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James Charles

HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles, a 20 year old kid with a few blending brushes. Subscribe to my channel and join the sisterhood for all things makeup, entertainment, music, and more!
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Hi Sisters

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  1. spicy drama

    spicy dramaHace un día

    SIS I. Am. Hyped.

  2. sishmerasha

    sishmerashaHace un día

    Holy shit I think I’m in to it

  3. hello dollce

    hello dollceHace un día

    “I wanna fight both of you right now” -James Sister Charles

  4. Becca •

    Becca •Hace un día

    Yoooooo I’m excited

  5. LolMoiBoiCheese

    LolMoiBoiCheeseHace un día

    My boi oatmealzzz2 😁

  6. TaeTae Boo

    TaeTae BooHace un día

    Honestly everyone is a winner here since they gonna appear in a channel that has a good fanbase so if they’re really talented they ain’t losing by getting a shoutout on the biggest platform so congratulations yall

  7. Jacob Saculsan

    Jacob SaculsanHace un día

    Haters: You can’t have a competition show about influencers! No one’s gonna watch it James: hold my pinkety drinkety shishter

  8. Ashlynn Cargill

    Ashlynn CargillHace un día


  9. Lucy Harrison

    Lucy HarrisonHace un día

    PERIODT! James 2020

  10. Skylar Worosilla

    Skylar WorosillaHace un día

    Will it be on you tube

  11. Tiffany Ann

    Tiffany AnnHace un día

    I am SO excited to watch this! I’m beyond proud of you James ❤️❤️

  12. payt

    paytHace un día

    can't waitttt

  13. Aislinn Ginley

    Aislinn GinleyHace un día

    im so excited!!

  14. Asthine Riego

    Asthine RiegoHace un día

    this is way better the Nikita Dragun's snapchat series

  15. Neve And Lyla

    Neve And LylaHace un día

    Okay ... but why am I excited 😂

  16. PSY Wagon

    PSY WagonHace un día

    Yaaay it's FREE!

  17. Darius Danciu

    Darius DanciuHace un día


  18. Hannah Benson

    Hannah BensonHace un día

    To make buttermilk you just have to mix lemon juice and milk

  19. Silje Helsengreen

    Silje HelsengreenHace un día

    *Im so excited, like literally dying to see this!!!*

  20. Samina Ubaid

    Samina UbaidHace un día

    Wait so i don't have to pay !

  21. Freya Young

    Freya YoungHace un día

    OMG sisters

  22. Tania M

    Tania MHace un día

    Ooh instant influencer, I cant wait for this 😱

  23. Bella Proud heart

    Bella Proud heartHace un día


  24. Maddie L

    Maddie LHace un día

    it’s like project runway for makeup

  25. Rajashree Srinidhi

    Rajashree SrinidhiHace un día

    Very nice

  26. Lucy Harrison

    Lucy HarrisonHace un día

    Please reply ahhh 💓💓🥺👉👈

  27. Betty Santos

    Betty SantosHace un día


  28. Tiffany Scott

    Tiffany ScottHace un día

    My favorite part "Cut, Periodt" 💖💖💖 James Charles 2020

  29. Victoria V

    Victoria VHace un día

    Omg wooooooww Im so excited 😂

  30. MammaGlowsUP Burns

    MammaGlowsUP BurnsHace un día

    This actually looks REALLY GOOD!

  31. tia morrison

    tia morrisonHace un día


  32. Its GD

    Its GDHace un día

    James Charles' literally hosted and judged a whole damn show and he's just 20?,Periodt!!!

  33. Nabiha Khan

    Nabiha KhanHace un día


  34. U T

    U THace un día

    He sounds slower here.

  35. Maggie Diaz

    Maggie DiazHace un día

    I am so in for this!!!!

  36. Lucy Harrison

    Lucy HarrisonHace un día

    I love you 🥺🥺🥺

  37. Karina Riscott

    Karina RiscottHace un día


  38. Eve Boyce

    Eve BoyceHace un día

    Can't wait sister!! ❤️❤️

  39. Sreshtha Banerjee

    Sreshtha BanerjeeHace un día

    Sister James 24th April is my birthday and that would be the best gift. All the best!! Lover from India.

  40. Basic Billy

    Basic BillyHace un día

    “cUt,PeRiOD” *James charles 2020*

  41. bme_brook_E *

    bme_brook_E *Hace un día

    James this is going to be a great show,, cannot wait 💞woo hoo😁

  42. Matt Morey

    Matt MoreyHace un día


  43. daliya muala

    daliya mualaHace un día

    "Only one can become an instant influencgheeer" said james

  44. Ava Violet

    Ava VioletHace un día

    OMG I am literally so excited!!!!!!

  45. Lucy Diaas

    Lucy DiaasHace un día

    I am sooooo readyyyyy

  46. Husna Mahomed

    Husna MahomedHace un día

    Its starting on my birthday

  47. Jojissi

    JojissiHace un día

    0:21 that moment was so fancy u got me shaking

  48. Hamza Habibi

    Hamza HabibiHace un día

    Omg James managed to bring Paris Hilton sooo icooniccc

  49. Macie Anderson

    Macie AndersonHace un día

    Why in the put some more thing he sounded like mickey mouse-

  50. Ethan Adam

    Ethan AdamHace un día

    paris is the og influencer

  51. snappy fries

    snappy friesHace un día

    james: meets with every single person possible coronavirus: am i a joke to you?

