YOU GOOD? ft. Zion Wright, Jamie Foy, and Alex Midler

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For the past 10 months, Red Bull Skateboarding's finest have traveled around the world searching for unique skate spots, taking heavy slams, stacking insane clips, and making lifelong memories in the process. Featuring individual parts from Alex Midler, Jamie Foy, and Zion Wright, with appearances from Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Alex Sorgente, Gustavo Ribeiro, and more!
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  1. Zach LeCroy

    Zach LeCroyHace 2 días

    Does anyone know what Zions song at the start of his part is? @12:50 Shazam isn't working smh 🤦‍♂️ I need this song 😂

  2. skyfire878

    skyfire878Hace 3 días

    Okay who ever uploaded this video stop being a bitch and tell us what Zion's song is!!! I never came across this kinda shit before!

  3. victor Carvalho Sampaio

    victor Carvalho SampaioHace 4 días


  4. Howard Crouch, Jr.

    Howard Crouch, Jr.Hace 4 días

    I don’t know how Jamie isn’t dead by now, dude’s taken some SLAMS

  5. Max Cohen

    Max CohenHace 5 días

    Red Bull, please give your skaters the freedom to stop wearing those stupid hats. They can shotgun a Red Bull after they land a big trick or something. Just please, enough with the fucking hats.

  6. Nicolas Ramosmuñoz

    Nicolas RamosmuñozHace 5 días

    Midler is insane for trying that last trick! So sick

  7. Filippo Lescai

    Filippo LescaiHace 6 días

    Oh hi zion's part is awesome 6-7 feet 540 and 5050 3 kinked rail nice

  8. Steve C

    Steve CHace 6 días

    You Good ? ? ? You know it. Shake Junt Son.

  9. Aarr kellz

    Aarr kellzHace 10 días


  10. Hace 10 días

    Need varial heel help? Give my page a quick look

  11. Apps Ineed

    Apps IneedHace 10 días

    yo can anyone timestamp me to the sheckler footie, must have missed it. Midler is a BEAST

  12. Apps Ineed

    Apps IneedHace 10 días

    @skyfire878 thank you! Sick

  13. skyfire878

    skyfire878Hace 10 días

    around 5:30 :)

  14. Haxed

    HaxedHace 11 días

    Anyone else madly appreicate the fact Zion repaints the rail he skated? Little things like those bring a whole different respect to these guys.

  15. Burin Chatchaloy

    Burin ChatchaloyHace 13 días

    All in This Video is Noob


    OWLORDIEHace 13 días

    Foy is a fuckin insane dude, no cap

  17. Jacob

    JacobHace 13 días

    I fuck with Alex Midler's whole vibe

  18. Cripple Bear The FellaPHant

    Cripple Bear The FellaPHantHace 13 días

    Damn, u can here Foy’s dome bonk!...yet all he seemed concerned about was his lil’boo-boo on his finger SMH savage! ✊🏾🐻💚

  19. Michael Iommazzo

    Michael IommazzoHace 14 días

    This looks so fun

  20. Nathan Byrne

    Nathan ByrneHace 14 días

    yall need to feed jamie more, he grew up grindin as a big boy. he gonna lose his balance! haha goddamn that kid can skate tho. great vid

  21. Jordan Nelson

    Jordan NelsonHace 14 días

    What is trick at 8:48? Fakie frontside big flip?

  22. skyfire878

    skyfire878Hace 14 días

    Fakie big heel man

  23. Gilliganfrog

    GilliganfrogHace 15 días

    I liked it, until all the rap.

  24. Nick Shanks

    Nick ShanksHace 15 días

    There’s a thing called a fuckin helmet

  25. Daryl Dooey

    Daryl DooeyHace 15 días


  26. MAJKI

    MAJKIHace 15 días

    Zion's part music please

  27. Leon Müller

    Leon MüllerHace 16 días

    Anyone know the song name in Zion‘s part?🔥

  28. Leon Müller

    Leon MüllerHace 15 días

    skyfire878 me too man.. :/ shit sucks

  29. skyfire878

    skyfire878Hace 16 días

    Dude no one knows it i have really tried to find it and i can't for the life of me! :(

  30. jason fuller

    jason fullerHace 16 días

    Why you listen to young geese for? He's not that young (except for his trousers) and sole survivor is extra lame.

  31. Impowoods tv

    Impowoods tvHace 17 días

    Amazing Skateboarding right here, cheers for this!

  32. skyfire878

    skyfire878Hace 17 días

    I know Alex's song though

  33. Hans Moleman

    Hans MolemanHace 17 días

    6:50 lmao i love jamie but he's being a punk. careful who you go yelling at when you're traveling abroad.

