

    Dolls BillHace 3 minutos

    The should call dis show the cowboys talk....all they talk about is the cowgirls all day

  27. L.B. Coolin'

    L.B. Coolin'Hace 3 minutos

    Loma definitely lost.... gotta be a typo

  28. Joe Kowalski

    Joe KowalskiHace 3 minutos

    Aikman would make a great GM

  29. Justin Christopher

    Justin ChristopherHace 3 minutos


  30. Kevin Golden

    Kevin GoldenHace 3 minutos

    my guy says "paq dont want that smoke"

  31. loc man

    loc manHace 3 minutos

    Clemson is going to beat OSU by at least 17 points.

  32. joeybaggadonuts1214

    joeybaggadonuts1214Hace 3 minutos

    When they don't cheat they just win

  33. Queen Esther

    Queen EstherHace 3 minutos

    Good question Stephen A

  34. rob lenn

    rob lennHace 4 minutos

    Facts sas facts Bell on that bs

  35. Dej Life Chronicles

    Dej Life ChroniclesHace 4 minutos

    Westbrook, he hates Westbrook

  36. Mr. World Free

    Mr. World FreeHace 4 minutos

    This has to be one of the worst embarrassing moments. If he makes it to the NFL, I would move and change my number. This is pitiful , but you are dealing with the BT 900 so what do you expect.

  37. A Cr

    A CrHace 4 minutos

    Get Him T.O! He dont know S***!

  38. rickydavis1051

    rickydavis1051Hace 4 minutos

    Troy as GM and either Riley or Meyer as HC would INSTANTLY turn this franchise around

  39. Kevin Meggett

    Kevin MeggettHace 4 minutos

    He needs to just b an owner. He's the only owner that is the GM

  40. Harrison Rogers

    Harrison RogersHace 4 minutos

    Jerry and the cowboys is no different than what Al Davis did to the Raiders

  41. Hughesville USA

    Hughesville USAHace 4 minutos

    Boi still fighting on cable and this cocky😭

  42. Alabama Wyatt

    Alabama WyattHace 4 minutos

    No mullet, no beard

  43. sinbadx 2

    sinbadx 2Hace 4 minutos

    Best answer him in the first quarter then sit him like preseason. Let Lamar do his thang for a quarter.

  44. God of Disco

    God of DiscoHace 4 minutos

    13-0 at home , 9-1 when all starters play but “no shot at finals” hahahahahahahhahwhahahaaa

  45. Derek Hollingshead

    Derek HollingsheadHace 5 minutos

    Drummond or Griffin to the Raps

  46. Baller Fresh

    Baller FreshHace 5 minutos

    "He had to be sedated" - Skip Bayless

  47. Bijou Ilunga

    Bijou IlungaHace 5 minutos

    0:10 eEir-li-LaAighAaahit.

  48. E J

    E JHace 5 minutos

    You pick em bud because shawn is ur best friend lol yes jeff horn Really

  49. Stephan Saunders

    Stephan SaundersHace 5 minutos

    There is holding every play Max. Are you really going to cry every time it isn't called???

  50. Kaylee Brown

    Kaylee BrownHace 5 minutos

    Ew no... I’m a Yankee fan and I don’t want a cheater on my team... Astros can keep him

  51. ThePlasticBowl

    ThePlasticBowlHace 5 minutos

    The franchise is just cursed.

  52. Gamer702x

    Gamer702xHace 5 minutos

    oh a false report here. Not like the whole patriots scandal atm has been escalated by false reports

  53. Trevor Vilsack

    Trevor VilsackHace 5 minutos

    Where are all the patriot fans? 🤪

  54. Derek Hollingshead

    Derek HollingsheadHace 6 minutos

    Norm, Ibaka and. 1st for Griffin. Raptors need tenacity and defensive rebounding. A Norm, Ibaka and Casey reunion makes sense.

