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The $1.7 Million Lie
They stole $1.7 million
  1. Red Chris

    Red ChrisHace 15 segundos

    Well...that was really *deep*... Sorry...

  2. reidell magika

    reidell magikaHace un minuto

    If global warming didn't exist than what's this

  3. off13

    off13Hace 3 minutos

    what about the fact that only prismarine can activate the conduit ?

  4. Kru sty

    Kru styHace 3 minutos

    Matpat: *doing hardcore revelations of Minecraft's lore* Me: playing modded mcpe using a wireless controller

  5. Kai Steadman

    Kai SteadmanHace 5 minutos

    1v1 me Matpad

  6. Ethan Clydesdale

    Ethan ClydesdaleHace 6 minutos

    But why does the conduit hurt drowned?

  7. GamerBug

    GamerBugHace 6 minutos

    hot wings

  8. Mergie S

    Mergie SHace 7 minutos

    Who has been watching theodd1sout since they were young? He’s been popular for like a year, how old are you guys, 9?

  9. Ftr

    FtrHace 9 minutos

    Ok so I have a theory. What if the drowned attack turtles to get their cells. Think about it. You can make a helmet with turtle cells that makes you breath underwater. What if the drowned are trying to attack turtles in irder to survive. Years have passed and it became a habbit

  10. Derpy Mcderpster

    Derpy McderpsterHace 9 minutos

    It's sad that this interview was before COPPA was enforced onto ESgo, otherwise we would have had the fucker who was responsible for the entire situation in the spotlight, in front of the creators she's potentially pissed off.

  11. L The Fifteenth

    L The FifteenthHace 10 minutos

    Scott Cawthon was a top donor, huh? Good on yah, Scotty.

  12. Callibor 31

    Callibor 31Hace 10 minutos

    CAN't stop being a theorist. The :3: of us.😊

  13. Brian Jr Spero

    Brian Jr SperoHace 11 minutos

    4:03 BOO!!!

  14. S K

    S KHace 12 minutos

    Nice beginning to the video =)

  15. Google User

    Google UserHace 13 minutos

    He got her with the last question. HARDCORE LOL

  16. Rodle34

    Rodle34Hace 15 minutos

    this is just a quick thought when I was watching this, wouldn't we see undersea village?

  17. Callibor 31

    Callibor 31Hace 15 minutos

    TRUST. In yourself :4: yourself. 😎

  18. Damian Cuber's 2nd Channel

    Damian Cuber's 2nd ChannelHace 15 minutos

    I feel like she did good. It really gave me a positive outlook on the future of youtube. Maybe that’s just me being dumb haha

  19. James Williams

    James WilliamsHace 16 minutos

    Hey could you possibly do a theory on villagers and pillagers and their history? I'd really like to know more about that.

  20. Dragon YT

    Dragon YTHace 16 minutos

    Matt: Maybe he’s not interseted in giving that much back Scott: donates half a mil to cancer research for matts stream

  21. Epic Streaks

    Epic StreaksHace 17 minutos

    ESgo has ended another will arise

  22. Andrei Savu

    Andrei SavuHace 17 minutos

    I have an idea to complete yours, i think that the drown society was inspiered by vikings and here is why, well first you said the raided villages, they were religious and were a sea based society and at the the end about the achievement, it talk about a wave that is in norway where the viking lived. Of course there are some differences it is Minecraft after all but still i hope that at least you can see the resemblance and hopefully think that the other civilizations could be insired from reality and maybe make a video about it. Like to make him read it pls!!!

  23. Mx Ey

    Mx EyHace 17 minutos

    what if story mode is kind of a mid prequel that is half way between Minecraft and the beginning of the civilizations decline