  34. Thomas Tenreiro

    Thomas TenreiroHace 17 días

    Midler's backside boardslide was fucking ridonkulous

  35. yew world

    yew worldHace 18 días

    Favorite part of skate vids is when the spectators are digging it

  36. Nikita Volochenko

    Nikita VolochenkoHace 19 días

    am i the only one when i regularly skate i always wear shitty clothes i dont mind getting torn just in case i fall? i never get when people wear nice clothes/shoes in a sport where people, even the highest proffesionals commonly fall. was actually thinking of getting knee and elbow pads to wear under or over clothes because getting seriously hurt is a looming fear. i want to learn and push it but the chance of permanantly injuring myself is terrifying

  37. The Donz

    The DonzHace 19 días

    How many board were broken during the making of this video?

  38. Gabriel Villegas

    Gabriel VillegasHace 20 días

    Damn sheckler still gots the juice! Good to see him skate like this again

  39. Nagyerdei Korisok - Uristenzor

    Nagyerdei Korisok - UristenzorHace 20 días

    6:27 - just 1 small miscalculation and he's dead

  40. AwesomeGamesYT

    AwesomeGamesYTHace 20 días

    midlers part definitely best part ive seen all year

  41. WaNNa lil ganja

    WaNNa lil ganjaHace 20 días

    63 ankle got broke in the making of this video. Skate at ur own risk

  42. Brad Mundie's

    Brad Mundie'sHace 21 un día

    Can never understand why skateboarders get upset when people tell them to get off their PRIVATE PROPERTY. It's not any different at all than someone coming and smashing up your home. Cool video though other than the destruction of property.

  43. Tyson Swanson

    Tyson SwansonHace 21 un día

    SICK VIDEO!!! I'm a NEW skateboarding youtuber, checkout one of my videos if youre the GOAT

  44. Sidney Shaw

    Sidney ShawHace 22 días

    11:03 foy relaxes almost instantly after locking in to that rail... something tells me he's familiar with gnarly rails

  45. Cameron Pfister

    Cameron PfisterHace 22 días

    Damn I forgot how good sheckler is! His fs/bs flips are insane! In fact, I have the perfect 20 set at this school in California he should try to backside flip.

  46. wdgf raiders

    wdgf raidersHace 22 días

    i think this is good

  47. shauneth snowstorm

    shauneth snowstormHace 23 días

    Pretty much could of died on that highway drop

  48. bravo tipo

    bravo tipoHace 23 días

    why do I have to watch a ridiculous ad about “magnetic interaction” before the clip? who buys into such bullshit?

  49. Stephen Irons

    Stephen IronsHace 24 días

    12:22 Buh-rooo

  50. Barlo Bruz

    Barlo BruzHace 24 días


  51. e-rod music

    e-rod musicHace 24 días

    Crazy video, does anyone know the name of the song on Zions part?

  52. skyfire878

    skyfire878Hace 17 días

    That's what i wanna know!

  53. Dogg0316

    Dogg0316Hace 25 días

    What’s the song while Zion is skating?

  54. eddie gonzalez

    eddie gonzalezHace 24 días


  55. Niko Robinson

    Niko RobinsonHace 25 días

    Alex Midler is a rail chomping God

  56. Jolen Valdez II

    Jolen Valdez IIHace 25 días

    20:58 dude my jaw dropped that’s pushing what’s possible on a board great job Midler

  57. The Sharpest Dullard

    The Sharpest DullardHace 25 días


  58. phidipidies

    phidipidiesHace 26 días


  59. Ingenious Entertainment

    Ingenious EntertainmentHace 26 días

    Haha I was dead, Jamie: “Fuck your water bitch 🖕”

  60. sterling smith

    sterling smithHace 27 días

    The rail kings

  61. Hans Schaetzke

    Hans SchaetzkeHace 27 días

    Shout out to Alex Midler for making Tony Hawk real life

  62. Chris Letourneau

    Chris LetourneauHace 27 días

    10:37 +THAT LINE- My wife left me because that shit was so sexy

  63. Skate8 BOARD

    Skate8 BOARDHace 28 días

    You good 🙂

  64. Kyle Rudd

    Kyle RuddHace 28 días


  65. Aziz Akhmedov

    Aziz AkhmedovHace 28 días

    7:35 editing fail

  66. Larnit1

    Larnit1Hace 28 días


  67. Graham Hellmer

    Graham HellmerHace 28 días

    Anyone know if kotr is coming back?