  55. Harrison Rogers

    Harrison RogersHace 6 minutos

    Jerry Jones doomed the Cowboys when he got rid of Jimmy Johnson

  56. Tabious Boatright

    Tabious BoatrightHace 6 minutos

    My question is simply this. we know how big the quarterback is what would possess him to think that he could charge at Myles Garrett and actually win. And then on top of that you tried to take his helmet off while on the ground. he takes yours off and then you charge at him because you’re upset because you didn’t get the best of him. so then the lineman push myles garret away and then you charge and try to sucker punch him and it just so happens in the process of trying to sucker punch him he still has your helmet in his hand and he swings it. In my opinion the quarterback knew what he was doing he was pissed because he had been getting banged up all evening. For the record I don’t think it was cool that Myles Garrett hit him in the head with the helmet. But let’s not be blinded and act like the quarterback wasn’t freaking out at that point you could see the frustration while they’re on the ground my question was why was he trying to take Myles helmet off first. The quarterback was obviously beyond frustrated. I get it Myles Garrett should not have hit them with the helmet but why is it always the little guys who try to be the biggest dogs and then because of all their Myles Garrett is on the ground getting kicked in the head even though he still has his helmet on that whole thing was a bunch of bullshit especially them blowing it out of proportion the way did they did as a quarterback I don’t know what would possess you to charge at a guy Myles Garrett’s size unless you got some super powers that we don’t know about that is not the smartest decision in the world I hope the quarterback does not have any injuries but he does need some counseling and what not to fucking do on the field that’s like knights losing their honor and then still trying to fight you better have a fucking special skill that keeps you from getting your guts cut open if you takeoff your armor.

  57. Luffer Booms

    Luffer BoomsHace 6 minutos

    Crawford a joke

  58. Russell Kempe

    Russell KempeHace 6 minutos

    Stephen A is smoking the wacky weed.

  59. Sean Weathers

    Sean WeathersHace 6 minutos

    All posturing, the Grizz are really unlikely to find a trade partner for Iggy. He wants to go to LA and neither team has assets to trade for him

  60. Game ON Case

    Game ON CaseHace 6 minutos

    He should be the GM !

  61. Chief W

    Chief WHace 6 minutos

    What about Ben simmions ??

  62. Trump Jr

    Trump JrHace 7 minutos

    They been cheating since belicheck got there. Why is it a problem now?

  63. Greg Mercedes

    Greg MercedesHace 7 minutos

    Fight Canelo

  64. James Hood

    James HoodHace 7 minutos

    Well at least now we can strip Tom of that GOAT status he doesn’t deserve 😂

  65. Vic F.

    Vic F.Hace 7 minutos

    Max is always invited to the cookout


    CRISPI_SHOTSHace 7 minutos

    Why is filming the sideline wrong ? / cheating ? Couldn’t anyone, especially the scouts, who attend the games just focus in on the sideline. Would taking pictures be cheating ?

  67. Dead Pool

    Dead PoolHace 7 minutos

    Tell ESPN that this isnt 1996

  68. Almon Joseph

    Almon JosephHace 7 minutos

    Not true at all. Bob arum didn’t want pac to fight crawford and he couldn’t fight in USA at the time

  69. dante _dominic

    dante _dominicHace 7 minutos

    Kellerman taking shots at Kenny Lowkey smh

  70. J Alves

    J AlvesHace 7 minutos

    Sixers can’t compete with the Celtics and Bucks, sorry

  71. Dirt Law502

    Dirt Law502Hace 7 minutos

    Lebron can play point and Ai move to SG. He never played pg. Eric snow did

  72. truth pigeon

    truth pigeonHace 7 minutos

    Robert Kraft is a degenerate.

  73. Jimmy

    JimmyHace 8 minutos

    Jerry Jones is always in the way

  74. rickydavis1051

    rickydavis1051Hace 8 minutos

    Troy Aikman would be a great GM

  75. J I am

    J I amHace 8 minutos

    We won 7 outta last 8 games and sixers have have a lot of mouths to fed so giannis numbers are gonna be better he avg 23-13-3 I guess they needed something to talk about

  76. Evie Taylor

    Evie TaylorHace 8 minutos

    This liar should never play another down of football.