  52. Mila Pancheva

    Mila PanchevaHace un día

    this looks so interesting. can’t wait

  53. Edson

    EdsonHace un día

    The little boy crying with the lash JAHAIAHAJHAHA LMAO 🤣

  54. Dear Vlogger

    Dear VloggerHace un día

    “Streaming free” I see ESgo finally realized no one wants to pay for ESgo red

  55. Maryam Rhouat

    Maryam RhouatHace un día

    i love it <3

  56. Marek Dido

    Marek DidoHace un día

    U look like a model ❤️ pls respond

  57. Alexandra KS

    Alexandra KSHace un día

    This looks amazing!!

  58. Phoebe Meure

    Phoebe MeureHace un día

    misocolorful is a boy

  59. Elise Cross

    Elise CrossHace un día

    omg this got me SHOOKK

  60. ItzJusJayla

    ItzJusJaylaHace un día


  61. uwu

    uwuHace un día

    17k dislikes huh strange. If yall hate his videos so much why bother clicking on it and putting a thumbs down when you could just ignore it. if there is something or someone you don't like what do u do when u see them? Walk away iGnOrE them why can't yall do the same with youtube videos instead of implying hate with a button?

  62. Riley Nicole

    Riley NicoleHace un día


  63. Alma's Things

    Alma's ThingsHace un día

    Hello please and stay connect new friend here

  64. vaneska gombarova

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  65. Jose G.

    Jose G.Hace un día


  66. Lillie Yayy

    Lillie YayyHace un día

    Yay on my birthday 🎂

  67. Daryl Belle

    Daryl BelleHace un día

    Someone: just go big James: or go home Savage sister🔥

  68. Diksha Sharma

    Diksha SharmaHace un día

    1 side has got extra Bright under the eyes of the right side!!

  69. abdul mutlib

    abdul mutlibHace un día

    Omg its actually GOOD

  70. Naing Gyi

    Naing GyiHace un día

    I believe 33 minutes ago is late right? :(

  71. MADCHAT Music

    MADCHAT MusicHace un día

    I'm in LOVE with this idea, this is a great way for smaller influencers to show the world what they've got, in makeup, camera presence, and style! Can't wait! Hey I'm a small lgbt youtuber looking to make friends! I'm a musician, and have two singles out on all streaming platforms, one is literally about coming out, so if you need support, come check out my mini youtube family! :) Also, if you need someone to talk to, my DM's are always open! 💚stay safe guys.✨

  72. House Netflix

    House NetflixHace un día

    Omg finally something to watch!

  73. ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ ʟᴇᴇ

    ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ ʟᴇᴇHace un día


  74. Alexandra Boughner

    Alexandra BoughnerHace un día

    Omg that looks so good

  75. Sara McGee

    Sara McGeeHace un día

    I'm so excited to see the show! I'm so proud of you Sister. You have accomplished so much and you're such an inspiration to me!

  76. C o m m o n S e n s e b i t c h

    C o m m o n S e n s e b i t c hHace un día

    Streaming Free on April *_Everbody liked that_*

  77. Pearl Foster

    Pearl FosterHace un día

    “Remember to blend, but don’t blend in” I honestly can’t wait to hear all of James’ corny phrases in this show 🤣🤣🤣💀

  78. Houry Jamgotchian

    Houry JamgotchianHace un día

    Woooowwww so ready for this!

  79. Stephanie A

    Stephanie AHace un día

    I wanted to support but the diversity is just not there.... missed opportunity.

  80. Sarah Chapman

    Sarah ChapmanHace un día

    legit emma won

  81. Kaaatt T

    Kaaatt THace un día

    This looks super lit🔥

  82. Yoselyn Ramirez

    Yoselyn RamirezHace un día


  83. Crunchy Tacos

    Crunchy TacosHace un día

    "how do we fire her if she's already on set?"

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    The new ru Paul

  85. Rania Babaali

    Rania BabaaliHace un día

    Most exciting news Ive had so far

  86. Brayan Reyes

    Brayan ReyesHace un día

    Love that it’s free 🥰🥰

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    100 things randomeHace un día

    Oop that shi looks like the best show OUT THERE LIKE WTH periot poo

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    Uuuummm where do we apply for this show ...😱😱😱

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    So bored in quarantine I may actually watch this

  90. Don‘t know

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    Ahh so excited😍🔥

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    Famous.DarionHace un día

    I never every seen her hair before 😯😯😯😂🤣

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    iiiFlamesHace un día

    I was wondering when this'll happen after James announced this

  97. Camila Polanco

    Camila PolancoHace un día

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    Eeshal KhanHace un día

    Let's hope the rules aren't as strict as RuPaul's drag race!

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    OMG this is actually rlly cool haha

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