  24. AisYuki Hana

    AisYuki HanaHace 17 minutos

    That took a sad turn I did not expect but I like it. Thanks

  25. UnorthodoxyMedia

    UnorthodoxyMediaHace 17 minutos

    The thing about zombies turning into drowned when they're in water still bothers me. That's too _oddly specific_ (see what I did, there?) to just be a gameplay element. I mean, there's really no reason for that from a gameplay perspective; you could just have drowned spawn in the water, and zombies on land. Done and done. The fact that they're interchangeable tells me two things; 1) They're the same species (somewhat obvious, considering they're both supposed to be undead humans, but it's worth mentioning) 2) Both types of zombies are being inflicted with the same curse (or disease), that simply changes based on the environment. This doesn't change a whole lot about the theory, really. The zombies are the remnants of an ancient Builder race (same body type & clothing as the Builder player-character), which was wide-spread enough to reach all the way from the desert (husks, desert temples), to the jungles (jungle temples, evidence of ocelot domestication in villages), to the seaside (this theory). These beings were of multiple, possible warring cultures, rather than a unified whole, and the Drowned society was akin to a Nordic viking tribe; fishing, sailing, and pillaging as they go. The main thing this leads me to consider is... what made them zombies? It wasn't just "drowning in water," as that'd just make a ton of corpses. I had to be something that effected the entire Builder race, over some non-instantaneous period of time (they had time to escape to the End, after all). Some kind of curse or plague hit the Builders hard, turning them into zombies, husks, drowned, and probably the skeletons, too. The drowned died in the water, sure, but the reason they're still around is 'cause something _else_ made'em undead Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

  26. Efe Niyazoğlu

    Efe NiyazoğluHace 17 minutos

    İ think the hardest theory is who is steve or how did steve survive and so strong

  27. WolfGamesHD

    WolfGamesHDHace 18 minutos

    wait.... 42,000 per video for your last 600 videos 42,000 x 600 thats roughly 25,200,000 which if im not mistaken is 25.2 million

  28. Argeris Barquero

    Argeris BarqueroHace 18 minutos

    Still no pizza tower theory? Well then, review and lets see what's wrong with it

  29. Stephen Abbott

    Stephen AbbottHace 18 minutos

    Re: #CancelCancer: I love you guys so much!

  30. Liquid-_-liltay

    Liquid-_-liltayHace 18 minutos

    What about the pirate ships that you can find on land. The very rare ones. I think that those ships have found the heart of the sea because you can find it on the non sunken ships, and that's how they were able to build the ocean temples.

  31. ScripWriter

    ScripWriterHace 19 minutos

    god, i love these minecraft theories, but every time i watch them im just....i always end up sad. theyre so good! but so sad.....

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    Matt: Would you just hop through? Me:ye- Matt: OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT! Me:oh....yea totally

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    It was my birthday on December the 6

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    There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t.

  41. Maple Sabre

    Maple SabreHace 26 minutos

    MatPat, why would the drowned be damaged within the radius of the conduit not helped by it, does the effect that normally gives the player air underwater mean that any water breathing/dead thing will choke + I don't think fish are affected

  42. omer ofek

    omer ofekHace 26 minutos

    Waves are not measured in feet or inches Yeah, meters are a lot easier to understand

  43. Google User

    Google UserHace 26 minutos

    Should have asked what 'trending' means to them because I used to be able to go to the trending page and find youtube content creator content but most of it is late-night host highlights now.

  44. Fl1p3r3k

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  48. Muyi Cool kid

    Muyi Cool kidHace 30 minutos

    This is just a random thought I had (Idk if someone else has commented it before but Ye ye-) So you know the spawners that you can find in caves? Well some of the spawners are zombie and skeleton spawners. What if before they tried to bring back people by using the Wither stuff, they tried it by bringing them back by using spawners but failed? Idk it was just a random idea I had, great video Btw! ^^

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  53. jzxhitem

    jzxhitemHace 31 un minuto

    when nilianth said "comes another" he was reffering to gordon because he was 7th human to enter xen, so he said "comes another human"

  54. klop422

    klop422Hace 32 minutos

    Ok, come on. There are quarks in every subatomic particle which is not a fermion, i.e. not in electrons. Neutron is correct.

  55. Survivor Prepper

    Survivor PrepperHace 34 minutos

    Unfortunately those Drone Defense Skynet shotgun shell are trash, they blow apart most of the time when fired. Using Small Game Loads would work better for shooting down small drones and 00 Buckshot for larger drones.

  56. Madeline McAdams

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    But drowned must of turned from zombie to drowned and zombies have never been human as they spawn as zombies and there are zombie villagers who WHERE humans

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  76. Gordon Freeman

    Gordon FreemanHace 47 minutos

    There's a theory that says the minecraft world had one catastrophe about volcans and this stuff, it must be the solution to complete this theory! I'm Brazilian, sorry for the horrible speling

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    Twilyx360Hace 53 minutos

    5:38 Oh my god the anceint builders are like 5 different things in the game now XD Endermen, Wither Skeletons, Drowned, Skeletons & Zombies (6 if you count the wither itself) These guys are just so cool to have become so many mobs in the games XD

  83. Lucie Kučerová

    Lucie KučerováHace 53 minutos

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