  77. Andre Johnson

    Andre JohnsonHace 8 minutos

    Looking at Max’s suit makes me feel like I’m on lsd

  78. C&G Body Auto

    C&G Body AutoHace 9 minutos

    No ones wants this smoke!!! Bud is the best in the ring right now and has been for a while now. Hands down!

  79. Dead Pool

    Dead PoolHace 9 minutos

    zzzzzzz .... speaking as a non-cowboys fan.

  80. Francisco Davis

    Francisco DavisHace 9 minutos

    Why arnt the cowboys nfc south and the Atlanta both nfc east?

  81. RVD2fresh617

    RVD2fresh617Hace 9 minutos

    It's ridiculous if the Patriots cheated their dynasty would of be done at 2007 teams would of beat them and they wouldn't have gone to another SB period after they went to 6 of them stop the excuses players executed with skills physically and mentally for the last 20 years everybody up in here crying and complaining go out and beat them

  82. Manuel Hernández

    Manuel HernándezHace 9 minutos

    Isn't Embid a trash talker by nature? Where he at?

  83. rrmond

    rrmondHace 9 minutos

    Stephen As head is shaped just like Abraham Simpson's head...etc...etc...

  84. Dominique Ballou

    Dominique BallouHace 9 minutos

    "Here's reality" Everybody doesn't have to be angry and carry from 3pt line to rim to be a great modern day big.

  85. Mass Aesthetics

    Mass AestheticsHace 9 minutos

    Jalen looking old af

  86. dominic Stokes

    dominic StokesHace 10 minutos

    Sit that boi down before he hurt his self and then who are they gonna blame when it really gets bad example kevin durant and his injury in the last NBA season

  87. Mario Cedillo

    Mario CedilloHace 10 minutos

    Everyone send this to OSN

  88. Joey Beats

    Joey BeatsHace 10 minutos

    “I think the patriots cheat 100% of the time, but not this time”

  89. T C

    T CHace 10 minutos

    I want to see a Rose, Derozan, Griffin, Drummond team coached by Casey

  90. roch l

    roch lHace 10 minutos

    Terence is a class act..Thanks for this

  91. Just Sayin

    Just SayinHace 10 minutos

    Jerry Jones is treating his team like its Fantasy football. He won't trade certain players bc of thier popular name even tho they suck.

  92. Tashon Little

    Tashon LittleHace 10 minutos

    I forgot Tony Allen was on that 08 team

  93. Takeover Germ

    Takeover GermHace 11 minutos

    Mad respect for bud and ward. Great interview. Show the media theirs more to AA than what we are perceived as.

  94. Bekillingyou1

    Bekillingyou1Hace 11 minutos dude! I was really looking forward to him playing with the Warriors.

  95. Christopher Jones

    Christopher JonesHace 11 minutos

    Less 3 point shooters, less spacing and getting Al Horford and Josh Richardson acclimated. Sacrifice for the greater good.

  96. Ignas Bernotas

    Ignas BernotasHace 11 minutos

    Joel Embiid is not a winning player! He is really overrated!

  97. Jaymzofsteel

    JaymzofsteelHace 11 minutos

    It would favor Bulls either way.

  98. Lontell West

    Lontell WestHace 11 minutos

    Why did loma record have a draw and not a loss on it😂😂😂😂 white privilege at its finest

  99. Sports 311

    Sports 311Hace 11 minutos

    Charles Barkley is right. The sixers will go where Embiid goes, he’s got to get down in the low post, command the double teams and look to make plays. We need Greatness from him and we’re not getting that from him right now

  100. Kaizaro123

    Kaizaro123Hace 12 minutos

    Wow I didn't think players respect these "experts'" opinions enough to call in and explain themselves. Personally, so long as the team is aware of what's gong on and has given their blessing, no explanation to anybody else is necessary.