My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

  1. Ade Reeves

    Ade ReevesHace un día

    At least the program they tried to copy wasn't full of adverts.

  2. Red Ram

    Red RamHace un día

    13:44 I’ll give you three guesses what I like looking at the best, but you’ll only need one

  3. Lawrence Lentini

    Lawrence LentiniHace un día

    And to think people actually accept trade in offers like that from dealers...

  4. Gopherchucks Games

    Gopherchucks GamesHace un día

    Thank you for keeping things going when so many are in fear of the times.

  5. Jonathan G

    Jonathan GHace un día

    I live so close to that dealership!

  6. ItzChillyBeatz

    ItzChillyBeatzHace un día

    There minds were fucking blown when he showed back up,.

  7. 9 hundred

    9 hundredHace un día

    .....so who won?

  8. Mister Evrathang

    Mister EvrathangHace un día

    I absolutely love this series of videos!

  9. Red Ram

    Red RamHace un día

    Three guys who know full well dealer purchase offers are far less than how much they’d sell for on their lot

  10. Marcelino Julius

    Marcelino JuliusHace un día

    So who els has a problem with the theme song that's stuck in there head? 😅

  11. flomofo1

    flomofo1Hace un día

    Is Hoovie wearing a Sub on his wrist?

  12. Boosted Beaners

    Boosted BeanersHace un día

    The new top gear!!Please keep this going!!!

  13. Richard Lafleur

    Richard LafleurHace un día

    Love the what he does for a living Segment

  14. cbdude9

    cbdude9Hace un día

    I would never pay 60 grand for a sunken fuckin car😂 you can go to an action and get one for the same price that wasn’t flooded

  15. Mike Cronis

    Mike CronisHace un día

    These cars are dog slow, even new.

  16. DrunkenGoose

    DrunkenGooseHace un día

    2:41 tyler staring lustfully at freddy

  17. Joseph Taylor

    Joseph TaylorHace un día

    Aside from that Mustang, that Ferrari is probably the most reliable car to come into Hoovies LOL

  18. Itz_ Fez-Tex

    Itz_ Fez-TexHace un día

    Too much like TV. Don’t like.

  19. Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin MooreHace un día

    Love y’all man, fills my topgear void I’ve had for years now

  20. ironymatt

    ironymattHace un día

    Young handsome *singing* doctor!

  21. Kyle Moquin

    Kyle MoquinHace un día

    I LOVE YOU ALL and um top gear can get 💨💨 by y'all (jkshowlove)

  22. Cumulus Vapes

    Cumulus VapesHace un día

    MY wife is pregnant! Oh mine too! Wow mine too! Listen you 3 fffkers, your to old for fast cars, time to sell them to me, for the prices quoted :P

  23. paul muti

    paul mutiHace un día

    Loving this series man!

  24. Andre Roestenberg

    Andre RoestenbergHace un día

    I like the cheesiness of videos....omg a text is coming in....hmmmm..let me guess auto tempest with next activity...cute!!!

  25. Cory Sanchez

    Cory SanchezHace un día

    This really needs to run like old top gear and do atleast 2 seasons a year 6-7 episode a season or more would be fine also

  26. Supreme plays 2

    Supreme plays 2Hace un día

    I like this car it looks so cool 😎

  27. tHe iCEman

    tHe iCEmanHace un día

    I like how they are surprised that their cars do things a car should be able to do

  28. Senna Luna

    Senna LunaHace un día

    Been watching since the original cheapest lambo rebuild. Proud to see a fellow floridian come so far! Highkey youre an inspiration of mine. Thanks for letting us all tag along with you on this journey.

  29. Kevin Carter

    Kevin CarterHace un día

    Did anybody see that booty damn

  30. ZakkuEmanyueru

    ZakkuEmanyueruHace un día

    next series: each öf you need to choose one of Hoovies' hoopties try to fix it for the cheapest, drive it for 1500miles, modify it, and not break it even more... or otherwise: classic british car challange?

  31. Frank Latin

    Frank LatinHace un día

    Let’s hope ESgo doesn’t go on the decline

  32. GabeVelazoraptor92

    GabeVelazoraptor92Hace un día

    I'm gonna die

  33. Nathaniel Rosario

    Nathaniel RosarioHace un día

    Who live in west palm hit me up?

  34. Teddy Pelzl

    Teddy PelzlHace un día

    7:20 The dudes constantly shuffling while their talking about the car prices

  35. Paul Le Mars

    Paul Le MarsHace un día

    Just talk to the BBC and you guys are the new Top Gear. This was an awesome episode.

  36. Nahin Ahad

    Nahin AhadHace un día

    Why tf they showing us their legs? Edit: especially for 5 seconds...?

  37. Ben Sumner

    Ben SumnerHace un día

    i have been waiting for them to spotlight hoovie and let him do his thing

  38. Dave Mcmasters

    Dave McmastersHace un día

    Best mini series on youtube! I hope you guys can find time to do this again.

  39. Oh Pulse

    Oh PulseHace un día

    Says that guy doesn't know what hes talking about but I'm losing brain cells watching this series lmfao 60k I can buy a car that's alot better and faster then that lambo a damn evo9 bone stock will run circles around that lambo 😂😂

  40. K C

    K CHace un día

    sorry i call bullshit. who believes they spent 300,000 on a youtube video?

  41. Miguel Luna

    Miguel LunaHace un día

    No way! I pass by that dealership everyday on my way to work! It would've been amazing to catch these 3 guys I watch all the timing making this video. Darn

  42. Jim 26

    Jim 26Hace un día

    Make more of this top gear like thing it's amazing

  43. life with anxiety everyday

    life with anxiety everydayHace un día

    Damn what did all of you do? Call each other and plan up when to sleep sith your wife's lol.

  44. Matthew

    MatthewHace un día

    Dang man,I live like 10 minutes away from there.That’s crazy.

  45. Jeremy G

    Jeremy GHace un día

    Why just why you could buy a fiero cheap with or with out a built 3800 a buy a kit for it and it would be easier and cheaper then that thing

  46. Gabe Thomas

    Gabe ThomasHace un día

    The speculation on the car owners’ jobs was comedy gold. Which of the three horsemen came up with that idea?

  47. Nathaniel Rosario

    Nathaniel RosarioHace un día

    Woahhh you gus came like a mile away from my house and didnt invite me for a joy ride :(

  48. toraja04

    toraja04Hace un día

    Ed: Hold on, I’m vahbrating 😂

  49. Gate Of Divine

    Gate Of DivineHace un día

    Dude. I love this series.

  50. Find It And Fix It

    Find It And Fix ItHace un día

    14:59 Very nice view

  51. Matt's Garage

    Matt's GarageHace un día

    Weird that so many picked the Aston... Ferrari for me in this case.

  52. phreak1118

    phreak1118Hace un día

    Congrats on the upcoming kids guys! I am expecting another one in May. :-)

  53. Ben Maxwell

    Ben MaxwellHace un día

    Absolutely loving this show, you guys should do more of these shows!

  54. Ryan L

    Ryan LHace un día

    3:54 that wheel option for the mclaren gt looks like the 350z factory wheels

  55. Mark L R

    Mark L RHace un día

    gets allowed in by security then told you could be arrested for trespass? nah thats not how it works..

  56. Colin Hamilton

    Colin HamiltonHace un día

    I like what you guys are doing here, it seems like it was made to be just like Top Gear, and I love it

  57. Jim

    JimHace un día

    Love the way you guys stood on the rotating display and made the guy walk around.

  58. Sir Francis Bacon

    Sir Francis BaconHace un día

    I think every one of us has had a top gear fantasy.. congratulations to these guys to work hard enough to make that a reality

  59. Jay Mac

    Jay MacHace un día

    Ngl, the 360 looked a lot better once Hoovie got it to the Wizard. The new top, unpainted badges, and lack of LED strips made it look so much better

  60. Roobli

    RoobliHace un día

    How could they made a fake COUNTACH?! this is an icon!

  61. Simtex 21

    Simtex 21Hace un día

    Love this serie 😁

  62. Jake Moellmer

    Jake MoellmerHace un día

    Can you guys please make a TV show!!! You cans can be the new top gear🤩🤩🤩

  63. Samuel Hewson

    Samuel HewsonHace un día

    These are trade in values therefore completely irrelevant to what everyone be paid for their cars.

  64. Boris2014

    Boris2014Hace un día

    Way cheaper? Really?

  65. Nisma

    NismaHace un día

    Should of obivously taken it to CarMax

  66. Roger Mutha Truckin Perkins

    Roger Mutha Truckin PerkinsHace un día

    Should have titled this the Hoovie addition.

  67. Yellow Jacket Garage

    Yellow Jacket GarageHace un día

    Well, Freddy has to be in the Richard Hammond role, which means Ed and Tyler have to flip a coin to see which one has to play Captain Slow...

  68. tr3v0r

    tr3v0rHace un día

    Top Gear but more realistic

  69. Youngdrama Reacts

    Youngdrama ReactsHace un día

    I live near there

  70. Aidan Greenfield

    Aidan GreenfieldHace un día

    That first guy was just lol it’s fine and then that second guy was just like WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BROUGHT UPON MY SACRED LAND

  71. Trevor Forbes

    Trevor ForbesHace un día

    You all where in my back yard for all of this lol. Wish you would have had me on !

  72. Andre Boily

    Andre BoilyHace un día

    covid-19, and you guys still keep getting in groups, whatever the number it is... stay at home guys... keep the world great again! As your leader say!

  73. MinesBetter

    MinesBetterHace un día

    Freddy: James May Ed: Jeremy Clarkson Tyler: Richard Hammond

  74. Andy 105

    Andy 105Hace un día

    Nice! Should’ve gone to CarMax for chop-down appraisals, not a Dealer.

  75. Saml3838

    Saml3838Hace un día

    Tyler did an excellent job facilitating the interviews

  76. jyotsna sawant

    jyotsna sawantHace un día

    First Indian

  77. Your FBI Agent

    Your FBI AgentHace un día

    I like the yellow car the best

  78. deeslick832

    deeslick832Hace un día

    At first it was alot of cringe but now I love it

  79. Qais Al Bulushi

    Qais Al BulushiHace un día

    Porn star, Drug dealer & thief 🤔

  80. Jacobodud

    JacobodudHace un día

    I love this series!!!! It reminds me of how much I miss Top Gear UK :(( Make it a show!!!!

  81. Sean Bondy

    Sean BondyHace un día

    All 3 of you are awesome! Congrats to each of you!

  82. Nick Campbell

    Nick CampbellHace un día

    Ole dad

  83. Ivan Lau

    Ivan LauHace un día

    Tavarish I really want you to keep the car and make it your best.

  84. Joe Lamb

    Joe LambHace un día

    All this show is proving is that none of these POS are even close to as good as buying a new Corvette. And I am NOT a Corvette fan!! Not at all!!

  85. SAY FAMI

    SAY FAMIHace un día

    5:53 👈🏾

  86. Kevin Hacken

    Kevin HackenHace un día

    please more please more...

  87. The Jeep Kitchen

    The Jeep KitchenHace un día

    Hey congrats on the expecting kids!

  88. 4200time B

    4200time BHace un día

    You guys are gettin better .smoother delivery.more natural feel you guys should have your own auto type shows ...??? Oh wait thats right ..

  89. Mr. Sideways

    Mr. SidewaysHace un día

    Y’all were literally down the street from me 😤

  90. bruhmoment

    bruhmomentHace un día

    Doing it exactly like grand tour

  91. R&B nation

    R&B nationHace un día

    This series is super high quality. This could be a TV show I would watch weekly!

  92. B Martin

    B MartinHace un día

    This is the best thing since (old)Top Gear/The Grand Tour. I know their still “on”. But these three have the best f-in complimenting personalities. You three should take over for TGT when they officially quit, perfect new replacements with less British unknown cars.

  93. N BChox

    N BChoxHace un día

    Dealer thieves... they’d take that 33, and resale it for 60-70 again just cause of the name

  94. Raul Martinez

    Raul MartinezHace un día

    So Tyler really is out there interviewing random people in the middle of a pandemic?

  95. Some Butter

    Some ButterHace un día

    Ed: Holds ear to Aston Martin “I can still hear this car depreciating”

  96. Jeff

    JeffHace un día

    Have to agree...Astin Martin for the win.

  97. Matthew Barrick

    Matthew BarrickHace un día

    1:32 sneak peak at next episode? Albania?

  98. blob darkass

    blob darkassHace un día

    "Well congratulations.. you've managed to lose thousands of dollars all while looking like drug dealers and strip club owners".. that alone was worth the price of admission. Like and subscribed.

  99. luis padilla

    luis padillaHace un día

    I love your shows you three are a trip keep the good work

  100. Benjamin Martindale

    Benjamin MartindaleHace un día

    Keep America Great!!!